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Call for applications: S.L.I.P (SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program) 2011

The SummerWorks Theatre Festival has put out a call for applications for S.L.I.P (SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program) 2011. It is a training program for emerging theatre professionals.

The program takes place during this year's edition of the festival, August 1-14. They encourage not just writers and directors to apply, but others such as producers, performers, choreographers and designers.

The SummerWorks Theatre Festival is one of two large theatre festivals held every summer in Toronto. The Toronto Fringe Festival takes place in July, whereas the SummerWorks Theatre Festival takes place in August. SummerWorks is a juried festival, and is perhaps less daring but more consistent.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 15, 2011 by 5:00 p.m. Submissions must be received or postmarked by this date.

S.L.I.P (SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program) 2011 Application


Now in its third year, the SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program (S.L.I.P) is a unique professional training intensive for emerging artists, placing a specific focus on the business of arts professionalism. This two week program, coinciding with the SummerWorks Theatre Festival, will take place August 1-14th, 2011.

S.L.I.P offers a combination of both theoretical and practical training opportunities. The goal of the program is to offer participants insights into the thinking behind approaching an artistic career from a practical business perspective.

Past points of focus have included: Independent Producing, Grant Writing, Financial Planning, Professional Etiquette and The Role of the Reviewer. Some past professionals include: Gideon Arthurs, Franco Boni, Pat Bradley, Derrick Chua, Ted Dykstra, Jon Kaplan, Nina Lee Aquino, Jackie Maxwell, Allyson McMackon Yvette Nolan, National Theatre of the World and many more.
Participants also have the chance to be mentored by an artist producing at SummerWorks. As well, S.L.I.P members attend an extensive amount of work presented at the Festival – free of charge. S.L.I.P is sponsored by the RBC Foundation enabling the program to be free to all participants.

Ideal Candidates Are:
  • Emerging artists who have a strong interest/curiosity in theatre and artistic leadership.
  • Emerging artists who have an interest in the business of the arts but may not have any experience.
  • Producers, performers, directors, choreographers, writers and designers who are intelligent, passionate and  curious
  • Graduating from post-secondary theatre programs or artists who have been in the industry for up to three years since graduating.
  • Available for the entire duration of S.L.I.P (August 1-14, 2011).
  • We encourage artists from all artistic backgrounds to apply: dance, visual arts, music etc. While the program is heavily focused on theatre, the skills and knowledge offered to S.L.I.P members can apply to all artistic practises.


Visit the SummerWorks website at for full program details and applications.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 15, 2011 by 5:00 p.m

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