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2011 Blue Dragon Awards - nominations

After leading the field at the 31st Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, the film 고지전 (The Front Line) by 장훈 (Jang Hoon) is poised to dominate the 32nd Annual Blue Dragon Film Awards (청룡영화상) too. It received eleven nominations altogether for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Lighting, Best Original Score, Best Art Direction, Technical Award and Best Original Screenplay. The story is about soldiers caught in a battle early in the Korean War despite the 1951 ceasefire. 고지전 (The Front Line) is the Republic of Korea’s entry to the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Following closely, 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon or War of the Arrows) by 김한민 (Kim Han-Min) picked up nine nominations including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. 써니 (Sunny) picked up eight nominations, while 도가니 (Silenced) picked up seven.

Presented by the newspaper Sports Chosun, the Blue Dragon Awards are one of the two main film awards in Korea along with the Grand Bell Awards. It was formed in 1963 by The Chosun Ilbo newspaper and discontinued in 1973. The sports daily Sports Chosun resurrected the ceremony in 1990 after which it has become an annual event.

This year's Blue Dragon Film Awards will be held at Kyunghee University in Seoul on Nov. 25, with 22 films will competing in 15 categories.


Complete list of nominations for the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards

Best Film
고지전 (The Front Line)
도가니 (Silenced)
부당거래 (The Unjust)
써니 (Sunny)
최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)

Best Director
강형철 (Kang Hyung-Chul), 써니 (Sunny)
김한민 (Kim Han-Min), 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
류승완 (Ryoo Seung-Wan), 부당거래 (The Unjust)
장훈 (Jang Hoon), 고지전 (The Front Line)
황동혁 (Hwang Dong-Hyuk), 도가니 (Silenced)

Best Actor
고수 (Ko Soo), 고지전 (The Front Line)
공유 (Gong Yoo), 도가니 (Silenced)
김윤석 (Kim Yun-Seok), 황해 (The Yellow Sea)
박해일 (Park Hae-Il), 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
윤계상 (Yoon Kye-Sang), 풍산개 (Poongsan)

Best Actress
김하늘 (Kim Ha-Neul), 블라인드 (Blind)
김혜수 (Kim Hye-Soo), 이층의 악당 (Villain and Widow)
정유미 (Jung Yu-Mi), 도가니 (Silenced)
최강희 (Choi Gang-Hee), 쩨쩨한 로맨스 (Petty Romance)
湯唯 (Wei Tang), 만추 (Late Autumn)

Best Supporting Actor
고창석 (Ko Chang-Seok), 고지전 (The Front Line)
류승룡 (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
유해진 (Yu Hae-Jin), 부당거래 (The Unjust)
장광 (Jang Gwang), 도가니 (Silenced)
조성하 (Jo Sung-Ha), 황해 (The Yellow Sea)

Best Supporting Actress
김수미 (Kim Soo-Mi), 그대를 사랑합니다 (Late Blossom)
류현경 (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung), 쩨쩨한 로맨스 (Petty Romance)
유선 (Yoo-Sun), 글러브 (GLove)
장영남 (Jang Yeong-Nam), 헬로우 고스트 (Hello Ghost)
천우희 (Cheon Woo-Hee), 써니 (Sunny)

Best New Actor
박정범 (Park Jung-bum), 무산일기 (The Journals of Musan)
서준영 (Seo Jun-Young), 파수꾼 (Bleak Night)
송유하 (Song Yoo-Ha), 쩨쩨한 로맨스 (Petty Romance)
이다윗 (Lee Da-Wit), 고지전 (The Front Line)
이제훈 (Lee Je-Hoon), 파수꾼 (Bleak Night)

Best New Actress
강소라 (Kang So-Ra), 써니 (Sunny)
문채원 (Moon Chae-Won), 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
백진희 (Baek Jin-Hee), 페스티발 (Foxy Festival)
신세경 (Shin Se-Kyung), 푸른소금 (Hindsight)
유다인 (Yoo Da-in), 혜화, 동 (Re-Encounter)

Best New Director
김민석 (Kim Min-Suk), 초능력자 (Haunters)
김영탁 (Kim Young-Tak), 헬로우 고스트 (Hello Ghost)
김정훈(Kim Jung-Hoon), 쩨쩨한 로맨스 (Petty Romance)
박정범 (Park Jung-bum), 무산일기 (The Journals of Musan)
윤성현 (Yoon Sung-Hyun), 파수꾼 (Bleak Night)

Best Cinematography
김우형 (Kim Woo-Hyung), 고지전 (The Front Line)
김태성 (Kim Tae-sung), 최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
손원호(Son Won-Ho), 블라인드 (Blind)
이성제 (Lee Sung-Jae), 황해 (The Yellow Sea)
정정훈 (Jung Jung-Hoon), 부당거래 (The Unjust)

Best Lighting
최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
고지전 (The Front Line)
부당거래 (The Unjust)
블라인드 (Blind)
황해 (The Yellow Sea)

Best Music
써니 (Sunny)
최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
도가니 (Silenced)
고지전 (The Front Line)
만추 (Late Autumn)

Best Art Direction
고지전 (The Front Line)
써니 (Sunny)
황해 (The Yellow Sea)
최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon)
조선명탐정 : 각시투구꽃의 비밀 (Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow)

Best Technical Award
조선명탐정 : 각시투구꽃의 비밀 (Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow) (costume)
써니 (Sunny) (edting)
최종병기 활 (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon) (action)
7광구 (Sector 7) (CG)
고지전 (The Front Line) (fx)

Best Screenplay
강형철 (Kang Hyung-Chul), 써니 (Sunny)
박상연(Park Sang-yeon), 고지전 (The Front Line)
박훈정 (Park Hoon-Jung), 부당거래 (The Unjust)
최민석 (Choi Min-Suk), 블라인드 (Blind)
황동혁 (Hwang Dong-Hyuk), 도가니 (Silenced)

Best Short Film
이정진 (Yi Jeong-jin), 고스트 (Ghost)
최시영 (Choe Si-young), 도마뱀 소녀 (Lizard Girl) 
김석영 (Gim Seok-young), 마취 (Anesthesia) 
부서진 밤 (Yang Hyo-Joo), 부서진 밤 (Broken Night) 
이창희 (Yi Chang-hui), 소굴 (Lair)

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