Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Awards – winners

Tonight the 한국영화인협회 (The Motion Pictures Association of Korea) and the Ministry of Culture and Information held the gala ceremony for their 49th 대종상 (Grand Bell) Film Awards for Korean cinema. The hosts were 신현준 (Shin Hyun-Joon) and 김정은 (Kim Jung-Eun).

Sweeping the field tonight was 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King / Masquerade) with fifteen awards. Its wins included Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (이병헌 Lee Byung-Hun), Best Supporting Actor (류승룡 Ryoo Seung-Ryong) and Best Screenplay. The film tells the story of King Gwanghae, the 15th ruler of Korea's last kingdom (the Joseon Dynasty) and the humble acrobat Ha-sun who stands in for him when his life is threatened.

피에타 (Pieta) by acclaimed filmmaker 김기덕 (Kim Ki-Duk) won Best Actress for 조민수 (Jo Min-Su). It also won the Special Jury Award. It recently won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Complete list of winners for the 49th 대종상 (Grand Bell) Awards

Best Film
광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Director
추창민 (Choo Chang-Min), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Actor
이병헌 (Lee Byung-Hun), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Actress
조민수 (Jo Min-Su), 피에타 (Pieta)

Best Supporting Actor
류승룡 (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Supporting Actress
김해숙 (Kim Hae-Suk), 도둑들 (The Thieves)

Best New Actor
김성균 (Kim Sung-Kyun), 이웃사람 (The Neighbors)

Best New Actress
김고은 (Kim Ko-Eun), 은교 (Eungyo)

Best New Director
최종태 (Choi Jong-Tae), 해로 (Hand in Hand)

Best Screenplay
황조윤 (Hwang Jo-Yoon), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Costume Design
권유진 (Kwon Yoo-Jin), 임승희 (Im Seung-Hee), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Art Design
오홍석 (Oh Heung-Suk), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Music
모그 (Mogeu), 김준성 (Kim Joon-Sung), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Sound Effects
이상준 (Lee Sang-Joon), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Lighting
오승철 (Oh Seung-Chul), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Editing
남나영 (Nam Na-Young), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Production
임상진 (Im Sang-Jin), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Cinematography
이태윤 (Lee Tae-Yoon), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Best Visual Effects
정재훈 (Jung Jae-Hoon), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Popularity Award
이병헌 (Lee Byung-Hun), 광해:왕이 된 남자 (Masquerade)

Special Jury Award
피에타 (Pieta)

Lifetime Achievement Award
곽정환 (Kwak Jung-Hwan), 고은아 (Ko Eun-Ah)

Best Short Film
최지연 (Choi Ji-Yeon), 여자 (Woman)

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