Saturday, October 29, 2011

6th annual Macedonian Film Festival, Oct 29-30

The 6th annual Macedonian Film Festival takes place this weekend in Toronto.

Each day begins at 2pm and continues into the night. In addition to short fiction and documentary films, the festival will screen the feature films Некои други приказни (Some Other Stories), an omnibus film by five directors, and Македонска крвава свадба (Macedonian Bloody Wedding).

Некои други приказни (Some Other Stories)
actress Iva Zendelska will be in attendance and participate in a Q&A, as will Sandra Danilovic who directed the Machinima film Second Bodies.

The screenings today take place at Innis Town Hall Theatre, 2 Sussex Avenue, at St. George St. between Bloor and Harbord. The Festival concludes tomorrow at the Carlton Cinemas, 20 Carlton Street. All films will be presented in English or have English subtitles unless otherwise noted.



The festival will be held on October 29 and 30, 2011, at:
Innis Town Hall Theatre - 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto and Carlton Cinema Theatre - 20 Carlton Street, Toronto
ADIEUS (Разделби)

Duration: 19 minutes
Classification: Short | Fiction

Director: Goran Trenchovski
Screenplay: Vladimir Plavevski
Leading Roles: Petar Temelkovski, Robert Veljanovski, Senko Velinov


BIT PLAYER (Епизодист)

A story of double standards between the Communist regime and a bit player, hypocrisy and the cruelty of the past...

Released: 2011
Duration: 22 minutes
Classification: Short | Fiction

Director: Igor Aleksov
Screenplay: Aleksandar Rusjakov
Leading Roles: Jana Stojanovska, Silvija Stojanovska, Predrag Pavlovski, Igor Angelov

Parental advisory: Violent and sexual content.


Bit Player
GOD'S FOOLS (Божјите будали)

The outcome makes fools of us all...

Released: 2010
Duration: 15 minutes
Classification: Short | Drama

Director: Anton Blajer
Screenplay: Anton Blajer
Producer: Shaun McAlpine
Leading Roles: Shane Luthor, Jeremy Kewley, Margaret Allen, Martin Quinn and Dylan Russell

CineRail Grand Prix - Winner
VCAM Film Awards 2010 - Best Director

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God's Fools
HANSEL & GRETEL - The True Story (Вистинската приказна за Хансел и Гретел)

Wanna hear a bedtime story?

Released: 2010
Duration: 13 minutes
Classification: 2D Animation

Director: Goce Cvetanovski
Writer: Goce Cvetanovski
Producer: Goce Cvetanovski

Parental advisory: Frightening scenes.

Official Film Website

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Hansel and Gretel - The True Story
I'D LOVE TO FLY AWAY (Љубов за летање)

The challenges of maturing and development of a child and his family...

Released: 2008
Duration: 31 minutes
Classification: Short

Director: Dragi Savevski
Writer: Vlado Dimovski
Producer: Mirko Popovski
Leading Role: Stefan Spasov


I'd Love to Fly Away
MACEDONIAN BLOODY WEDDING (Македонска крвава свадба)

Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed...

Released: 1967
Duration: 103 minutes
Classification: Drama

Director: Trajce Popov
Writer: Slavko Janevski
Producers: Branko Popcevski
Leading Roles: Zafir Hadzimanov, Risto Siskov, Vera Cukic and Petar Prlicko

Parental advisory: Violent content.

FYFF, Pula, Golden Arena for art direction
USSR, Golden Plaque for the film's success

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Macedonian Bloody Wedding

There is something stronger than sex or happiness: the passion for illusion...

Released: 2009
Duration: 46 minutes
Classification: Documentary

Director: Sandra Danilovic
Screenplay: Sandra Danilovic
Producer: Sandra Danilovic

Best Documentary, San Francisco New Media Film Festival
Gordon F. Keeble Award, Ryerson University

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Second Bodies

A look behind the curtains of globalization through the seamstresses of Stip...

Released: 2010
Duration: 30 minutes
Classification: Documentary | Short

Director: Biljana Garvanlieva
Screenplay: Biljana Garvanlieva
Producer: Christian Beetz, Ognen Antov

Heart of Sarajevo - The best documentary film
Asterfest Strumica - The best documentary film
Grand Prix Bester Documentarfilm 2011

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The Seamstresses
SOME OTHER STORIES (Некои други приказни)

Some stories we hold within...

Released: 2010
Duration: 114 minutes
Classification: Omnibus of short stories - Crime | Drama | Romance

Directors: Marija Dzidzeva - Macedonia
Ana Maria Rossi - Serbia
Hanna Slak - Slovenia
Ines Tanovic - Bosnia & Herzegovina
Ivona Juka - Croatia

Producer: Nenad Dukic

Parental advisory: Sexual content.

Official Film Website

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Some Other Stories
THE SPIRIT OF MY FATHER (Духот на татко ми)

...the mirror – that's you...than it drops in thousand pieces...but something stays from the clear matter...and a new mirror is renewed.

Released: 2010
Duration: 39 minutes
Classification: Documentary

Director: Goran Trenchovski

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The Spirit of My Father
VEIL OF FORTUNE (За фереџето и за среќата)

The incompatibility of Western philosophy and the mysticism of Eastern philosophy...

Released: 2009
Duration: 12 minutes
Classification: Short

Director: Goce Cvetanovski
Screenplay: Michael DiAntonio
Leading Roles: Valdeta Ismaili, Robert Ristov and Michael DiAntonio


Veil of Fortune
WITNESS (Сведок)

Anyone can be a witness but how often does the witness become the accused...

Released: 2011
Duration: 20 minutes
Classification: Short | Fiction

Director: Todor Petrov
Screenplay: Todor Petrov
Producers: Slave Petrov Kasha, Doncho Petrov - Lokum
Leading Roles: Zdravko Stojmirov, Aleksandar Vidikov, Momir Kolev, Mario Manevski


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