Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Call for submissions: Hothouse 8 for emerging animators

The National Film Board of Canada has put out a call for submissions to the latest edition of their Hothouse animation apprenticeship program.

The program is a paid apprenticeship where animators get to train under NFB's outstanding animators and experts. This edition’s Mentoring Director will be Theodore Ushev. Hothouse takes place over 12 consecutive weeks in the NFB’s Montreal Animation Studio. This is not a funding or schooling program, but rather a 3-month apprenticeship in real-world animation filmmaking.

The theme for the upcoming Hothouse 8 will be: Sheep Dreams.

Hothouse 8 will take place from March 5 – 25, 2012. Deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday January 24, 2012.


Hothouse 8: Call for Submissions

Deadline: Tuesday January 24, 2012
Program Dates: March 05  May 25, 2012
The National Film Board of Canada seeks submissions from emerging (young and not-so-young) filmmakers, creative programmers and artists intrigued by animation art, for the 8th edition of Hothouse, a 12-week paid apprenticeship in full-on, all-inclusive, real-world animation filmmaking.
Edition 8 parameter: include
This year, Hothouse invites you to exploit emerging tools and technologies in your animation.  In other words, take maximum advantage of new hardware, software or platforms to create your art. You might use a specific app for capture or animation. You might choose to tell a traditionally animated story on an interactive mobile OS (does the user influence the content?) You might integrate sensing devices for spatial tracking and gesture/facial/voice recognition (think GPS, Kinect, Wii, Siri etc.). Or develop a meaningful micro-narrative using existing engines and assets. To name but a few possibilities of hacking your animation!
Ultimately, you create a compelling 60-second experience driven by animation, moulded by technology.
Hothouse continues to be about re-imagining ways of making animation, ways that are faster, more flexible, and which embrace the many possibilities in the animation process while maintaining creative and technical excellence. We’re looking for six new talents who are willing and able to jump head-first into this intensive experience.

Read more: http://films.nfb.ca/hothouse/?page_id=961

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