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2011 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards - winners

The 18th 香港電影評論學會大獎 (Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards) took place at the Film Archive in Hong Kong. The event was hosted by 吴思远 (Ng See Yuen).

The main prizewinner was 桃姐 (A Simple Life) by 許鞍華 (Ann Hui). It was selected as Best Film. Its lead actress 叶德娴 (Deanie Ip) was named Best Actress.

夺命金 (Life Without Principle) by 杜琪峰 (Johnny To) was also a multiple winner. It took best screenplay for its many writers and it won Best Actor for 刘青云 (Lau Ching-Wan). In addition, it was on the list of Films of Merit.

姜文 (Jiang Wen) was named Best Director for 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly).

The society considered a total of 57 Hong Kong films released in 2011. The awards are determined by votes cast in three rounds after a substantial discussion session between the members of the society. The films selected for Best Film in the first round were 夺命金 (Life Without Principle), 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly), 桃姐 (A Simple Life), 龙门飞甲 (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) and 窃听风云2 (Overheard 2). For round two, the three films were 桃姐 (A Simple Life), 夺命金 (Life Without Principle) and 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly), with 桃姐 (A Simple Life) finally emerging as the winner in round three.


Compete winners for the 18th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

Best Film
桃姐 (A Simple Life)

Best Director
姜文 (Jiang Wen) for 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)

Best Screenplay
銀河創作組 (Milky Way Creative Team), 歐健兒 (Au Kin-Yee), 黃勁輝 (Wong King-Fai) for 夺命金 (Life Without Principle)

Best Actor
刘青云 (Lau Ching-Wan) for 夺命金 (Life Without Principle)

Best Actress
叶德娴 (Deanie Ip) for 桃姐 (A Simple Life)

Films of Merit
夺命金 (Life Without Principle)
窃听风云2 (Overheard 2)
单身男女 (Don't Go Breaking My Heart)
龙门飞甲 (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate)
让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)
鸿门宴 (White Vengeance)
大藍湖 (Big Blue Lake)

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