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2012 Japan Academy Prize - winners

The 35th Annual 日本アカデミー賞 (Japan Academy Prize) ceremony took place today at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo. While all of the nominees are considered prize winners and received an Award of Excellence, an additional statuette went to the "Best" in each category. The ceremony was opened by new Academy President Okada Yusuke and hosted by (Sekine Tsutomu) and 深津絵里 (Eri Fukatsu) who won for Best Actress last year.

八日目の蝉 (Rebirth) by 成島出 (Narushima Izuru) swept the field with ten awards. It won Picture of the Year, Director, Screenplay, Lead Actress for 井上真央 (Inoue Mao) and Supporting Actress for 永作博美 (Nagasaku Hiromi), Music, Cinematography, Lighting Direction, Sound and Editing, plus an additional Rookie of the Year prize for 渡邉このみ (Watanabe Konomi). It had led with thirteen nominations.

Best Actor was awarded posthumously to 原田芳雄 (Harada Yoshio) for his final role in 大鹿村騒動記 (Someday). His career lasted over four decades in which he made over 80 films. His daughter actress 原田麻由 (Harada Mayu) accepted the award on his behalf.

Best Supporting Actor went to でんでん (Denden) for 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish).

The winner for Animation was コクリコ坂から (From up on Poppy Hill). For Foreign Language Film, The King’s Speech claimed yet another win in its more than year-long string of awards triumphs.

Nominees for the for the 35th Annual Japan Academy Prize


Complete list of winners for the 35th Annual Japan Academy Prize

Picture of the Year
八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Animation of the Year
コクリコ坂から (From up on Poppy Hill)

Director of the Year
成島出 (Narushima Izuru), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Screenplay of the Year
八日目の蝉 (Okudera Satoko), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
原田芳雄 (Harada Yoshio), 大鹿村騒動記 (Someday)

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
井上真央 (Inoue Mao), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
でんでん (Denden), 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish)

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
永作博美 (Nagasaku Hiromi), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Achievement in Music
安川午朗 (Yasukawa Goro), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
藤澤順一 (Fujisawa Masakazu), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction
金沢正夫 (Kanazawa Masao), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
西岡善信 (Nishioka Yoshinobu), 原田哲男 (Harada Tetsuo), 最後の忠臣蔵 (The Last Ronin)

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Recording
藤本賢一 (Fujimoto Kenichi), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing
三條知生 (Sanjo Chise), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)

Outstanding Foreign Language Film
The King’s Speech

Rookie of the Year
熊田聖亜 (Kumada Sea), さや侍 (Scabbard Samurai)
桜庭ななみ (Sakuraba Nanami), 最後の忠臣蔵 (The Last Ronin)
渡邉このみ (Watanabe Konomi), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)
上地雄輔 (Kamiji Yusuke), 漫才ギャング (Slapstick Brothers)
高良健吾 (Kora Kengo), 軽蔑 (The Egoists)
野見隆明 (Nomi Takaaki), さや侍 (Scabbard Samurai)
長谷川博己 (Hasegawa Hiroki), セカンドバージン (Second Virginity)

Special Award from the Chairman
岡田 茂 (Okada Shigeru), producer, died May 9, 2011
佐野武治 (Sano Takeji), lighting, died March 4, 2011
高峰秀子 (Takamine Hideko), actress, died December 28, 2010
原田芳雄 (Harada Yoshio), actor, died July 19, 2011
森田 芳光 (Morita Yoshimitsu), director, died December 26, 2011

Special Award from the Association
御所園久利 (Goshozono Hisatoshi), large props

Audience Award
モテキ (Moteki)
前田敦子 (Atsuko Maeda), actress

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