Thursday, April 21, 2011

THR’s Summer Movies Writers Roundtable Video

The Hollywood Reporter regularly holds terrific roundtable interviews with groups of leading industry professionals.

Their latest is a discussion with summer blockbuster screenwriters. They sat down with Jonathan Aibel (Kung Fu Panda 2); Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern); Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Dark of the Moon); Christopher Markus (Captain America: The First Avenger); Ashley Edward Miller (Thor) and Roberto Orci (Cowboys & Aliens). Although some of these writers work with partners, the films were asked to only send one to make the discussion more manageable.

The interview runs almost an hour, but is quite interesting and often very funny. It's well worth watching in its entirety.

Who knows? Some of these films might even turn out to be decent.

For the written transcript of the interview or smaller video segments, you can go here.

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