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Call for submissions: 2012 ReelWorld Film Festival

The ReelWorld Film Festival is now accepting submissions for their 12th annual festival.

The festival was founded by actress and entrepreneur Tonya Lee Williams, best known for her 15-year starring role as Dr. Olivia Winters on The Young and The Restless. It was her response to the lack of positive diverse stories on screen or sustainable opportunities emerging artists of colour. The festival provides a platform to showcase Canadian filmmakers from various backgrounds and represent everyday Canadian diversity.

The submission deadline for ReelWorld 2012 is December 9, 2011. Any submissions received after this date will not be accepted. Notifications will be completed by March 2012.

The 12th annual ReelWorld Film Festival takes place April 11-15th, 2012 in downtown Toronto.


Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in ReelWorld Film Festival. We are now accepting short and feature-length films as well as music videos for our 2012 Festival.


Short Films – $10 Entry Fee
Music Videos – $10 Entry Fee
Feature Films – $25 Entry Fee

Please note that the above date is not a postmark deadline – it is the date by which your submission package MUST be received in the ReelWorld office.

If your submission package does not arrive by the deadline, you will be prompted to pay an additional administrative fee.

If your submission package arrives and is incomplete, you have until the deadline of December 9, 2011 to send us the missing documents/discs/DVDs or you will be prompted to pay an additional administrative fee.


ReelWorld Film Festival (RWFF) promotes, encourages and showcases the work of racially and culturally diverse film and video makers to Canadian and International audiences. We are pleased to create an awareness of and appreciation for diverse stories.

ReelWorld accepts Canadian and International submissions that reflect culturally and racially diverse content in the following ways:
  • Featuring racially diverse people in prominent roles in film/video content
  • Featuring racially diverse people in film/video creation
  • ReelWorld facilitates a forum where Canadian filmmakers, video makers and other industry artists can market skills and pitch ideas to producers and investors who seek fresh product or innovative concepts
ReelWorld Film Festival will consider productions in the following categories from both Canadian and International filmmakers (except where noted):

Feature Narratives
Short Narratives
Feature Documentaries
Short Documentaries
Children’s Programming
Music Videos* (Canadian only)
Experimental Films
Student Films

ReelWorld Film Festival is a festival that offers several competition categories. For more information about ReelWorld awards, click here. All selected feature films and feature documentaries are eligible for the ReelChoice Award. All selected music videos are eligible for the ReelWorld Music Video Award.

There is no limit to the number of entries to ReelWorld Film Festival. However, a separate submission form, complete submission package and a separate entry fee are required for each submission.


News reports, extended reportage, magazine formats, information programming or segments, made-for-television programming, excluding movies of the week, are not eligible.

For purposes of selection, shorts are 45 minutes or less and features are longer than 45 minutes.
Music Videos are considered productions where the visual presentation of a song, poem or audio narrative is the primary purpose. We only accept and program Canadian Music Videos.

Works-in-progress are accepted. The submitted DVD must be clearly marked “Work in Progress” or “Rough Cut” with an indication of what aspects will change or what is missing, e.g., temp sound, avid output, missing animation, etc., as well as the expected completion date.


In order for your submission to be considered, the following must be completed:
  1. Printed and completed Submission Form (click here for Submission Form)
  2. It is mandatory that you submit three (3) region-free DVDs or Blue-Rays of the film that are clearly labeled with the film title, director and year
    1. If three (3) region-free DVDs/Blue-rays of the film are not included in your submission package your submission will be considered INCOMPLETE
    2. VHS, BETA / BETAsp, digiBETA and DV tapes will not be accepted as we do not have the playback equipment
    3. Please ensure that there are NO MENUS on your Three (3) DVDs/Blue-rays – this is very important
All of the following items MUST be submitted as electronic files on a CD-ROM. Emails with attachments will not be accepted. Please label the CD-ROM with the film title, your name, your phone number, and your email address. Please clearly label each file with the naming format example: “A Winter Tale_Synopsis.txt”.

If your film is selected, your biography, contact information, film synopsis, cast list/credits, print source and various photos will be used on the ReelWorld Film Festival website and in the ReelWorld Program Guide, so it is important we have all of the following information:
  1. Full Film/Video Synopsis (.txt or .rtf format)
  2. A 50-word description of the film or video (.txt or .rtf format)
  3. A 50-word Director(s) biography (.txt or .rtf format)
  4. Director(s) head-shot photograph (300 dpi; JPEG format; colour and black & white)
  5. Full cast list and a complete and accurate list of credits
  6. Music Cue Sheet (pertaining to Music Videos)
  7. Still photos from the film or video (300 dpi; JPEG or TIFF format; colour and black & white)
  8. Press kit and/or electronic press kit (.txt or .rtf format) – (if available)
The submissions will be viewed and selected by the Programming Committee. All applicants will be notified by letter and/or by electronic mail if selected or not selected. The decision by the Programming Committee is final. Please do not phone or send emails requesting results. The Programming Committee gives preference to films that have not been previously screened in Toronto.


Unless discussed with ReelWorld, it will be the responsibility of the filmmaker to ship film to and from the Festival.

After the Festival, you will be responsible to arrange the return of your print materials; your DVDs will not be returned. *This is for selected films only, not submissions. If your film has not been accepted, please contact the ReelWorld office to arrange picking up your film.

All submissions must be pre-paid. ReelWorld will not accept C.O.D. or collect shipments.

ReelWorld will not assume responsibility for or accept shipments incurring customs brokerage fees, duties, taxes, terminal charges or any other fees.

We do not accept international shipments via United Parcel Services (UPS), since this courier does not deliver international duty-free shipments to Toronto; ReelWorld’s preferred choice for shipping is FedEx.

Do not send masters, originals or irreplaceable discs/DVDs/Blue-Rays.

DVDs and Blue-Rays will not be returned.

Envelopes must be clearly labeled with the following: Film/video title, production company name, director’s name, address and telephone number of primary contact, running time in minutes. International shipments need to include the following statement: “Goods on loan for Cultural Festival/Event. No commercial value. Non-pornographic.”


ReelWorld Film Festival
438 Parliament Street, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3A2
Phone: (1) 416.598.7933


Submission guidelines for the 2012 ReelWorld Film Festival are subject to change. ReelWorld reserves the right to rule on all issues not expressly covered in these guidelines.

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