Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Golden Rooster Awards for Chinese film - winners

Yesterday, the China Film Association held their 28th Golden Rooster Awards (金鸡奖) for Chinese-language films at the Hefei Lake Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Golden Rooster Awards are mainland China's awards for Chinese-language film, along with the Huabiao Awards which are given by China's State Administration of Radio, Film and TV.

The surprise winner of Best Feature Film was 飞天 (Fei Tian). The film is also known as Shen Zhou 11 and tells the story of Chinese astronauts from the spacecrafts Shen Zhou 7 to 11. 

Best Director was awarded to 陈力 (Chen Li) for 爱在廊桥 (Love On Gallery Bridge). 孙淳 (Sun Chun) won Best Actor for his role in 秋喜 (Qiuxi) while 娜仁花 (Na Renhua) won Best Actress for her starring role in 额吉 (Mother).

唐山大地震 (Aftershock) had led with nine nominations. While it missed out on the the highest profile awards, it was the only multiple-winner with its two prizes in the categories of Art Direction and Music.

Winners for the Golden Rooster Awards are selected by a jury of film makers, film experts, and film historians.

The Golden Rooster Awards were the closing event of the 20th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in Hefei. Next year's festival takes place in Shaoxing.


Complete list of winners for the 28th 金鸡奖 (Golden Rooster Awards)

Best Feature Film

(Fei Tian)

Best Documentary

天赐 (Heaven)

Best Science Film

变暖的地球 (Warming of the Earth)

Best Animated Film

兔侠传奇 (Legend of A Rabbit)

Best Drama

响九霄 (Ring Miracle)

Best Low-Budget Feature

老寨 (Laozhai)

Best Children's Film

守护童年 (Childhood)

Best Screenplay

 程晓玲 (Cheng Xiaoling), 岁岁清明 (Qingming)

Best Director

陈力 (Chen Li), 爱在廊桥 (Love On Gallery Bridge)

Best Directorial Debut

陆阳 (Lu Yang), 盲人电影院 (Blind Cinema)

Best Actor

孙淳 (Sun Chun), 秋喜 (Qiuxi)

Best Actress

娜仁花 (Na Renhua), 额吉 (Mother)

Best Supporting Actor

徐才根 (Xu Caigen), 团圆 (Apart Together)

Best Supporting Actress

国歌 (Guo Ge), 惊沙 (Through Stunning Storms)

Best Cinematography

孙明 (Sun Ming), 秋之白华 (The Seal of Love)

Best Sound

王丹戎 (Wang Danrong), 建国大业 (The Founding of a Republic)

Best Art Direction

霍廷宵 (Huo Tingxiao), 唐山大地震 (Aftershock)

Best Music

王黎光 (Wang Li-guang), 唐山大地震 (Aftershock)

Special Jury Award - Individual

朱旭 (Zhu Xun), 我们天上见 (Lan)

Special Jury Award - Film

钢的琴 (The Piano in a Factory)

Lifetime Achievement Award

傅正义 (Fu Zhengyi), editor
向隽姝 (Jun Shu), sound designer

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