Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – winners

The 香港電影評論學會 (Hong Kong Film Critics Society) has announced the winners for the 19th 香港電影評論學會大獎 (HKFCS Awards).

The car-chase action film 車手 (Motorway) was named Best Picture. Its director 鄭保瑞 (Soi Cheang Pou Soi) shared the Best Director prize with 林超贤 (Dante Lam) who helmed the 逆戰 (The Viral Factor), another action film but on the subject of biological warfare.

杜汶泽 (Chapman To) was named Best Actor for playing the manager of rival pop singers in 華麗之後 (Diva), but controversially, the HKFCS chose not to award Best Actress to anybody this year.

Winners were selected from a total of 51 Hong Kong films from the year 2012.

Complete winners for the 19th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

Best Picture
車手 (Motorway)

Best Director
鄭保瑞 (Soi Cheang Pou Soi), 車手 (Motorway)
林超贤 (Dante Lam), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)

Best Screenplay
韋家輝 (Wai Ka Fai), 游乃海 (Yau Nai Hoi), 陈伟斌 (Chan Wai Bun), 欧文杰 (Au Man Kit), 高海拔之戀II (Romancing in Thin Air)

Best Actress

Best Actor
杜汶泽 (Chapman To), 華麗之後 (Diva)

Films of Merit
高舉‧愛 (Love Lifting)
逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
三生三世聶華苓 (One Tree Three Lives)
我老婆唔夠秤2之 我老公唔生性 (My Sassy Hubby)
高海拔之戀II (Romancing in Thin Air)
消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
四大名捕 (The Four)
麥兜‧噹噹伴我心 (McDull: The Pork of Music)

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