Friday, November 11, 2011

Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival, Nov 11-13

This weekend, the Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival presents its 6th edition. All screenings are free to the public.

After the Opening Ceremony tonight, they will present an Animation Program followed by What's New About Love and Luso-Can Tuna. Tomorrow, they will screen Isabella Nicolas' Cinema Brasileiro, Zev Robinson's Life in the DouroHeaven's Mirror by Joshua Dylan Mellars, Fado Entertainment by Paulo Filipe. Sunday's screenings are Fluidos by Alexandre Carvalho, José Miguel Pereira's A Parideira, and Gente de Fajãs by João António Saraiva.

The 6th Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival runs until Sunday November 13 at Casa do Alentejo, 1130 Dupont Street (at Dufferin and Dupont); 416-537-7766.


TIPFFest Official Program 2011

Friday, November 11th
8:30 pm TIPFFest's Opening Ceremony
(Youth Night) 9 pm Animation Program
  Yoga Class #34 by Claudio Roberto
  73V3N S1NS – Gordeeff
  Another Song by Livia Holanda
  Filomena by Livia Holanda
  9:30 pm What's New About Love by Mónica Santana Baptista
  11:30 pm Luso-Can Tuna Feature Presentation
Saturday, November 12th
6pm Cinema Brasileiro by Isabella Nicolas
  8pm Life in the Douro by Zev Robinson
  10 pm Heaven's Mirror by Joshua Dylan Mellars
  11pm Fado Entertainment by Paulo Filipe
Sunday, November 13th
3:30 pm Fluidos by Alexandre Carvalho
  5 pm A Parideira by José Miguel Pereira
  5:30 pm Gente de Fajãs by João António Saraiva
**Screenings Subject to Change**

Welcome back!
In all the films that we screened this year one thing became very apparent to us; the filmmakers’ unreserved commitment to exhibiting some of the most unique aspects of their cultures or cultures they are fascinated with.  If we just tune in, these films take us on journeys of wonder and discovery.

Through Heaven’s Mirror and Life on the Douro, the filmmakers show Torontonians some of the best things Portugal’s got to offer, with our Port Wine and Fado.  Portugal’s culture is rich and warm, welcoming and hospitable.

We’ll take you up and down the cultivated hills of the Douro Region and bring you face to face with some of the most admired port wine vintners in the world; through the historic streets of Lisbon and into the soulful Fado bars of Chiado.  As a special treat to Torontonians we are bringing the sound of Fado to our venue with the very special performance of the talented Paulo Felipe, a performance that will make you feel that you have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Lisbon.

We will even take you to the Island of São Jorge in the Azores to show you the warm people of the Fajãs. The experiences don’t end there as we also highlight great films from Brazil that give you insight into one of the deepest universal theme; love. We see this in the films from Brazil mainly in the comedic animations such as Another Song and Filomena and the innovative feature film Fluid [Scenes].

With this year’s solid selection of documentaries and performances and feature films, I invite you to embark on this journey with us to discover these wonderful far-away places full of soul and culture.

Voa Viajem!

Ruth Santos Fernandes
Executive & Artistic Director

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