Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 UofT Film Festival, April 1

The 11th annual University of Toronto (UofT) Film Festival takes place tonight and screens some of the best shorts and student films around. The event includes a reception and is free.

Films being screened include a modest short that I co-directed with Faisal Lutchmedial called Four Paws. It stars Joslyn Rogers and myself. Also screening will be three animated shorts by Toronto-based animator Nick Fox-Gieg – The Orange, Interregnum and the evening's finale More Than Winning.

The 11th annual University of Toronto Film Festival takes place in the East Common Room of Hart House. The reception starts at 7pm and the screening starts at 8pm. Admission is free. Light snacks will be served. Cash bar.

11th annual University of Toronto Film Festival program (subject to change)

Great Tante Aaf (:37)
by Carla Veldman (Sheridan University Student)
When I was young, I used to pick my nose

The Bloody Battle (:43)*
by Eric Park (University of Toronto student)
The protagonist makes beats and dances along with them. What is he doing?

Distachment (1:08)
by Dylan Vogel (Etobicoke School of the Arts Student)
Some people face the inability to communicate on an emotional level and struggle to fit in.

These are the People in Your Neighbourhood (6:30)*
by Nicole Bazuin (Ryerson University Grad)
Interactive tour lead by students from R.H. McGregor Elementary School and Dovercourt Public School, conceived by research-art atelier Mammalian Diving Reflex and developed in conjunction with Toronto-based Madeleine Collective and Brisbane-based Contact Inc.

Chemical Valley (10:15)
by Jennifer Robbins (Humber College student)
Sarnia Ontario is the largest city on lake Huron and home to the worst air quality in all of Canada.

dear wubwub (3:20)*
by Ammar Ijaz, Gwyneth Hodgins, Robyn Lewis (University of Toronto student)
Music video captures the frenetic energy of the emerging genre of dubstep.

A Little More Courage (8:00)*
by Kun Guo (University of Toronto Student)
If I had little more courage, will you be my girl/boyfriend?

Dirty Blood (3:26)
by Cathryn R. A. Hostick (University of Toronto Student)
A young woman fears she made a bad decision.

Life in Overload (4:03)
By Ola Michalec (University of Toronto student)
A day in the life of a struggling student and their perspective on life is portrayed.

Mixdown (5:00)
by Dylan Vogel (Etobicoke School of the Arts Student)
Documentary short explores the ways sound can affect us both mentally and physically.

MADI (7:37)
by David Condotta (Humber College student)
A family deals with the struggles of having a daughter with autism.

Rain Day (1:13)
by Nicola Lanthier-Rogers and Samantha Haggart (University of Toronto Student)
A girl is met with an unexpected conflict when going outside to play: rain. She quickly discovers a way to turn the situation around.

The Orange (2:12)
by Nick Fox-Gieg
Suddenly, a humble citrus fruit is granted absolute power over the universe. From a story by Benjamin Rosenbaum.


The Flight (3:10)*
by Eric Park (University of Toronto Student)
A man who has lost all hope tries to commit suicide to free himself for a happier life. Will he succeed?

The Scarf (3:20)
by Carla Veldman (Sheridan University Student)
A young boy's world is forever changed when his aging grandmother comes to stay.

Interregnum (7:00)
by Nick Fox-Gieg
Based on the extraordinary career of Rene Camille, history's first known computer hacker who exploits the Nazi's punch-card death camp systems and saves lives.

Four Paws (1:00)
by David Eng and Faisal Lutchmedial (University of Toronto Alumni)
Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy decides he didn't want girl anyway

A Pack of Noodles (3:45)
by Philbert Lui, Barnett Chow, Henry Wong (University of Toronto Alumni)
Bert has a date with a Korean girl next week so he builds his tolerance for spicy food by consuming a hot bowl of ramen.

Over Easy (1:08)
by Adam Bovoletis (Etobicoke School of the Arts Student)
When one man is tasked with dropping an egg without it cracking, madness ensues.

12 HR Zine Machine (3:48)*
by Nicole Bazuin (Ryerson University Grad)
An interactive performance installation by Madeleine Collective at the Gladstone Hotel, Nuit Blanche 2012.

Legally Strachan (1:30)*
by Patrick Quinton-Brown (University of Toronto Student)
Elle Woods has it all: sorority sisters, shiny blonde hair, and a 4.0 in "the history of polkadots". A parody trailer for the film Legally Blonde.

The Last Laugh (7:39)
by Nika Jaksic (Humber College student)
A clown who seems to be failing at everything in life tries to succeed at suicide.

Her Hip Hop: Empowerment and Change (10:45)
by Marcia Iglesias (University of Toronto alumni, Ryerson University Student)
Chilean-Canadians Nylda and Gilda discuss and demonstrate how hip-hop culture has empowered their lives as women.

Object of Affection (7:00)
by Zachary Alexander Chong (York University) and George Nikitakis (University of Toronto Student)
Anthony and Jennifer are celebrating their first anniversary but their celebration quickly turns into a fight. Can their relationship be saved?

More Than Winning (2:45)
by Nick Fox-Gieg
“They gave me a gun, a pick and a hand grenade and said 'Win at any cost' and I said 'Right'. There's nothing I love more than winning....” From a story by Susan Murray.

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