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Hong Kong Film Awards 2013 – winners

The ceremony for the 32nd 香港電影金像獎 (Hong Kong Film Awards) took place tonight at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Hong Kong. The event was hosted by 曾志伟 (Eric Tsang), 郑中基 (Ronald Cheng), 林家栋 (Gordon Lam) and 林晓峰 (Jerry Lamb).

The police action film 寒戰 (Cold War) by 梁樂民 (Longman Leung) and 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching) swept the field with nine wins. Its awards included Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. 梁家輝 (Tony Leung Ka Fai) won for Best Actor, while 徐家傑 (Alex Tsui) won Best New Performer.

寒戰 (Cold War) came into the night with twelve nominations, sharing the lead with 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes) by 羅志良 (Lo Chi Leung). The latter film, however, came away empty-handed.

低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria) by 低俗喜剧 (Ho-Cheung Pang) was a two-time winner. It won the supporting acting awards for actor 鄭中基 (Ronald Cheng Chung Kei) and actress 陳靜 (Dada Chan). 大上海 (The Last Tycoon) 王晶 (Jing Wong) also picked up a pair of wins, for Art Direction and Original Song.

A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Director-Producer 吳思遠 (Ng See-Yuen). Professional Achievement Awards were presented to 高天宙 (Ko Tin Chow), 呂麗樺 (Lü Lihua).

Nominations for the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards

Complete list of winners for the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Film
寒戰 (Cold War); Produced by Bill Kong, Matthew Tang Hon Keung, Ivy Ho, Catherine Kwan

Best Director
梁樂民 (Longman Leung), 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Screenplay
梁樂民 (Longman Leung), 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Actor
梁家輝 (Tony Leung Ka Fai), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Actress
楊千嬅 (Miriam Yeung), 春嬌與志明 (Love In The Buff)

Best Supporting Actor
鄭中基 (Ronald Cheng Chung Kei), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)

Best Supporting Actress
陳靜 (Dada Chan), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)

Best New Performer
徐家傑 (Alex Tsui), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Cinematography
潘耀明 (Anthony Pun Yiu Ming), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Film Editing
鄺志良 (Kong Chi Leung), 黃海 (Wong Hoi), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Art Direction
奚仲文 (Yee Chung Man), 林子僑 (Eric Lam Che Kiu), 大上海 (The Last Tycoon)

Best Costume & Make Up Design
奚仲文 (Yee Chung Man), 戴美玲 (Jessie Dai Mei Ling), 大魔術師 (The Great Magician)

Best Action Choreography
成龍 (Jackie Chan), 何鈞 (He Jun), 十二生肖 (CZ12)

Best Original Film Score
金培達 (Peter Kam Pui Tat), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Original Film Song
定風波 – 大上海 (The Last Tycoon); Composer: 高世章 (Leon Ko); Lyric: 岑偉宗 (Chris Shum); Sung by: 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)

Best Sound Design
曾景祥 (Kinson Tsang), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Visual Effects
鄭文政 (Cecil Cheng), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best New Director
周顯揚 (Chow Hin Yeung), 大追捕 (Nightfall)

Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
一九四二 (Back To 1942)

Lifetime Achievement Award
吳思遠 (Ng See-Yuen)

Professional Achievement Award
高天宙 (Ko Tin Chow), 呂麗樺 (Lü Lihua)

Best-Dressed Award
劉青雲 (Sean Lau), 鄭秀文 (Sammi Cheng)

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