Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CineSIEGE: free screening of York University shorts

Tonight at Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox, York University hosts the CineSIEGE Showcase of new student short videos. CineSIEGE is York University's annual juried showcase of student productions in the various genres of dramatic fiction, documentary, diarist and experimental. Admission is free.

This year's jurors are Eileen Arandiga, director of the World Wide Short Film Festival; documentary filmmaker Sarah Goodman (Army of One, When We were Boys); Adam Nayman, film critic for The Grid; Pablo de Ocampo, artistic director of the Images Festival; and film director and producer Barbara Willis Sweete, founding partner of Rhombus Media.

The jurors selected the 22 nominees from a pool of 135 films made this past season. They will announce the winners at the screening.

CineSIEGE runs one night only, Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 7pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West at John St.


CineSiege 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 — 7:00 pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox
350 King St. West, Toronto
Admission: Free

CineSiege 2011
is a juried showcase screening of outstanding productions created in 2010-11 by talented young filmmakers in York University's Department of Film.

The program will feature a selection of short films - riveting dramas, cutting-edge experimental works and provocative documentaries - chosen by five external jurors. Their CineSiege picks are selected from a shortlist of 22 productions nominated from the total pool of 135 films made at York last year.

Jurors will be on hand at CineSiege to introduce the winning films and explain why they were selected.

CineSiege 2011


A man, a woman in a wheelchair and a child work on an activity together; still image from the film: 'Blind Love' Blind Love
12 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer: Drew Morrison
Directors of Photography: Dave Schmidt, Drew Morrison, Victoria Gallant
Editor: Dave Schmidt
Sound: Dave Schmidt, Drew Morrison A story of unconditional love that leaves a young couple with a challenging future.
A man and a woman sit talking in a dim room; still image from the film: 'Casual' Casual
10 min.
Director Dylan Pouliot
Writer Mike Wisnioski
Director of Photography Steve Carubia
Editor Rebecca Lugo
Sound Andrew Bundas A night of fun between young adults becomes an exploration of the ups and downs of 'friends-with-benefits' relationships as true motives are revealed.
A man is lighting a cigarette, a woman stands in the kitchen in the background; still image from the film: 'Catalyst' Catalyst
14 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer LeSean Harris
Director of Photography/ Editor Jake Chirico
Sound Justin Long-Him Shum Often, the child will have to pay.
Multicolored Kaleidoscope; still image from the film 'Children of the Sun' Children of the Sun
9 min.
Director/ Sound Nikolas Tsonis
The dawn of existence.
Original music by Nikolas Tsonis
An old fashioned deli; still image from the film 'The Deli' The Deli
13 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer/ Director of Photography Joseph Bevacqua
Editor Brendan Fossella
Sound Saeid Zargar, Karlos Cobham, James Young It was a hot Sunday morning when Jimmy met the clerk and had to wait in line at the deli.
A teenager looks over his shoulder at a group of other teenagers; still image from the film 'Elijah' Elijah
10 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Matthew Shoalts
Director of Photography Jamie Miller
Editor Luise Docherty
Sound Michael Davison A young boy learns about growing up when his older brother returns home and things aren’t the same between them.
To chidren sit bundled up on a park bench in wintertime; still image from the film 'Faraway' Faraway
15 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Janice Lee
Director of Photography Joel Kim
Editor Senaa Ahmad
Sound Adam Clark Rachel spends a day with her Grandma.
A teenager stands in front of a crowd of his peers; still image from the film 'I Need My Best Friend Back' I Need My Best Friend Back
16 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer/ Director of Photography/ Editor Gina Simone
Sound Joey Slegtenhorst A motivational documentary following the struggle of Christopher Rodrigues as he rediscovers a way to cope with loss through his music.
Silhouettes of people walking in the distance set against a sunset; still image from the film 'Keeping in Uniform' Keeping in Uniform
16 min.
Director/ Producer/ Editor Anne Feldman
Directors of Photography Noam Eshel, Vladimir Belinski
Sound Justin Long-Him Shum Two 18-year-old girls deal with a challenging stage of life: their compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces.
An older and a younger man stand talking in a leafless forest; still image from the film 'The Kill' The Kill
13 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Marco Torralba
Director of Photography Andrea Cuda
Editor Jenna Elzein
Sound Slin Jung On a camping trip in the middle of winter, a father's authority is challenged by his son.
A young woman stands alone in an outdoor stairwell; still image from the film 'Lapse' Lapse
10 min.
Director/ Writer/ Music Thaddeus Eng
Producersr Thaddeus Eng, Dylan Pouliot, Adrian Murray
Director of Photography Dylan Pouliot
Editor/ Sound Adrian Murray Look up.
A little girl in a snowsuit looks directly at the camera; still image from the film 'Momiji' Momiji
14 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor Eri Asai
Director of Photography Taylor Bateman
Sound Martin Kessler Journey with Akane, a five-year-old Canadian immigrant, and explore the imaginary world of Momiji. Experience monsters, friends and finding self-identity.
A syringe being inserted into an arm; still image from the film 'Monkey' Monkey
10 min.
Director/ Writer Cameron Nixdorf
Producer Kayla Busch
Director of Photography Cameron MacDonald
Editors Cameron Nixdorf, Justin Long-Him Shum
Sound Jessica Oliver, Alex Adams The science of marriage and monkeys.
Close up of a couple talking intimately; still image image from the film 'Not Worth Mentioning' Not Worth Mentioning
13 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Martin Kessler
Director of Photography Saeid Zargar
Editor Mireille McCombs
Sound Joey Slegtenhorts, Katelynn Hackwood A young woman’s puppetry performance at a children’s party takes a turn when she enters closed quarters with an older man.
14 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor Ernesto Sosa Lopez
Director of Photography David Schmidt
Sound Joshua Lightfoot Dave and Will struggle to balance their personal lives and maintain the strong bond that unites them, in spite of conflicting priorities and increasing tension.
Black and white image of a woman sitting on a chair with her own image on the tv beside her; still image from the film 'Tell Me if Anything Was Ever Done' Tell Me if Anything Was Ever Done
8 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor/ Sound Josh Schonblum
Director of Photography Andrea Cuda

She hates you.
Light streams in from a window on the landing of a staircase; still image from the film 'There Was Light' There Was Light
11 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Senaa Ahmad
Director of Photography Heather Cameron
Editor Brian Hamelin
Sound Justin Shum The last days of autumn.
A woman stands waiting at a furniture store; still image from the film 'Toss and Turn' Toss and Turn
10 min.
Director/ Producer Jackie Adiwinata
Writer Jenna Elzein
Director of Photography Joel Varickanickal
Editor Marco Torralba
Sound Slin Jung Angela has been sleeping on the same stiff mattress with her husband for 15 years. It's time to switch things up.
Close up of a cross-stitch of a tree; still image from the film 'What a Young Girl Should Not Know' What a Young Girl Should Not Know
5 min.
Director Emily Pickering
Production Manager Jamie Miller
Editor Janice Lee
An exploration, through stop-animation embroidery, of the little white lies we tell our children.
A young man has a toy gun pointed at his head, still image from the film 'What Happens Next' What Happens Next
13 min.
Director/ Writer Jenna Elzein
Producers Jenna Elzein, Matthew Kennedy, Joel Varikanickal
Director of Photography Matthew Kennedy
Editor Joel Varickanickal
Sound Joey Slegtenhorst

When you're a teenager, every decision can feel like a matter of life and death. For Jad, the next one he makes really will be.
A young couple sits in deep conversation, still image from 'Young Love' Young Love
11 min.
Director/ Writer/ Producer Jeff Garneau
Director of Photography Alec Toller
Editor Orlee Buium
Sound Erin Buelow

A young couple struggles with a very difficult decision.
A girl sits alone in a room, dust motes hang in the air; still image from the film 'Youth and Tradition' Youth & Tradition
10 min.

Director/ Writer John Palanca
Producers John Palanca, Mati Kuld, Steve Carubia, Earl Oliveros
Director of Photography Mati Kuld
Editor/ Sound Earl Oliveros

Adrienne visits her family. During her stay, she grows weary of her father's poor health.


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