Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Blue Dragon Awards - winners

Tonight at KBS Hall, Kyunghee University in Seoul, the 청룡영화상 (Blue Dragon Film Awards) held their 32nd annual awards ceremony. The event was hosted by actor 이범수 (Lee Beom Soo) and actress 김혜수 (Kim Hye Soo) who was hosting it for her 13th year in a row. She ended the night with one of the Popularity Awards.

In something of an upset, the surprise winner of the night was 부당거래 (The Unjust) by 류승완 (Ryoo Seung-Wan). It won Best Film as well as Director and Screenplay.

최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows
or Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon) picked up more awards, however. It picked up five prizes for Best Actor for 박해일 (Park Hae-Il), Supporting Actor for 류승룡 (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), New Actress for 문채원 (Moon Chae-Won), the Technical Award based on the movie's action, and the Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Movie.

고지전 (The Front Line) by 장훈 (Jang Hoon) had led with eleven nominations and dominated the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. This time, it only managed two awards in the categories of Cinematography and Art Direction.

파수꾼 (Bleak Night) had just picked up a High Commendation for Best Screenplay at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSAs) yesterday. It was a double-winner with two Blue Dragon Awards for Best New Actor 이제훈 (Lee Je-Hoon) and New Director 윤성현 (Yoon Sung-Hyun).

The Best Actress Award went to 김하늘 (Kim Ha-Neul) for 블라인드 (Blind), while Best Supporting Actress went to 김수미 (Kim Soo-Mi) for her role in 그대를 사랑합니다 (Late Blossom).

Last year's Best Picture winner at the Blue Dragon Awards was 의형제 (Secret Reunion), but that was its only prize. 이끼 (Moss) and 악마를 보았다 (I Saw the Devil) each won three.


Complete list of winners for the 2011 Blue Dragon Film Awards

Best Film
부당거래 (The Unjust)

Best Director
류승완 (Ryoo Seung-Wan), 부당거래 (The Unjust)

Best Actor
박해일 (Park Hae-Il), 최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows)

Best Actress
김하늘 (Kim Ha-Neul), 블라인드 (Blind)

Best Supporting Actor
류승룡 (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), 최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows)

Best Supporting Actress
김수미 (Kim Soo-Mi), 그대를 사랑합니다 (Late Blossom)

Best New Actor
이제훈 (Lee Je-Hoon), 파수꾼 (Bleak Night)

Best New Actress
문채원 (Moon Chae-Won), 최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows)

Best New Director
윤성현 (Yoon Sung-Hyun), 파수꾼 (Bleak Night)

Best Cinematography
김우형 (Kim Woo-Hyung), 고지전 (The Front Line)

Best Lighting
황해 (The Yellow Sea)

Best Music
도가니 (Silenced)

Best Art Direction
고지전 (The Front Line)

Best Technical Award
최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows) (action)

Best Screenplay
박훈정 (Park Hoon-Jung), 부당거래 (The Unjust)

Best Short Film
부서진 밤 (Yang Hyo-Joo), 부서진 밤 (Broken Night) 

Popularity Award
고수 (Ko Soo), 공유 (Gong Yoo), 최강희 (Choi Gang-Hee), 김혜수 (Kim Hye Soo)

Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Movie
최종병기 활 (War of the Arrows)

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