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Call for submissions: Tapestry New Opera's Composer-Librettist Laboratory 2011

Tapestry New Opera, Toronto's opera company dedicated to creating, developing and performing new Canadian and International works, has put out a call for submissions for its Composer-Librettist Laboratory 2011 known as LibLab.

The week-long program provides writers and musicians an opportunity to work with a different partner every day to learn effective collaboration. Each pair writes a small piece of musical theatre which will be performed and critiqued. Collaborators have gone on to successfully develop larger works.

The program is open to everyone, from Canada or elsewhere. In addition to a cover letter and resume, they require a letter describing your interest and two work samples. A letter of reference from a professional in the field will suffice if you don't have a body of work.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2011.

Call for Submissions – 2011 LibLab

Composer-Librettist Laboratory

The heart and soul of Tapestry’s Creative Development Programme is the Composer-Librettist Laboratory. This unique programme has been carefully honed for composers and writers to test, exercise and develop their collaborative writing and composing skills in the music theatre/opera art form. For most composers and writers the artistic process is a solitary one. Tapestry provides development, guidance and financial support through the often lengthy, but ultimately rewarding, new work creation process.

The Need

Tapestry considers it to be of vital importance for composers and writers working in the music theatre/opera art form to explore the process of collaboration in a creative, non-competitive environment.

The Program

Initiated in 1995, the Laboratory is an intensive ten day workshop for composers and writers to explore the collaborative process.

The Composer-Librettist Laboratory provides the opportunity to work with several partners in a short period of time, thereby developing techniques for effective collaboration.

Throughout the program, writers and composers are partnered with one another, each for a two-day cycle. Dramaturgical support is provided for both writers and composers throughout the process. Through exercises in writing short scenes the working relationship between composer and writer is investigated. Each scene is performed by a resident ensemble of singers and pianists and constructively discussed by the entire group. The partners then change and the process begins anew.

Dramaturges, music directors and/or composer-librettist teams provide guidance and supplementary education in the form of workshops, readings and inter-disciplinary discussions.

Eligibility / Requirements

Professional composers and writers who are collaboration-minded, willing to explore new approaches to music theatre/opera creation and able to constructively critique their own and others’ work.

Composers and writers must agree to enter the Lab as equals, with neither discipline taking precedence over the other.

The programme is open to participants from Canada and abroad. There is no workshop fee to attend the program however, participants selected will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation.  Lunch is provided daily.

Participants must be available from August 22rd to September 1st (inclusive) on a full-time basis.

Guidelines for Submissions

Please do not staple or bind submissions in any way. Submissions should be on paper that is 8.5 x 11, single sided. Preference for submissions of scores is unbound and copied on 8.5 x 11 paper. Preference for excerpts from published works from writers is unbound and copied onto 8.5 x 11 paper. Please provide ONE copy of written materials and TWO copies of scores, cd’s and writing samples.

All applicants please submit:

1. A cover letter that includes your name, address, telephone  number, e-mail address & website (if applicable).
2. A resume or CV outlining your professional experience and relevant academic and professional training.
3. A one-page description stating your interest in participating and why you would benefit from the program. This may be included as part of the cover letter.
4. For applicants who do not yet have a known body of work, a letter of reference from a professional in the field. This may be included in your application or sent under separate cover directly to Tapestry.

Composers – In addition to one copy of #1 through #4 above, please submit:
-Two samples of your work, including scores and recordings, with at least one sample of work written for the voice.
-Two copies of each score & recording are required.

Writers – In addition to one copy of #1 through #4 above, please submit two copies each of:
-Two samples of your work, including an excerpt from a dramatic work for the stage, to a maximum of 20 pages in total.
-Two copies of each sample are required.

Submissions must be postmarked on or before the submission deadline.

Deadline for Submissions: April 30 2011
Notification Date: approximately six weeks after the submission deadline

Submissions should be directed to the Attention of:
Ms. Susan Worthington, Producing Director
Tapestry New Opera
55 Mill Street, Bldg # 58 Studio 316
Toronto, ON  M5A 3C4

For More Information Please Contact:
Susan Worthington, Producing Director
416 537- 6066 ext 225 / liblab@tapestrynewopera.com

For further information about Tapestry – www.tapestrynewopera.com

Applications are not accepted by email or fax.

Download this Call for Submissions as a PDF


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