Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 RBC Emerging Filmmakers Competition - winners

As part of the Toronto International Film Festival's commitment to nurturing talent, they hold an Emerging Filmmakers Competition for participants of Talent Lab. Their given them was "family." This morning, they announced the winners of the contest with the finalists from last year's Talent Lab: Esther and Lieb by Sean Wainsteim, The Revenge Plot by Jared Raab, Next of Kin by Kara Blake, My First Movie by Gabriel Taraboulsy, and Saturday Night by Kaveh Nabatian (pictured).

The National Winner selected by a jury of producers, directors and executives was Kara Blake's Next of Kin. The award comes with a prize of $15,000. The Honourable Mention and $10,000 prize went to My First Movie by Gabriel Taraboulsy. Both are from Montreal.

The Fan Favourite award was given to Toronto's Jared Raab for The Revenge Plot. He was a recipient of $5,000 cash prize.

The theme of the next Emerging Filmmakers Competition for this year's Talent Lab participants is "Time."

"We would like to congratulate this year's talented group of winners," said TIFF director and CEO Piers Handling. "We continue to be impressed by the emerging talent in this country - their vision, style and skill lead us to believe Canadian cinema is heading in exciting directions."

At right is a scene from Next of Kin.


Complete list of winners for TIFF's RBC Emerging Filmmakers Competition 2011

Kara Blake - (Montréal, Quebec)
NEXT OF KIN - Documenting the parallel lives of two sisters surviving a long, cold winter in Montreal.


Gabriel Taraboulsy - (Montréal, Quebec)
MY FIRST MOVIE -Tasked with making a video portrait of her family, a young filmmaker plants a hidden camera, capturing a vision of her family that is far different from anything she imagined.


Jared Raab - (Toronto, Ontario)
THE REVENGE PLOT - After Matt and his friends are dissed in the schoolyard by a group of girls, they set to work on an elaborate and merciless plan for revenge.

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