Thursday, November 4, 2010

New call for submissions: One Minute Film & Video Festival

The One Minute Film and Video Festival previously put out a call for submissions on April 14, 2010. Unfortunately, they did not receive enough submissions to hold their usual November screening and so they've canceled that. However, they have opted to put out another call for submissions with a different theme. Whereas the previous theme was "social," they've asked for new submissions to be based on the theme "media."

The deadline for submissions will be January 15, 2011. Some time later in the spring, the festival will screen a program of films from both rounds of submissions. They will still accept films made with the previous theme "social."

For more information, visit the website at

With enormous thanks to all our friends who have offered their support in the past months, the One Minute Film & Video Festival is pleased to announce our new call for submissions! The theme for the new call is media, to pair it with our 2010 theme, social.

The backstory: our 2010 call for submissions did not yield enough entries to fill a full one-hour show. Rather than let the great work that our filmmakers have done go unseen, we are running this second call for submissions.

The timeline: the call for submissions is open from November 1 2010 to January 15 2011. Get your films in!

The theme: is “media” this time around, but yes, if you finished a one-minute movie about “social” but never sent it in, we’ll accept that too.

The details: please visit our submissions page for all the information you need on submitting your film.

The opportunities: if you have a venue where you would like this call for submissions advertised, or if you are interested in becoming a program sponsor or award sponsor, please contact us! Any other questions, shoot us an email!

Matt Brown
Festival Director

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