Monday, February 7, 2011

20th edition of Montreal Fashion Week - February 7 to 10

Semaine de mode de Montréal (Montreal Fashion Week) kicks off today and continues until Thursday. For the next four days and nights, industry professionals media will have an opportunity to watch the highly anticipated shows from designers such as Marie Saint Pierre, Soïa & Kyo, Denis Gagnon, Mélissa Nepton, Nadya Toto, Dinh Bà Design, Envers par Yves Jean Lacasse, Annie 50, Barilà presented by hop&go, Samuel Dong presented by CIMM, Bodybag by Jude, RUD by Rudsak, and Cluc Couture.

Other events include the national contest "Fashion Designers of Tomorrow," which puts the spotlight on emerging talent in Canadian fashion from the major fashion schools. A launch will be held for the magazine Triptyqu3 (14th edition), in collaboration with Dane Richards.

Also scheduled are various cocktail presentations and some off-site events and shows.

20th Montreal Fashion Week schedule

Monday February 7

15:30 Harricana par Mariouche
Off site
17:00 Ralph Leroy
Press cocktail
18:00 Cocktail célébrant le 20e anniversaire de la SMM
19:00 RUD
20:00 Nadya Toto
21:00 Une mise en Abîme De Post-Vernissage (Ying Gao & Karl Latraverse)
presented by TRUSST

Tuesday February 8

15:30 Rachel F.
Off site
17:00 Micalla
17:30 Anomal Couture
18:30 Annie 50
19:30 Dinh Bá Design
20:30 Bodybag by Jude
21:30 Mélissa Nepton

Wednesday February 9

15:00 Miss MAK Designs
Off site
16:30 Mulcair
Press cocktail
17:30 !Nu.I
18:30 Samuel Dong
19:30 Envers par Yves Jean Lacasse
20:30 CLUC Couture
21:30 Soia & Kyo

Thursday February 10

13:30 Montréal Couture
Press cocktail
15:00 Denis Gagnon
16:00 Cokluch
Press cocktail
17:00 Lancement de la 14e édition de Triptyqu3
18:00 Thomas. - Christian l'Enfant Roi - Samuel Mercure
presented by TRUSST
19:00 Les créateurs mode de demain 2011
a Télio presentation
20:00 Barilà
a hop&go presentation
21:00 Marie Saint Pierre

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