Thursday, August 18, 2011

TIFF 2011 Industry programming announced


Toronto – The Toronto International Film Festival®’s Industry Programmes continue to develop and support the film industry, both at home and around the world, through innovative networking and career-development initiatives. The 2011 TIFF Industry programming lineup presents diverse sessions that explore the worlds of gaming, international co-production, costume design, soundtracks and music scoring, and provides a forum for provocative conversations about complex issues including funding, VOD distribution models, and the burgeoning Chinese film industry. The Festival welcomes industry professionals from around the world including filmmakers Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo II), Morgan Spurlock (Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan's Hope), Nick Broomfield (Sarah Palin – You Betcha!), Michael Dowse (Goon); producer Ted Hope (Dark Horse, Martha Marcy May Marlene); Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh; and musician Jason Collett, and presents a special look at Fortissimo Films’ storied and successful 20-year history with chairman Michael Werner.

Returning programmes include Moguls, Meet With…, Focus On…, Master Class and Doc Conference. For more information on the industry programming line-up at this year’s Festival, running September 8 to 15, please visit Delegates can stay up to the minute with industry announcements on the TIFF Industry Twitter feed @tiff_industry.  


Filmmakers’ Lounge is a meeting space for Festival filmmakers and industry professionals. This year, the Lounge moves even closer to home. It is located on the Mezzanine level of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, right next to TIFF Bell Lightbox. Filmmakers’ Lounge is the site for panels and industry sessions, as well as a place to meet, work or take a break. The Lounge features free WIFI, on-site catering and a variety of meeting spaces, not to mention a daily Happy Hour (September 9-12 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm). Filmmakers’ Lounge is open to all Festival delegates and runs from Thursday, September 8 through Friday, September 16, from 9:00am until 7:00pm, and 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, September 17.


For the first time, the Hyatt Regency Hotel will be a fully integrated industry centre for the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. The Festival’s industry venues have been consolidated in order to provide industry professionals with a one-stop-shop for meetings, panels and networking between screenings. The TIFF Industry Centre will house the following offices and services:
  • Sales & Industry Office
  • Filmmakers' Lounge 
  • Guest Relations Office
  • Industry Box Office
  • Industry Programming 
  • National Promotional Agency Stands
  • On-site Registration and Pass Pick-Up
  • Programming Office
  • Protocol Office
  • Increased meeting spaces
  • Increased to-go food services
  • Increased internet stations
  • WiFi Access

Bruce McDonald 
Sunday, September 11 at 6:00pm Master Class is an exclusive opportunity for emerging filmmakers, film students and industry delegates to learn from Canadian maverick director Bruce McDonald, whose latest film, Hard Core Logo II, will screen in tandem with a re-struck print of Hard Core Logo at this year’s Festival. Master Class is open to all Sales & Industry, Guest and Press delegates in the Filmmakers’ Lounge.


Meet With... is a series of informal and intimate information sessions addressing key topics in the current film industry. The sessions provide attendees with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the fundamentals of the business and craft of filmmaking from seasoned industry professionals. Meet With... is open to all Sales & Industry, Press and Guest Relations Pass holders and runs from Friday, September 9 to Tuesday, September 13 in the Filmmakers’ Lounge.

Meet With... sessions include:  

How to Festival
Friday, September 9 at 10:00am
Learn how to navigate the Festival and the broader industry landscape like a pro. This year’s Industry Programming kicks-off with a session designed to help participants get the most out of their Festival experience as a filmmaker. With expert advice on how to maximize screenings, liaise with sales agents, network and plan ahead, this session will be a presentation of insider tips from the Festival programmers and industry professionals themselves.
  • Hayet Benkara – Industry Consultant, Toronto International Film Festival
  • Derrick Martini – Writer/Director, Hick
  • Jane Schoettle – International Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival
  • MODERATOR: Peter Belsito – Co-Founder, FilmFinders
From Stitch to Screen: Contemporary Canadian Costume Design 
Friday, September 9 at 2:00pm

From the wild and ostentatious to the understated and subdued, from period drama to sci-fi, costume design is a craft that covers every fabric worn on screen. Celebrated Canadian costume designers gather to discuss their trade, their role in bringing a story to life and the challenges facing their business and industry. Produced in association with The Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) and Otherworldly: The Art of Canadian Costume Design, an exhibition opening September 2, 2011 in TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Canadian Film Gallery.
  • Alex Kavanagh – Costume Designer, Splice, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter
  • Heather Neale – Costume Designer, Goon, Keyhole
  • Delphine White – Costume Designer, Videodrome, Tideland
  • MODERATOR: Sydney Levine – Founder, & Co-Founder, FilmFinders
The Film Funders
Saturday, September 10 at 10:00am
Following the success of last year’s “Finding Film Funding” session, leading industry funders gather to shed new light on funding opportunities for Canadian filmmakers. This session will also discuss how funding bodies are responding to the evolution and emergence of transmedia and new media film projects. National and provincial funding representatives will give insight on the funding options available and provide advice for writing the best possible application to secure your film’s bottom line.
  • Karynn Austin  –  Interim National Feature Film Executive, Telefilm Canada
  • Ann MacKenzie – President & CEO, Film Nova Scotia
  • Kristine Murphy – Director of Industry Development, OMDC
  • Robert Wong – Vice President, Tax Credits & Development, Film BC
  • MODERATOR: John Galway – President, The Harold Greenberg Fund
Activating Your Audience: Crowd-Funding and Innovative Distribution
Sunday, September 11 at 10:00am

Increasingly, filmmakers are taking finance and distribution into their own hands by building direct relationships with audiences that can support not only one film, but an ongoing career. Peter Broderick, President of Paradigm Consulting, is a leading advocate of this trend. He'll give a world premiere address on crowd-funding and the revolution in distribution. He’ll be joined by filmmaker Gary Hustwit who has created a successful model for the DIY approach with his documentaries Helvetica, Objectified and his latest, Urbanized.
  • Gary Hustwit – Director/Writer/Producer, Urbanized
  • MODERATOR: Peter Broderick – President, Paradigm Consulting
Contemporary Latin American Cinema
Sunday, September 11 at 2:00pm

With Buenos Aires in the spotlight with the City to City programme and an abundance of outstanding feature and documentary premieres, Latin American cinema is enjoying a banner year at the Festival and around the world. Join Festival programmer Diana Sanchez and celebrated filmmakers from this year’s selection as they discuss trends, themes and business models in the diverse and vibrant independent film industries of Central and South America.
  • Karim Aïnouz – Director, The Silver Cliff
  • Violeta Bava – Producer, Back to Stay
  • Pablo Giorgelli – Writer/Director, Las Acacias 
  • MODERATOR: Diana Sanchez – International Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival
The Screenwriters
Monday, September 12 at 10:00am
From words on a page to storytelling on the big screen, script is the backbone of any film. Franklin Leonard, creator of, meets with screenwriters from around the globe for an engaging talk on process, influences, challenges and other issues relating to the craft.
  • Oliver Hermanus – Writer/Director, Beauty
  • Jonathan Teplitzky – Writer/Director, Burning Man
  • George Toles – Screenwriter, Keyhole
  • MODERATOR: Franklin Leonard – Creator, and Vice-President, Overbrook Entertainment
In Tune: The Right Music for Your Film
Tuesday, September 13 at 10:00am

Iconic moments in cinema marry images with music to create mood and stir emotion. This session explores the synergy between music and moving image, presents new tools to source and license great music and takes a look at options for building an original score within any film’s budget.
  • Jason Collett – Singer/Songwriter, Broken Social Scene
  • Michael Dowse – Director, Goon
  • Jared Gutstadt – Founder & CEO, Jingle Punks
  • MODERATOR: Kieran Roy – General Manager, Arts & Crafts

This series of intimate, one-on-one sessions with some of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers of the film world offers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal. Gain insight into the inner workings of the creative and business minds that help shape the industry. Moguls sessions will take place in the Filmmakers’ Lounge and are open to all Sales & Industry, Guest and Press delegates.

Moguls sessions include:

Ted Hope
Saturday, September 10 at 12:00pm

Synonymous with the various phases and faces of American independent cinema over the past two decades, producer Ted Hope (Dark Horse, Martha Marcy May Marlene) is consistently re-imagining what it means to make films outside the studio system in North America. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of the visionaries of contemporary independent cinema in conversation with Filmmaker Magazine’s Anthony Kaufman.

Stuart Ford

Monday, September 12 at 2:00pm
A leader in film financing, sales and distribution, Stuart Ford founded IM Global in 2007 after successful careers at First Look International and Miramax Films. Boasting a diverse slate of films varying from English-language mainstream hits to foreign-language art house fare, and a recent expansion into India, Ford's company and ambitions know no bounds. Join Variety's Steven Gaydos in conversation with one of Hollywood's top executives.

Michael Werner
Tuesday, September 13 at 2:00pm

Fortissimo Films, one of the world's leading international film and television sales organizations, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2011. Michael Werner, chairman and partner of Fortissimo Films, discusses its storied history and successful venture into the independent film world and Asian territories with Mike Goodridge of Screen International. Please join us in celebrating one of the great success stories of contemporary independent film business.


A series of industry sessions designed to explore issues that are having an undeniable impact on filmmaking and the state of the film industry. Artists and experts gather to take a closer look at the affects of new trends and how they will shape the future of the business. Focus On…  is open to all Sales & Industry, Press and Guest Relations delegates and takes place in the Filmmakers’ Lounge.

Focus On… sessions include:

Co-Producing in a Post-National World  
Saturday, September 10 at 2:00pm Co-productions have become essential in today’s independent film world. With funding cuts to national cinemas across the globe and the ongoing challenges to traditional models of distribution, producers and filmmakers must look beyond national and continental borders for new business partners. How can they navigate these foreign funding structures and maximize the benefits of such a collaboration? Co-production experts and producers with films in this year’s Festival bring us tales from the trenches and break down what every filmmaker needs to know about today’s film business.
  • Eric Jordan (The Film Works, Canada) – Producer, In Darkness  
  • Steffen Reuter (SCHMIDTz KATZE FILMKOLLEKTIV GmbH, Germany) – Producer, In Darkness 
  • Michael Weber – Managing Director, The Match Factory
  • MODERATOR: Sonja Heinen – Head of the Berlinale Co-Production Market
The Art of the Impossible 
Sunday, September 11 at 12:00pm

In order to put an astonishing vision on the big screen, you need producers who are capable of achieving the art of the impossible. In this conversation, we hear from two veteran documentary producers who will recount how they overcame filmmaking challenges. Mark Lipson, the long-time producer for Errol Morris, will take us behind the scenes of great works such as The Thin Blue Line and Tabloid. Mark Magidson, producer of Baraka and Samsara, will discuss filming in dramatic locations around the world.
  • Mark Lipson – Producer, The Thin Blue Line, Tabloid
  • Mark Magidson – Producer, Baraka, Samsara
  • MODERATOR: Thom Powers –  Documentary Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival
China Rising: New Developments and Opportunities in the Chinese Film Industry
Tuesday, September 13 at 12:00pm
China is a land of opportunity for the global film industry. But how can Hollywood studios and independent producers alike ensure their products are shown on the big screen in China? How to collaborate with Chinese companies on co-productions that will benefit both sides? Efforts to open up China to foreign product and productions have been abundant. Join our panel of experts for this highly anticipated discussion on a widely coveted territory.
  • Jeffrey Chan – CEO, Distribution Workshop
  • Isabelle Glachant – Co-Producer, 11 Flowers, Love and Bruises
  • Ryan Kavanaugh – CEO Relativity Media
  • Zhang Zhao – CEO & Executive Director, Le Vision Pictures
  • MODERATOR: Patrick Frater – CEO & Co-Founder, Film Business Asia
TIFF Nexus – Developing William Gibson's Neuromancer as a Game and Film
Wednesday, September 14 at 3:30pm
The TIFF Nexus series launches with a discussion of the creative production possibilities behind this innovative film and game project. Join President and CEO of Bedlam Games Trevor Fencott, director and screenwriter Vincenzo Natali (via Skype), film producer Jay Firestone and Francesca Accinelli, Director, English Market from the Canada Media Fund as they discuss the challenges and opportunities in adapting Gibson’s seminal work to engage audiences on multiple platforms. The panel will be moderated by Mark Askwith, co-founder, SPACE.
  • Francesca Accinelli – Director, English Market, Canada Media Fund
  • Trevor Fencott – President and CEO, Bedlam Games
  • Jay Firestone – Producer, Neuromancer (Film in development)
  • Vincenzo Natali – Director, Neuromancer (Film in development) – via Skype
  • MODERATOR: Mark Askwith – Producer, Special Projects at SPACE 
TIFF Nexus Programming Partners are Ryerson University, the Hand Eye Society, and Interactive Ontario. Additional Programming Partners are: DDiMIT, Digifest 2011, Site3 coLaboratory, Ubisoft Toronto Studio, and Women in Film & Television – Toronto.


Doc Conference is an in-depth series of panels and discussions about the current landscape of documentary production, financing and distribution. With remarks by Tom Perlmutter, Chairperson of the National Film Board and Government Film Commissioner. Taking place on Monday, September 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Doc Conference is open to all Sales & Industry, Press and Guest Relations delegates.

Keynote Conversation: Nick Broomfield and Morgan Spurlock

Doc Conference kicks off with two directors known for bringing a sense of humour to their work. Nick Broomfield has a long career of pursuing high-profile figures, whether they cooperate or not, yielding films such as Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam; Kurt & Courtney; and his latest, Sarah Palin – You Betcha! Morgan Spurlock came to prominence with Super Size Me and has maintained a prolific career including this year's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan's Hope. This conversation, moderated by Festival documentary programmer Thom Powers, will explore the process behind their crowd-pleasing works.
  • Nick Broomfield – Director, Sarah Palin – You Betcha!
  • Morgan Spurlock – Director, Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan's Hope
  • MODERATOR: Thom Powers – Documentary Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival
Short Docs; Big Exposure
Short documentaries are undergoing a radical transformation in how they reach audiences via new initiatives on mobile devices, tablets and even TV. In this panel, we hear from three companies that are making short documentaries a key part of their business. Karol Martesko-Fenster of CINELAN talks about his company's work with leading directors on 3-minute films. Marc Schiller of The Economist Film Project talks about the esteemed magazine's partnership with PBS NewsHour. Beth Levison of Etsy talks about creating profiles of artists.
  • Beth Levison – Supervising Producer, Etsy, Inc.
  • Karol Martesko-Fenster – Partner & Co-Founder, Thought Engine/CINELAN
  • Marc Schiller – CEO & Founder, Electric Artists
  • MODERATOR: Julie Goldman – Producer, Motto Pictures
How Films Can Change the World
Recent studies look at how films can make a dramatic impact on public awareness and behavioural change, drawing from the experiences of An Inconvenient Truth, End of the Line and Waiting For Superman. Peter Broderick, who has consulted with hundreds of filmmakers, will speak on what we can learn from these reports. He'll be joined by Diane Weyermann of Participant Media who will discuss her company's outreach behind films such as Food, Inc and Last Call at the Oasis. Joe Berlinger, who directed Paradise Lost 3 in collaboration with Bruce Sinofsky, will discuss how their work has raised awareness over a legal case and kept a man on death row from being executed. Diane Barrett will give an overview of her company, The Fledgling Fund, which supports innovative media projects that target entrenched social problems. 
  • Diane Barrett – Founder, The Fledgling Fund
  • Joe Berlinger – Director, Paradise Lost 3
  • Diane Weyermann – EVP of Documentary Production, Participant Media
  • MODERATOR: Peter Broderick – President, Paradigm Consulting
World Premiere from Lucy Walker - The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom
Lucy Walker, the Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker of Waste Land and Blindsight (2006 Toronto International Film Festival), debuts her latest work, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, a half-hour short filmed in Japan after the tsunami. Set against the backdrop of cherry blossom season, Walker interviews people seeking to rebuild their lives. Following the screening, Walker will discuss the making of the film.
  • Lucy Walker – Director, Blindsight, Waste Land
Sneak Preview: Excerpts from To Tell the Truth
Veteran director David Van Taylor offers a sneak preview of To Tell the Truth: Documentary History Comes Alive, a six-part series, produced by his company Lumiere Productions. He will screen excerpts from the first two episodes – featuring icons including Leni Riefenstahl, Frank Capra and John Grierson as well as pioneers including Leo Hurwitz and Carlton Moss – and will discuss the thorny issues documentarians confront, both then and now. Mark Cousins, director of The Story of Film: An Odyssey, will join David Van Taylor for a conversation about the challenges that documentary makers have faced both historically and today.
  • David Van Taylor – Director, To Tell the Truth: Documentary History Comes Alive
  • Mark Cousins – Director, The Story of Film: An Odyssey   

indieWIRE @ Filmmakers' Lounge
September 10 to 13 
After a successful launch in 2010, indieWIRE’s popular Q&A sessions with some of the most notable actors and directors at the Toronto International Film Festival return to Filmmakers’ Lounge. 

Telefilm Canada's Talent to Watch
September 9, 12, and 14
From 12:00pm-1:00pm
Telefilm Canada’s Talent to Watch is a new initiative designed to spotlight the creative talents of our country’s emerging and established filmmakers. Hosted by an industry personality, these “in conversation” sessions promise lively, insightful and perhaps even defiant look at why Canadian cinema is applauded around the world.

Cinando and Festival Scope Festival titles streaming
For the first time, TIFF is partnering with Cinando and Festival Scope to provide sales agents with the opportunity to stream their officially selected films with Sales & Industry Office delegates. This service will provide buyers and festival programmers with additional accessibility to Festival titles following the Festival. Cinando will be streaming Contemporary World Cinema and Canada First! Titles,  Festival Scope will be streaming Discovery and Visions titles. Access will be available to all registered delegates.

About TIFF TIFF is a charitable cultural organization whose mission is to transform the way people see the world through film. An international leader in film culture, TIFF projects include the annual Toronto International Film Festival in September; TIFF Bell Lightbox, which features five cinemas, major exhibitions, and learning and entertainment facilities; and innovative national distribution program Film Circuit. The organization generates an annual economic impact of $170 million CAD. TIFF Bell Lightbox is generously supported by contributors including Founding Sponsor Bell, the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, the Reitman family (Ivan Reitman, Agi Mandel and Susan Michaels), The Daniels Corporation, Major Sponsor and official bank RBC, Major Sponsor BlackBerry and Visa†. For more information, visit

The Filmmakers’ Lounge is made possible through generous support of Astral The Harold Greenberg Fund and  Telefilm Canada.
Happy Hours @ Filmmakers’ Lounge are sponsored by CINELAN.
Doc Conference is supported by the National Film Board of Canada.
Meet With… is supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation.
Talent to Watch is made possible through the generous support of Telefilm Canada.
TIFF Nexus was made possible through The Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund administered by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and  is sponsored by Autodesk.
Toronto International Film Festival is generously supported by Lead Sponsor Bell, Major Sponsors RBC and BlackBerry, and Major Supporters the Government of Ontario, Telefilm Canada, and the City of Toronto.

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