Thursday, April 7, 2011

24th annual Кинопремия Ника (Nika Awards) for Russian film - winners

The Академии кинематографических искусств (Russian Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences) in Russia held its 24th Annual Кинопремия Ника (Nika Film Awards) at the State Academic Theatre of Moscow Operetta.

Russia's submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the the Academy Awards Край (The Edge) took top honours, winning Best Film. It also won for Best Cinematography and a Best Actor prize for Владимир Машков (Vladimir Mashkov).

In a reversal of the rival премия Золотой Орёл (Golden Eagle Awards) which were held in January, Как я провел этим летом (How I Ended This Summer) lost Best Film but won Best Director for Алексей Попогребский (Alexei Popogrebsky). It was, however, its only prize on the night.

Китайская бабушка (The Chinese Grandmother) won both of the actress categories, which went to Нина Русланова (Nina Ruslanova) and Ирина Муравьева (Irina Muravyeva). Овсянки (Silent Souls) was also a multiple winner with wins for screenplay and music. The war drama Брестская крепость (Brest Fortress) won three technical awards for Production Design, Costume Design and Sound.

Сергей Юрский (Sergei Yursky) won a Lifetime Achievement award for his contribution to national cinema. Армен Медведев (Armen Medvedev) also received a special award for his contribution to "cinematic science, criticism and education." A moment of silence was observed at the beginning of the ceremony in memory of much-loved actress and singer Людмила Гурченко (Lyudmila Gurchenko) who passed away on March 30, 2011.

Complete list of winners for the 24th annual Кинопремия Ника (Nika Awards)

Best Film
Край (The Edge)

Best Director
Алексей Попогребский (Alexei Popogrebsky), Как я провел этим летом (How I Ended This Summer)

Best Cinematography

Юрий Клименко (Yuri Klimenko), Край (The Edge)

Best Screenplay
Денис Осокин (Dennis Osokin), Овсянки (Silent Souls)

Best Actor
Владимир Машков (Vladimir Mashkov), Край (The Edge)

Best Supporting Actor

Евгений Миронов (Yevgeny Mironov), Утомленные солнцем - 2. Предстояние (Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus)

Best Actress

Нина Русланова (Nina Ruslanova), Китайская бабушка (The Chinese Grandmother)

Best Supporting Actress

Ирина Муравьева (Irina Muravyeva), Китайская бабушка (The Chinese Grandmother)

Discovery of the Year

Дмитрия Мамулия (Dmitri Mamulia), Другое небо (Another Sky)

Best Animated Film

Гадкий утенок (The Ugly Duckling), Гарри Бардин (Garry Bardin)

Best Music

Андрей Карасев (Andrei Karasev), Овсянки (Silent Souls)

Best Costume Design

Сергей Стручев (Sergei Struchev), Владимир Корецкий (Vladimir Koretsky), Брестская крепость (Brest Fortress)

Best Production Design
Алим Матвейчук (Alim Matvejchuk), Брестская крепость (Brest Fortress)

Best Sound

Филипп Ламшин (Philip Lamshin), Анатолий Белозеров (Anatoly Belozerov ), Брестская крепость (Brest Fortress)

Best Documentary

Мой друг доктор Лиза (My Friend Doctor Liza), Тофик Шахвердиев (Tofik Shakhverdiev)

Best Film of CIS and Baltic States

Глазами призрак (Through the Eyes of a Ghost), Рустам Ибрагимбеков (Rustam Ibrahimbekov)

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