Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Montreal English Critics Circle Awards nominations announced

The nominations have been announced for the 2010 Montreal English Critics Circle Awards (MECCA) for English-language theatre. Miss Sugarpuss Must Die and Haunted Hillbilly each received four nominations including Best Production. A Line in the Sand also received four nominations, but missed out on the Best Production category.

This year's ceremony will be held at Theatre Ste-Catherine on Monday, November 29.

The MECCA awards were initiated in 1998 by Gaetan Charlebois, a local theatre critic.

Originally just a widely-distributed media list of Montreal’s best English-language live performance achievements over the past season, the MECCAs have grown to encompass a live presentation ceremony. Over the years, participating media have included representatives from CBC, CKUT, Montreal Gazette, The Suburban, Montreal Mirror, Hour Magazine, and more.

The MECCAs is the only annual celebration of its kind, and represents the one time that the entire performing community comes together to celebrate excellence in an atmosphere of genuine camaraderie.

Audiences and the general public alike look forward to discovering who has been chosen as the MECCA

complete list of 2009-2010 Montreal English Critics Circle Awards (MECCA) nominations

Best Production
Haunted Hillbilly (SideMart Theatrical Grocery)
Miss Sugarpuss Must Die (Tappyco Inc.)
Rabbit, Rabbit (Infinitheatre)
Sexy béton II: Justice (Porte Parole)

Best Actor
Damien Atkins (Geometry In Venice, Crow’s Theatre & Segal Centre)
Daniel Brochu (Haunted Hillbilly, SideMart Theatrical Grocery)
Chip Chuipka (A Line in the Sand, Tableau D’Hote Theatre)
Stephen Lawson (The Comedy of Errors, National Arts Centre & Centaur Theatre)

Best Actress
Glenda Braganza (A Line in the Sand, Tableau D’Hote Theatre)
Stephanie Breton (4.48 Psychosis, theatre in Actu)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Miss Sugarpuss Must Die, Tappyco Inc.)
Ranee Lee (Swan Song of Maria), Black Theatre Workshop

Best Director
Mike Payette (A Line in the Sand, Tableau D’Hote Theatre)
Andrew Shaver (Haunted Hillbilly, SideMart Theatrical Grocery)
Guy Sprung (Rabbit, Rabbit, Infinitheatre)
Liz Truchanowicz (4.48 Psychosis, theatre in Actu)

Best Text
Amy Lee Lavoie (Rabbit, Rabbit)
Joanna Nutter (My Pregnant Brother)
Annabel Soutar (Sexy béton II: Justice)
Colleen Wagner  (down from heaven)

Best Ensemble
Dance Animal (Dance Animal)
Domestik (Nervous Hunter)
Inherit the Wind (Segal Centre)
My Christmas in New York (Le Nouveau Théatre Saint-Catherine)

Best Visiting Production
Billy Twinkle, Requiem for a Golden Boy (Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes)
Icaro (Daniele Finzi Pasca)
The Age I’m In (Force Majeure)

Best Set Design
Christopher Brown (Till We Meet Again, Theatre Panache)
Lara Kaluza  (A Line in the Sand, Tableau D’Hote Theatre)
James Lavoie  (down from heaven, Imago Theatre)
Eo Sharp (The Comedy of Errors, NAC and Centaur Theatre)

Best Costume Design
Catherine Allan, Holly Gauthier-Frankel,  Paul Van Dyck  (Miss Sugarpuss Must Die, Tappyco Inc.)
Eo Sharp (The Comedy of Errors), NAC and Centaur Theatre
Susana Vera  (Haunted Hillbilly SideMart Theatrical Grocery)
Susana Vera  (Inherit the Wind, Segal Centre)

Best Lighting
Jody Burkholder (Miss Sugarpuss Must Die, Tappyco Inc.)
Eric Mongerson  (Swan Song of Maria, Black Theatre Workshop)
David Magladry (4.48 Psychosis,  theatre in Actu)
David Perreault Ninacs (down from heaven, Imago Theatre)

Best Sound
Benoit Brunet-Poirier (4.48 Psychosis, theatre in Actu)
Daniel Giverin (Haunted, Rabbit in a Hat Productions)
Roberto Lopez (Traffik Femme, Le Trunk Collectif & MAI)
Keith Thomas (Fatherland, Infinitheatre)

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