Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards – winners

The winners of the 32nd annual 한국영화평론가협회상 (Korean Association of Film Critics Awards) have been announced.

Leading the field was 피에타 (Pieta) by acclaimed filmmaker 김기덕 (Kim Ki-Duk). It won for Best Film and Best Director as well as Best Actress for 조민수 (Jo Min-Su). The film is a crime drama about a violent loan shark who receives a visit from a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother. It recently won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

No other film picked up more than a single prize. The Best Actor award went to 안성기 (Ahn Sung-Ki) for 부러진 화살 (Unbowed). 신아가 (Shin A-Ga) and 이상철 (Lee Sang-Cheol) won Best New Director for their joint effort 밍크코트 (Jesus Hospital).

The 87-year-old actor 황정순 (Hwang Jung-Soon) received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Complete list of winners for the 2012 한국영화평론가협회상 (Korean Association of Film Critics Awards)

Best Film
피에타 (Pieta)

Best Director
김기덕 (Kim Ki-Duk), 피에타 (Pieta)

Best Actor
안성기 (Ahn Sung-Ki), 부러진 화살 (Unbowed)

Best Actress
조민수 (Jo Min-Su), 피에타 (Pieta)

Best New Director
신아가 (Shin A-Ga), 이상철 (Lee Sang-Cheol), 밍크코트 (Jesus Hospital)

Best New Actor
김성균 (Kim Sung-Kyun), 이웃사람 (The Neighbors)

Best New Actress
김고은 (Kim Ko-Eun), 은교 (Eungyo)

Best Screenplay
윤종빈 (Yun Jong-Bin), 범죄와의 전쟁 : 나쁜놈들 전성시대 (Nameless Gangster)

Best Cinematography
최영환 (Choi Young-Hwan), 도둑들 (The Thieves)

Best Music
건축학개론 (Lee Ji-Soo), 이지수 (Architecture 101)

Best Technical Achievement
오흥석 (Oh Hong-Suk), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Lifetime Achievement Award
황정순 (Hwang Jung-Soon)

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