Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards - winners

The Korean Association of Film Critics has announced the winners of their 31st annual KAFC Awards. The main winner with four awards was the war film 고지전 (The Front Line) by 장훈 (Jang Hoon). It won for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and New Actor for 이제훈(Lee Ja-hoon).

The Best Actor Award went to 하정우(Ha Jung-woo) for 황해 (The Murderer or The Yellow Sea). Chinese Actress 탕웨이 (Tang Wei) won Best Actress for her starring role in 만추 (Late Autumn). The film also won the prize for Best Music.

종병기 활 (Arrow the Ultimate Weapon) also won two awards. It received the honours for Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

A Lifetime Achievement Award goes to director 정창화 (Jeong Chang-hwa) whose prolific career includes many classic martial arts films, notably with the Hong Kong-based Shaw Brothers.

The 31st annual Korean Association of Film Critics Awards will be presented at a ceremony on Friday, November 11 at the International Conference Centre in Seoul.


Winners for the 31st annual Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture
고지전 (The Front Line)

Best Director
장훈 (Jang Hoon), 고지전 (The Front Line)

Best Actor
하정우(Ha Jung-woo), 황해 (The Murderer (The Yellow Sea))

Best Actress
탕웨이 (Tang Wei), 만추 (Late Autumn)

Best Screenplay
박상연(Park Sang-yeon), 고지전 (The Front Line)

Best Cinematography
김태성, 박종철 (Kim Tae-sung, Park Jong-chul), 최종병기 활 (Arrow the Ultimate Weapon)

Best Visual Effects
한영우 (Han Young-woo), 최종병기 활 (Arrow the Ultimate Weapon)

Best Music
조성우 (Cho Seung-woo), 만추 (Late Autumn)

Best New Director
박정범 (Park Jung-bum), 무산일기 (The Journals of Musan)

Best New Actor
이제훈(Lee Ja-hoon), 고지전 (The Front Line)

Best New Actress
유다인 (Yoo Da-in), 혜화, 동 (Re-Encounter)

Special Mention
심재명, 명필름대표 (Shin Jae-myung, Myung Films), 마당을 나온 암탉 (Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild)

풍산개 (Poongsan)

Lifetime Achievement Award
정창화 (Jung Chang-hwa)

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