Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Call for applications: CBC Prime Time Television Program

The Canadian Film Centre has begun accepting applications for their CBC Prime Time Television Program. It is a prestigious program that helps those who wish to become television writers to hone their craft. The program is open to all Canadian citizens and residents.

Many people feel that we are in a golden age of television. HBO and Pay Television stations deserve much of the credit because they have been instrumental in raising the bar as far as quality goes. Since they didn't rely on advertisers, they could be more daring and true to an artistic vision rather than blandly inoffensive.

Television is also a more lucrative field for writers. Film is still a director's medium, but in television it's the writer who is the boss. The head creatives like David Chase, Alan Ball, Shonda Rhimes, David Simon, Aaron Sorkin or Larry David are all writers and make far more than their film counterparts.

This year, the application process has changed somewhat. You must now apply with a writing sample of an original pilot. It may be comedy or drama, a half-hour or hour in length.

The deadline for applications is May 20, 2011.

CBC Prime Time Television Program

The five-month CBC Prime Time Television Program provides a team-based approach to TV series development for writers. With an enviable reputation for its delivery of excellent training and quality project development, Prime Time aids residents in mastering the tools required for: working in a story department, developing dramatic series material, and surviving as a successful writer in the television marketplace. National and international broadcaster and network guests provide real exposure to practical issues such as programming, advertising, production realities, casting and other pragmatic concerns.

The 2011 Prime Time Program Deadline is May 20, 2011.
Please click here for all application materials.


 "I took a big risk by leaving job security and a steady income to attend the CFC. It turned out to be the smartest investment I ever made. Within a few short months I had assembled a portfolio of work, secured an agent and was on my way to landing my first job as a story editor. The CFC didn't get me a job, it gave me the tools to build a career."    

- SAM RUANO (’07)

"The CFC's Prime Time Television Program was huge catalyst for my writing career. I went in as a script coordinator, and was hired as a staff writer before the program even ended."                                    

Click HERE to see Alex's video testimonial

"I came into the CFC with no experience, no contacts, and no clue. Six months later, I had a job, an agent, and the beginnings of what I think will be a long and successful career. I think it's safe to say that without the CFC, I'd be in jail or possibly even be dead."                               

Click HERE to see Andrew's video testimonial

"I had already started my career and got some film and TV credits when I enrolled at the CFC. But within six months I was able to make more contacts, take more meetings and plan my career better than I had in the previous five years.  By the time I left I had a new agent, plus a job -- and I've have working steadily for two years now, all of it thanks to the people I met through the CFC.  If you're serious about doing TV in Canada, this is the one program that can pretty much guarantee results."                                                                         



    ADAM HIGGS ('08)

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