Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 T24 Project screening

2012 T24 Project Screening
Thursday, March 1 at Innis Town Hall

Event Information
Advanced Ticket sales have ended.  Tickets can be purchased for $12 at the door starting from 6pm on Thursday, March 1 at Innis Town Hall.

The T24 Project challenge was held on Friday February 10 to Saturday February 11. Fifteen teams of local young filmmakers registered to compete in the challenge of making a short film under a 24 hour time frame and twelve made it back with a completed film.

This year's theme is how cinematic narratives, genres and form can work to expose and deconstruct the myths and ideologies surrounding an urban cityscape such as Toronto.  Filmmakers produced work with observations on cultural clashes, pressures of living in an urban metropolis, the people's relationship with their surroundings and how it affects their daily lives.

Screening takes place on Thursday, March 1 at 7pm in Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave.)

Jan. 31 by “Reel Life” - Directed by Andrew Millani
A look at a day in the lives of two people destined to cross paths.

Appetizers by “The Heroic Melon Collective” - Directed by Philbert Lui
Three roommates have one thing in common: food. It brings them together and forces them to confront their differences.

T.O. Connection by “Eurasia Productions” - Directed by Brandon Carvalho
The lives of four people connected through the city parallels the connectivity between various neighbourhoods and sites.

Face the Strain by “Team Bacon” - Directed by Alex Kingsmill
A young man returns home after a few years abroad and is forced to re-assess his relationship with the city.

The Ivory Giants by “The Chainsaw Rebellion” - Directed by Jamie McMillan
Three young fellows connected to a mysterous ornament are being taken out one by one.

T.wo Girls Bar by “The Suits” - Directed by Ryan Kirkpatrick
Two girls plan for a night of partying, which ends up turning into a lonely, snowy night at an empty bar.

Penny for Your Thoughts by “Deeply Superficial” - Directed by Joy Webster
If a stranger offered you a penny for your thoughts, would you accept?

Trinity (Spadina) by “Garnet Mead” - Directed by Andrew Lee
Three vignettes using different narrative genres offer glimpses into different Torontonians’ views of the city.

Born in Bombshelter by “The Bilderberg Group” - Directed by Chris Laxton
The depiction of struggles that manifest into physical violence stemming from a primal, ancient and mystical source.

A. Way. by “Savior Productions” - Directed by Yoong Siang Lee
A sense of loneliness resides in Alicia after she moves out of her hometown of Toronto.

Metro by “Atrium Pictures” - Directed by S. Jeysan
The lives of three individuals with stories based upon different familial histories, intersectionality and experiences, cross paths in a multicultural city.

Wake Up by “Team Ajar” - Directed by Roop Gill
Coffee culture encompasses a wide range of tastes, just like many aspects of the city.

A Q&A with the attending filmmakers will take place after the screening plus a conversation with the jury on their thoughts of the films.  The 2012 Visual Thesis Award will be announced at the event.

Screening is restricted to those aged 18+ due to regulations as set by the Ontario Film Review Board.  No refunds or cancellations.  All sales final.

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