Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toronto Screenwriting Conference 2011 - registration now open

The Toronto Screenwriting Conference returns with its second edition for the year 2011 and they've just opened up registration. The dates are set for April 9-10 and they'll be located at Ryerson University again, in the heart of downtown Toronto. For the time being, they have an Early Bird Registration rate but only until the end of February.

Last year's conference featured such prominent speakers as Dr. Linda Seger ("Making A Good Script Great") and Tim Long (The Simpsons). Although this year's lineup hasn't been finalized yet, they've already scheduled some heavy hitters in the screenwriting world: Christopher Vogler ("The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers"), Pen Densham (Trilogy Entertainment Group, "Riding the Alligator: Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing (And Not Getting Eaten)"), Sheldon Bull (Newhart, Coach, "Elephant Bucks: An Insider's Guide to Writing for TV Sitcoms"), and Dara Marks ("INSIDE STORY: The Power of the Transformational Arc").

Check the website for more information. You can also sign up for their mailing list to keep updated as more speakers are confirmed.

Christopher Vogler is one of Hollywood’s leading script consultants and is best known as the author of the popular screenwriters guide, The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers.  Vogler began his career as a development executive in Hollywood where he worked in the development departments of Disney Studios (THE LION KING), Fox 2000 Pictures (FIGHT CLUB) and Warner Bros. His story techniques have attracted the attention of several top filmmakers who have brought him in to consult on their scripts - Darren Aronofsky (THE WRESTLER), Roland Emmerich (10,000 B.C.), and Will Smith (I AM LEGEND and HANCOCK). In addition he has also advised on several independent films including Helen Hunt’s directorial debut, THEN SHE FOUND ME. While working for Paramount Pictures he advised on THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, THE SHOOTER and BEOWULF. He is President of the company Storytech Literary Consulting. For more about Christopher Vogler, please visit http://www.thewritersjourney.com/

Pen Densham
Pen Densham is an award-winning triple-hyphenate: a writer – producer – & director. He is co-founder of Trilogy Entertainment Group in Los Angeles and Canada (a company whose works have currently grossed more than $1 billion dollars worldwide). He worked with Marshall McLuhan, founded the twice Oscar-nominated Toronto based company Insight Productions with John Watson, and was mentored to Hollywood by Norman Jewison. He writes and directs both TV and features and is responsible for reviving 'The Outer Limits' and 'The Twilight Zone' for television, feature films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Larger Than Life starring Bill Murray, Houdini for TNT, and many others. His personal favorite is Moll Flanders, a feature that he wrote and directed, starring Robin Wright and Morgan Freeman. Pen also teaches an annual MFA course at USC Film School that caused him to write his insider’s book on screenwriting, "Riding the Alligator : Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing (And Not Getting Eaten)”, sharing his chapters with his students as he discovered their needs and goals. Published by MWP, the book has been hailed by Hollywood talent like Ron Howard, Paul Haggis, Norman Jewison, Robin Wright, Morgan Freeman, and by academics at top film schools like USC, UCLA, AFI, CFC and beyond.

Sheldon Bull
Sheldon Bull is a TV sitcom writer, producer, and director who has been a story editor or producer for 11 primetime situation comedies. He developed, wrote, and produced the hit CBS comedy series, "Newhart" starring Bob Newhart for which he received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series. He wrote and produced the hit ABC comedy series, "Coach", and wrote, produced, and directed the hit ABC comedy series, "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch".

Sheldon is the author of Elephant Bucks: An Insider's Guide to Writing for TV Sitcoms a must read, providing guidelines for picking the right series to spec, choosing the right story for that series, properly structuring your story, and then writing a detailed outline that improves your story, solves your story problems, and frees your imagination for crackling dialogue and jokes.

Dara Marks
Dara Marks PH.D. is a leading international script consultant who has specialized in the analysis of the modern screenplays for the past two decades. Creative Screenwriting Magazine has consistently rated her one of the top script consultants in the film industry. She has worked with most major Hollywood studios and many independent filmmakers and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader.

Dara is the author of an exciting new book on screenwriting – INSIDE STORY: The Power of the Transformational Arc. In it she reveals her innovative process that helps writers maintain the artistic integrity of their vision throughout the development of their story. Her unique workshops and seminars are drawing national and international praise. She holds a doctorate degree in Mythological Studies and her groundbreaking work in this field continues to help writers engage more deeply and effectively with their stories.


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