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2013 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards – nominations

The Canadian Cinema Editors have announced the nominations for their 3rd Annual CCE Awards.

The nominees for Best Editing in a Feature Length are Adam Locke-Norton for A.J. Bond's Stress Position, Stephen Philipson Sara St. Onge's Molly Maxwell, Dev Singh for Kate Miles Melville's Picture Day, Matt Hannam for Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral, and Roderick Deogrades for Michael McGowan's Still Mine.

Gordon Rempel was nominated twice, for his work on the series She Made Them Do It and the short film The Weather Girl. Joycelyn Poon was nominated twice in the Animation category for Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion, Episode: The Royal Flush / Brainlings on Ice; and Babar and the Adventures of Badou, Episode: Babar the Pirate / Stripes vs. Scales.

Lifetime Achievement Awards will be given to Ralph Brunjes, Kelly Smith and Rik Morden. The latter two will received the honour posthumously.

The 3rd Annual Canadian Cinema Editors 2013 Awards by Deluxe will take place at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto on June 6th 2013.

Complete list of nominees for the 3rd Annual Canadian Cinema Editors

Best Editing in Feature length
Adam Locke-Norton – Stress Position
Stephen Philipson – Molly Maxwell
Dev Singh – Picture Day
Matt Hannam – Antiviral
Roderick Deogrades – Still Mine

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series
Lisa Binkley, C.C.E. – Hitched for the Holidays
Gordon Rempel, C.C.E. – She Made Them Do It
Ron Wisman Sr., C.C.E. – An Officer and a Murderer
Roslyn Kalloo – The Phantoms
Susan Shipton – Titanic, Episode 4

Best Editing in Long Form Television Series – (1 hour drama, comedy, family program)
Wendy Hallam Martin, C.C.E. – The Borgias, Episode 210: The Confession
Paul Winestock, C.C.E. – Cracked, Episode 110: Blind Spot
Lisa Grootenboer, C.C.E. – The Borgias, Episode 205: The Choice
Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. – The Transporter, Episode 112: Trojan Horsepower
Mike Banas, C.C.E. – The L.A. Complex, Episode 213: Don’t Say Goodbye

Best Editing in 1/2 hour Broadcast Short Form
Charles Robichaud – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Episode: Uncle Howie
Kimberlee McTaggart – Call Me Fitz, Episode: Are You There God?…
Jason Irvine – Degrassi, Episode 1232: Bittersweet Symphony pt 2
Ellen Fine – My Babysitter’s a Vampire (Season 2), Episode: Fanged & Furious
Lisa Jane Robison, C.C.E. – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Episode: Spaceman

Best Editing in Documentary
Kelly Morris – A Wolf Called Storm
Matt Lyon – Lunarcy!
Michèle Hozer, C.C.E. – Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children
Nick Hector, C.C.E. – Echoes
Marcus Valentin – Air Aces, Episode: Red Tails

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality
Jorge Parra – Income Property 5, Episode 5084: Dan Tanik
Matt Anas – Mother of the Bride, Episode: Monetta & Tricia
Tyronne L’ttirondelle, Kevin Mills, Richard Fulop, Brian Mann, Scott Estes, Paul Smart and Mark Murray – Highway Through Hell, Episode: I Can’t Take it Anymore
Al Flett and Erin Cummings – Ice Pilots, Episode 406: Crash Landing
Aren Hansen – Panic Button, Episode: 101

Best Editing in Animation
Joycelyn Poon and Jamie Ebata – Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion, Episode: The Royal Flush / Brainlings on Ice
Shyra De Souza – Distraction of a Stationary Nature
Alain Delannoy – Fraction
Don Lee and Robert Henry – Scaredy Squirrel, Episode: Talented Mr. Peacock / Hiccup Hicdown in Balsatown
Kurt Skyers and Joycelyn Poon – Babar and the Adventures of Badou, Episode: Babar the Pirate / Stripes vs. Scales

Best Editing in Short film
Andrew Coutts – Sequence
Erin Deck – The Devil’s Carnival
Michelle Szemberg – For Dorian
Bryan Atkinson – Night Light
Gordon Rempel, C.C.E. – The Weather Girl

Best Editing in Any Live Action Web Series (Comedy or Drama)
Jennifer Prokop – My Lupine Life, Episode: Dragon Moon Part 2
Ian Macieod – The Last Fall of Ashes, Episode 5
Jonathan Robbins – Clutch, Episode 200: Aftermath
Anthony Baird and Thom Smalley – Guidestones, Episode 30: Market Collapse

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Ralph Brunjes, C.C.E.
Kelly Smith, C.C.E. (Posthumous)
Rik Morden, C.C.E. (Posthumous)

Student Merit Awards to be announced May 1, 2013

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