Friday, September 30, 2011

Call for submissions: Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds

A call for submissions has been put out for the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds. There are two programs for which they offer funding assistance: the Completion Fund and the Development Fund.

The Completion Fund is a grant program that provides successful applicants with up to 20 per cent of the total production costs to an exceptional maximum of $100,000. Eligible costs include those that are standard in the industry during post-production, including costs of enhancements and deliverables. The Completion Fund is open to Canadian producers who have made a commercially released documentary or fiction film or television series.

The Shaw Media-Hot Docs Development Fund is a loan program that offers successful applicants a conditionally repayable, interest-free advance of up to 80 per cent of development costs when the project has no market partner, or up to 50 per cent of development costs when the project has a market partner. The advances per project average in the range of $10,000 to $15,000. Eligible costs include: option fees, research fees, writer and story editor fees, director’s fees, reasonable travel costs, and normal producer fees and overheads. Expenses incurred prior to application to the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Development Fund are ineligible.

The application deadline for both funding programs is Wednesday, October 26. The next Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival takes place from April 26 to May 6, 2012.


Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds

In 2008 Hot Docs and Canwest partnered in the creation of the Canwest-Hot Docs Documentary Funds. In December of 2010 the funds were renamed the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds. These Funds consist of a $3-million completion fund and a $1-million development fund. Shaw Media’s $4-million infusion into the Canadian documentary production community via the Funds will provide much-needed financial support to filmmakers facing financing gaps at critical stages in their projects. Hot Docs will manage and disperse the Funds’ benefit monies over a next seven-year period.

The Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds aim to increase the quantity and quality of social, cultural and political one-off documentaries produced in Canada by Canadian-based production companies. In nurturing Canadian talent and giving voice to a diversity of viewpoints, the Funds will ultimately help Canadian documentaries reach new audiences.

Thus far the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds have supported 54 Canadian documentary projects with $1,000,000 in completion grants and $359,000 in no-interest loans.

2011 Applications

The application process for the second round of 2011 disbursements is now open. The final deadline to submit an application is Wednesday, October 26.

The application process is now entirely electronic and online. Please carefully review the guidelines and required documents for specific information.

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