Thursday, March 14, 2013

MONITOR 9: New South Asian Short Film + Video, Mar 14

MONITOR 9: NEW SOUTH ASIAN SHORT FILM + VIDEO is an annual short film and video screening program that showcases new and innovative work by artists from Canada and internationally.

MONITOR 9 is a unique platform for independent work that brings together poignant films and videos that explore bodies in flow. Programmer Nahed Mansour employs the notion of global flows, through which the artists negotiate various mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes, ethnoscapes and ideoscapes in their work.

Monitor 9: New South Asian Film & Video is programmed by Toronto-based artist Nahed Mansour. Having completed an MFA at Concordia University, Mansour is currently the Director of the Mayworks Festival in Toronto.

Monitor 9 jury members include Renata Mohamed, Rehab Nazzal & Alexis Mitchell.

Panel discussion with programmer, Nahed Mansour to follow

SAVAC Members: Free
Non members: $10
Students: $5


MONITOR 9 features:

Jude Anogwih, PASSIVITY FROM PASSIVIUS (Nigeria, 2:18, 2012)
"Passivity from Passivius" explores the social issue of migration and mobility within, and out of Africa.

Kooj (Kuljit) Chuhan, BUY THIS (v3) (UK, 6:20, 2012)
"Buy This (v3)" is an exploration of how environmental change is integral to the economic and political forces bringing about human displacement and racial inequality.

SoJin Chun, TREASURE HILL CAMOUFLAGE (Canada, 02:00, 2012)
"Treasure Hill Camouflage" is a performative video of the Treasure Hill village in Taipei, Taiwan. This village used to be an illegal settlement in Taipei where ex-soldiers from the war, as well as local artists built their homes.

Ashim Halder Sagor, DESIRE (Bangladesh, 1:34, 2011)
Desire explores memory and the displacement of the artist, from rural Bangladesh to the urban. His body of work explores human displacement, crisis, and terrorism.

Taiki Sakpisit, A RIPE VOLCANO (Thailand, 15:00, 2011)
"A Ripe Volcano" is an allegorical revelation buildt around the recollection of human experience and shifts through the mental space distilled from the possessed memory of wounded time.

Smriti Mehra & Matt Lee, INK (India, 1:54, 2010)
Local, hand drawn lithographic film posters contribute largely to the visual culture and character of the streets of Bangalore, India. "Ink" is a peek into where these posters are made.

Nguyen Tan Hoang, look_im_azn (USA, 5:35, 2011)
"look_im_azn" explores gay Asian men's (GAMs) cruising strategies on American gay sex hookup websites.

Elisha Lim, COMING OUT (Canada, 2:43, 2012)
"Coming Out" is 1 of a 5 part video series that deals with the union of religion and homosexuality. In this video series, five volunteers pray while Lim simultaneously draw their portraits. "Vivek" is the first of the five.

Shreyasi Kar, CITY BEYOND (India, 10:57, 2011)
"City Beyond" is a film that speculates about the lives led by inhabitants of a submerged civilization. The images are of Bangalore city obtained through pinhole cameras made from matchboxes, paan masala boxes and cookie tins.

Ahmed Faizan Naveed, REALITY DYSFUNCTIONED (Pakistan, 1:57, 2011)
Into the deep well / Absence of light /It was all white / No sense of self / It was only you or me / The water flowed within me / Whispered from above / Time stopped at bottom (and within me) / Continued in the world above / Only if reality exists.

Pavitra Wickramasinghe, LAST SYLLABLE OF TIME (Canada, 3:20, 2012)
Original footage of this video was filmed in January 2011 in Sri Lanka where the artist spent her formative years. Despite the horrors of nature and man, the people keep moving forward, yet, there remain traces of past destructions.

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