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La Soirée des Jutra 2013 (Quebec film awards) – nominations

Earlier today, Radio-Canada and Québec Cinéma announced the nominations for the 15th Annual La Soirée des Jutra, the awards given for the Quebecois film industry.

Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways led the way with his ten nominations including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Suzanne Clément was nominated for Best Actress while both Monia Chokri and Nathalie Baye received nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

The Oscar-nominated Rebelle (War Witch) by Kim Nguyen was close behind with nine nominations. It too was recognized for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress (Rachel Mwanza).

Rounding out the Best Film category were Inch'Allah by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Camion by Rafaël Ouellet, and Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven) by Ivan Grbovic. The latter two also received Best Director mentions, but Barbeau-Lavalette missed in favour of Podz for L'affaire Dumont.

Michel Côté will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The ceremony for the will take place at the Salle Pierre-Mercure of the Centre Pierre-Péladeau in Montreal on March 17.

Complete list of nominations for the 15e Soirée des Jutra

Best Film
Laurence Anyways
Rebelle (War Witch)
Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven)

Best Director
Rafaël Ouellet, Camion
Podz, L'affaire Dumont
Xavier Dolan, Laurence Anyways
Kim Nguyen, Rebelle (War Witch)
Ivan Grbovic, Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven)

Best Actor
Julien Poulin, Camion
Gabriel Arcand, Karakara
Victor Andrès Trelles Turgeon, Le torrent
Marc-André Grondin, L'affaire Dumont
Ali Ammar, Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven)

Best Actress
Marilyn Castonguay, L'affaire Dumont
Micheline Bernard, La mise à l'aveugle
Suzanne Clément, Laurence Anyways
Dominique Quesnel, Le torrent (The Torrent)
Rachel Mwanza, Rebelle (War Witch)

Best Supporting Actor
Sébastien Ricard, Avant que mon coeur bascule
Gildor Roy, Ésimésac
Guy Nadon, Les pee-wee 3D (Pee-Wee: The Winter That Changed My Life 3D)
Serge Kanyinda, Rebelle (War Witch)
Joey Klein, La fille au manteau blanc (The Girl in the White Coat)

Best Supporting Actress
Sophie Lorain, Avant que mon coeur bascule (Before My Heart Falls)
Sabrina Ouazani, Inch'Allah
Monia Chokri, Laurence Anyways
Nathalie Baye, Laurence Anyways
Eve Ringuette, Mesnak

Best Screenplay
Rafaël Ouellet, Camion
Claude Gagnon, Karakara
Xavier Dolan, Laurence Anyways
Ivan Grbovic and Sara Mishara, Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven)
Kim Nguyen, Rebelle (War Witch)

Best Editing
Rafaël Ouellet, Camion
Sophie Leblond, Inch'Allah
Hubert Hayaud, Roméo onze (Romeo Eleven)
Hélène Girard, Hors les murs (Beyond the Walls)
Richard Comeau, Rebelle (War Witch)

Best Cinematography
Geneviève Perron, Camion
Yves Bélanger, Laurence Anyways
Mathieu Laverdière, Le torrent (The Torrent)
Nicolas Bolduc, Rebelle (War Witch)
Sara Mishara, Tout ce que tu possèdes (All That You Possess)

Best Original Music
Normand Corbeil, Le torrent (The Torrent)
Benoît Charest, Une bouteille dans la mer de Gaza
Viviane Audet, Robin-Joël Cool and Éric West-Millette, Camion
Michel Corriveau, Ésimésac
Benoît Charest, Mars et Avril

Best Short/Medium-Length Film
Avec Jeff à Moto (With Jeff)
Chef de meute (Herd Leader)
Le futur proche (The Near Future)
Là où je suis

Best Short/Medium-Length Animation
Le grand ailleurs et le petit ici (Here and the Great Elsewhere)
Triptyque 2

Best Documentary
Alphée des étoiles (Alphée of the Stars)
Ma vie réelle (My Real Life)
Mort subite d'un homme de théâtre
Over my dead body

Best Sound
Luc Boudrias, Marcel Chouinard, Patrice Leblanc, Le torrent (The Torrent)
Claude La Haye, Martin Pinsonnault, Bernard Gariépy-Strobl, Rebelle (War Witch)
Sylvain Bellemare, Jean-Paul Hurier and Jean Umansky, Inch'Allah
Pierre-Jules Audet, Luc Boudrias, Michel Lecoufle, L'affaire Dumont
Pascal Beaudin, Luc Boudrias, Olivier Calvert, Mars et Avril

Best Art Direction
André Guimond, L'affaire Dumont
Anne Pritchard, Laurence Anyways
François Schuiten, Patrick Sioui, Martin Tessier and Élisabeth Williams, Mars et Avril
Andrée-Line Beauparlant, Inch'Allah
Éric Barbeau, Le torrent (The Torrent)

Best Costume Design
Carmen Alie, Ésimésac
Sophie Lefebvre, Inch'Allah
Monique Ferland, L'affaire Dumont
Mariane Carter, Mars et Avril
Éric Poirier, Rebelle (War Witch)

Best Make-Up
Kathryn Casault, Ésimésac et L'empire Bo$$é
Marlène Rouleau, L'affaire Dumont
Kathy Kelso and Coleen Quinton, Laurence Anyways
Pascale Jones, La fille au manteau blanc (The Girl in the White Coat)

Best Hair
Denis Parent, Ésimésac
Ann-Louise Landry, L'empire Bo$$é
Michelle Côté and Martin Lapointe, Laurence Anyways
André Duval, L'affaire Dumont
Richard Hansen, Mars et Avril

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