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2013 Next Stage Festival, Jan 2-13

Now in its 6th year, The Next Stage Theatre Festival is Toronto’s premiere winter theatre event showcasing independent theatre artists looking to bring their work to wider audiences while offering them the resources they require to succeed.

Past productions from Next Stage have been recognized through Dora Award nominations, remounts in seasons at leading theatres across Canada, and off-Broadway productions in New York City. The twelve-day festival, produced by the Toronto Fringe, heats-up theatre fans in the dead of winter at The Factory Theatre, complete with a toasty beer tent provided by McAuslan Brewing Co.

This year’s line-up presents an amazing variety of shows and includes work by veteran Canadian artists and the hottest emerging talent in our city.

2013 Next Stage Festival schedule

Jan. 2
7:00Sudden Death7:15With Love and a Major Organ8:30Liza Live!
9:15Throne of Games9:00Memorial
Jan. 3
5:00Awake5:00Post Eden6:45Pitch Blond
7:30Throne of Games7:15Memorial
9:15The Peace Maker9:30Salt Baby
Jan. 4
5:00Throne of Games5:15Memorial
6:45The Peace Maker7:15With Love and a Major Organ
9:15Sudden Death9:00Post Eden
Jan. 5
2:30The Peace Maker2:45With Love and a Major Organ4:15Pitch Blond
5:00Sudden Death4:45Post Eden6:30Pitch Blond
7:15Awake7:00Memorial9:00Liza Live!
9:45Throne of Games9:00Salt Baby
Jan. 6
2:30The Peace Maker3:00Post Eden4:15Liza Live!
5:00Throne of Games5:15With Love and a Major Organ6:15Liza Live!
7:00Sudden Death7:15Salt Baby8:30Pitch Blond
Jan. 7
6:45Sudden Death7:00Salt Baby
8:45Awake9:00Post Eden
Jan. 8
6:45Awake7:15Salt Baby8:30Pitch Blond
9:15The Peace Maker9:30With Love and a Major Organ
Jan. 9
7:00The Peace Maker6:45Post Eden8:45Liza Live!
9:30Throne of Games9:00With Love and a Major Organ
Jan. 10
5:00Sudden Death5:15Salt Baby
9:15The Peace Maker9:30With Love and a Major Organ
Jan. 11
5:30Sudden Death5:00Memorial
7:30Awake7:00Post Eden
9:45Throne of Games9:15Salt Baby
Jan. 12
2:30Throne of Games3:00Memorial3:45Liza Live!
4:30The Peace Maker5:00Salt Baby6:15Liza Live!
7:00Sudden Death7:15With Love and a Major Organ8:30Pitch Blond
9:15Awake9:00Post Eden
Jan. 13
2:30Sudden Death2:45Post Eden4:00Pitch Blond
 4:45Awake5:00Memorial6:30Pitch Blond
 7:15Throne of Games7:00With Love and a Major Organ8:30Liza Live!
 9:15The Peace Maker8:45Salt Baby

Factory Theatre Mainspace:


Written by Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley
Presented by Expect Theatre/ Spark Collective
Directed by Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin
Featuring Beryl Bain, Lauren Brotman, Quancetia Hamilton, Peyson Rock, Richard Stewart, David Shelley
A hit of the 2011 Toronto Fringe, AWAKE explores the ripple effect of violence within a community. Set in the funeral of a victim of gun violence, the verbatim script is based on hundreds of interviews with gang members, police, outreach workers, and mothers who have lost their sons.
Accolades for AWAKE:
*AWAKE was a Globe and Mail top three ‘Pick of the Fringe’ in 2011.

the peace maker

Written by Natasha Greenblatt
Presented by Pomme Grenade Productions
Directed by Jennifer Brewin
Featuring Sam Kalileh, Michael Rubenfeld, Razi Shawhadi
Overflowing with live music, The Peace Maker is the story of one woman’s journey through Israel and Palestine as she wrestles with ideas of identity and justice and the desire to ‘make-peace’ in the Middle East.
About the The Peace Maker:
*The Peace Maker has evolved through Theatre Passe Muraille’s Buzz Festival, Nightwood’s Write from the Hip program and Groundswell Festival, and presented as part of The Harold Green Jewish Theatre’s In the Beginning Festival.  It was shortlisted for the Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition in 2011.

sudden death   

Written by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
Presented by Pyretic Productions
Directed by Matthew MacKenzie
Featuring Tony Nappo 
Sudden Death imagines the last night of hockey legend John “Rambo” Kordic’s life.  His on-ice battles were brutal, but it was his off-ice ones that proved fatal.
Award-winning playwright Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman examines the dark underbelly of our national past time.
Praise for the Playwright:
*Charlotte’s play”The End of Pretending” won the 2002 Summerworks Eye Audience Choice Award.
*Her play “Scratch” won the 2007 Herman Voaden award and opened Factory Theatre’s 2008/2009 season. 
*Scratch was nominated for a Dora award in the category of Outstanding New Play in 2009.
*Scratch was nominated for a Governor General’s award in 2010.

throne of games

Created by Bad Dog Theatre Company
Directed by Colin Munch
Following a sold-out run at Comedy Bar last spring, the Bad Dog Theatre Company presents Throne of Games a hilarious, unscripted interpretation of George R.R. Martin’s bestselling medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones. Directed by two-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee Colin Munch and featuring over 15 of Canada’s most brilliant comedic performers.
Awards and Accolades for Bad Dog Theatre Company:
*Dubbed “Toronto’s improv hub” by NOW Magazine, the award-winning Bad Dog Theatre Company has specialized in the art of unscripted comedy and improvised performance for over 20 years.Several of the theatre’s productions and co-productions have been nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards.

Factory Studio Theatre:


Written by Steven Gallagher
Presented by Next Step Productions
Directed by D. Jeremy Smith
Dylan is getting married today. Dylan is dying. Dylan wants to attend his own memorial to hear all the fabulous things people will say. Dylan always gets what he wants.
Praise for the Playwright:
*Steven’s play Craplicker was chosen Best of Fringe presented at the Toronto Centre For the Arts.
*Craplicker recognized by NOW magazine for Outstanding Ensemble and Outstanding Director (Mary Francis Moore).

post eden

Written and Directed by Jordan Tannahill
Presented by Suburban Beast
Featuring Sascha Cole, Lindsey Clark & Kevin Walker
Inspired by interviews conducted with residents of the real-life Richmond Hill street of Neighbourly Lane, playwright/director Jordan Tannahill creates a multi-media fantasia in which a girl exhumes a dog buried in her backyard to break a curse that has befallen her family.
Awards and Accolades for Post Eden:
*”Writer/director Jordan Tannahill subtly mixes everyday actions and dialogue with surreal experiences, suggesting that life in the suburbs isn’t quite as sedate as we think.” NNNN – NOW MAGAZINE
*Winner of the ContraGuys Award for Best New Work.
*Named ‘Outstanding Production’, ‘Outstanding Direction’, ‘Outstanding Ensemble’, and ‘Outstanding New Play’ by NOW Magazine.

salt baby

Written by Falen Johnson
Directed by Yvette Nolan
What does a First Nations person look like? And who gets to say? Salt Baby follows the story of a “white” looking “Indian” as she navigates life on and off the Rez.
Praise for Salt Baby:
*“Though her questions are serious, Johnson’s script is full of comedy…There’s lots of wisdom, warmth and humour in (Salt Baby)”.  - Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine.   

with love and a major organ

Written by Julia Lederer
Presented by QuestionMark-Exclamation Theatre
Directed by  Andrew Lamb
Featuring  Robin Archer, Julia Lederer & Martha Ross
Anabel sends her heart to a stranger. He disappears.
George is on the run but keeps getting distracted by romantic comedies.
Mona resorts to seeking therapy from GoogleShrink™.
A comedy with guts about fate, pheromones and the TTC.
Awards and Accolades for With Love and a Major Organ:
*With Love and a Major Organ played to sold out audiences at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival and enjoyed a successful run as Best of Fringe at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.
*“[a] brash, poetic and fiercely original voice.” NNNNN- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine
*“this one’s worth lining up for hours to see—trust us.” FIVE STARS:

Factory Theatre Antechamber:

liza live!

Conceived by Jennifer Walls
Presented By Total Betty Productions
Directed by Byron Laviolette
Featuring  Jennifer Walls, Donavon LeNabat & Jamie Bird
One part talk show, one part game show and one part Cabaret, Liza Live! brings you Liza Minnelli like you’ve never seen her before. Join Liza as she hosts her very own one woman variety show.
Warning: Audience participation unavoidable.
Accolades for Jennifer Walls and the first production of Liza Live:
 *“Liza Live.” stars a pair of greatly gifted 20-something comediennes: Jennifer Walls, who zestfully impersonated Liza and Gabi Epstein, who channelled Barbra Streisand to a tee”.  - Ori Dagan – the WholeNote Magazine

pitch blond

Written and Performed by Laura Anne Harris 
Presented by Convection Productions 
Directed by Briana Brown 
Pitch Blond – the award winning show returns to Toronto at the Next Stage Festival!  Pitch Blondchronicles Oscar winning actor Judy Holliday’s appearance before Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch hunters.  This intimate production will take place in the antechamber, which will focus on Holliday’s career highlights as well as her courtroom appearance.  Pitch Blonde is being performed as a 30 minute version of the original 60 minute play.
Awards and Accolades for Pitch Blond:
*2007 Critics Choice Award (Victoria Times Colonist, Monday Magazine and CBC Radio) for ‘Best Fringe Production’
* ‘Best of Fest’ at 2010 Winnipeg Fringe Festival
*Honourable mention in Toronto’s Now Magazine as Critic’s Choice.
*Extra performance at the ‘Best of Fest Uptown’ presented by the Toronto Centre for the Arts for the Toronto Fringe, 2011.

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