Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Call for submissions: Theatre Creators’ Reserve 2011, Tarragon Theatre

The Tarragon Theatre has put out a call for submissions for its 2011 Theatre Creators’ Reserve program. The  Theatre Creators’ Reserve is a program supported by the Ontario Arts Council which assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create work. The Tarragon Theatre is one of the third-party recommenders to OAC.

Tarragon Theatre says its mission is "to create, develop and produce new plays and to provide the conditions for new work to thrive. To that end, the theatre engages the best theatre artists and craftspeople to interpret new work; presents each new work with high quality production values; provides an administrative structure to support new work; develops marketing strategies to promote new work; and continually generates an audience for new work."

The theatre was founded in 1970 by Bill and Jane Glassco and last season they celebrated their 40th. Currently, Richard Rose is their Artistic Director and has been there since 2002.

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2011. They do give grants, however, and your best chance at securing one of those is to apply sooner rather than later.


Theatre Creators’ Reserve 2011

The Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve (TCR) Program is designed to assist professional theatre creators and informal collectives of creators to develop new work.
Tarragon Theatre sees this program as an opportunity to provide time for the creator to take their play to the next stage or two of its development. These grants offer the creator an opportunity to conduct research, or to work on a first draft or subsequent drafts of a play. If the project is a collective creation, the grant buys time to improvise/create in the rehearsal hall. In this case, please note that certain expenses are not eligible for TCR funding. If you have any questions about your grant, feel free to contact Tarragon for assistance.
In assessing and selecting the plays, Tarragon will apply the same principles we use when selecting writers and plays in general. We will be drawn to creators and plays that are akin to our aesthetic interests. For those creators unfamiliar with our work, the best example of our aesthetics can be seen in our productions. We want this program to be another means to begin and/or pursue relationships with creators that have an affinity with the theatre’s work or that simply excite us.
We are open to the variety of needs and approaches that each individual creator or collective may have, and to projects that are in all stages of development. Each application will be reviewed individually on its own merits and needs.
Equal consideration will be given to
  • new ideas and plays presented to us by playwrights who have had an association with the theatre;
  • creators who are new to the Tarragon;
  • creators emerging on the theatrical scene;
  • creators from diverse communities.
Before you write your application, please read the TCR Guidelines thoroughly. You can find them here.
The application consists of two parts:
  • TCR Application Form (3 copies) from the Ontario Arts Council, available here, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Support Material (1 copy) which includes:
    • A concise summary of the play or project, maximum 1 page.
    • A detailed development plan, complete with timeline and specific objectives, maximum 1½ pages.
    • Background material (resume, biography) on the playwright and/or creator(s).
    • A recently written script or a DVD, depending on the project.
When writing your support material, please keep in mind the following three factors that are key to recommending a play for a Theatre Creators’ Reserve Grant:
  • the story of the play
  • the clarity of the story in playwright’s mind
  • the playwright’s clarity about the development path for the project.
The deadline for submission is December 15, 2011
Please Note: Tarragon Theatre often awards grants as we receive submissions of interest. Therefore, we advise you to submit your application as early as possible.
Please submit materials by mail only to:
Andrea Romaldi, Literary Manager
Tarragon Theatre
30 Bridgman Avenue
Toronto, ON.
M5R 1X3
Feel free to contact her at (416) 536-5018 ext. 230 to discuss your application prior to submission.


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