Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Angel Film Awards - winners

The Monaco International Film Festival held their 9th annual Angel Film Awards 2011 recently at the Art Novo Theatre in the Novotel, Monte Carlo. The Angel Film Awards are given to films that promote peace, love, harmony, positive energy and non-violence.

The British film My Angel by Steve Cookson led the field with seven wins including Best Feature Film, Director, Male Actor (Timothy Spall) and Female Actor (Brenda Blethyn). The film is a story of a 15-year-old boy and his brother who must look after themselves following their mother's car accident.

The American production In the Key of Eli won four awards including the award for Ensemble Cast and the two supporting categories.

The winner for Best Documentary was Get Real! Wise Woman Speak. It also took the Feature Documentary Cinematographer award and the Angel Peace Award. The Canadian production How to Boil a Frog was the winner of four awards including Best Feature Documentary Director.

The 2011 jury consisted of: President of Jury, Emmy Award winning composer John Altman; Master of Ceremonies Babita Sharma BBC World News journalist; Dame of Honour, Victoria Aitken, writer & musician; Melissa Papel, international actress; Daniella Gonella, UK producer; Sasha Schriber, award winning writer, director; and Kazuhiko Tanaka, producer and journalist from Japan.

Jury President John Altman was the recipient of the 2011 Angel Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to music in film.


Complete list of winners for the 9th Annual Angel Film Awards

The 2011 Feature Film - Winning Categories

Angel Peace Award
Get Real! Wise Woman Speak (USA)

Best Feature Film (Angel Trophy)
My Angel (UK)

Best Cinematographer
Gianni Giannelli & Ville Tanttu, The Italian Key (Finland/Italy/UK)

Best Male Actor
Timothy Spall, My Angel (UK)

Best Female Actor
Brenda Blethyn, My Angel (UK)

Best Director
Steve Cookson, My Angel (UK)

Best Ensemble Cast
Carol Rich, Ron Recasner, Phil Scarpaci, Lia Sargent, Frank Ciraci, Michael Tower, Kim Piquet, In the Key of Eli (USA)

Best Newcomer
Joseph Phillips, My Angel (UK)

Best Producer
Peter Keegan, My Angel (UK)

Best Original Music
Tuomas Kantelinen, The Italian Key (Finland/Italy/UK)

Best Supporting Male Actor
Frank Ciraci, In the Key of Eli (USA)

Best Supporting Female Actor
Lia Sargent, In the Key of Eli (USA)

Independent Spirit Award
Tamara's Sacred Journey to Tibet (USA)

Special Mention Angel Film Award
How to Boil a Frog (Canada)

The Humanitarian Angel Film Award
The Rescuers (USA)

Best Original Story
In the Key of Eli (USA)

Best Script Feature film
My Angel (UK)

Best Costume Design
The Italian Key (Finland/Italy/UK)

Best Visual Effects
How to Boil a Frog (Canada)

The 2011 Feature Documentary Film - Winning Categories

Best Feature Documentary
Get Real! Wise Woman Speak (USA)

Best Feature Documentary Director
Jon Cooksey, How to Boil a Frog (Canada)

Best Narration Feature Film
The Rescuers (USA)

Best Feature Documentary Cinematographer
Joseph Parlagreco, Get Real! Wise Woman Speak (USA)

The 2011 Short Film - Winning Categories

Angel Peace Award
Voice Over (Spain/USA)

Best Female Actor
Gunilla Johansson, A Springtime Melody (Sweden)

Best Male Actor
Gérard Depardieu, Grenouille d'Hiver (Winter Frog) (France)

Best Cinematographer
Shogo Ueno, Kono Kishi No Koto (Japan)

Best Director
Slony Sow, Grenouille d'Hiver (Winter Frog) (France)

Best Ensemble Cast
Natsue Hyakumoto, Yoichi Toyama, Kono Kishi No Koto (Japan)

Best Short Film
Kono Kishi No Koto (Japan)

Best Newcomer
Shaun Rivers, Pitbull Warrior (UK)

Best Original Short Story
Deep Blue (Japan)

Best Producer
Gabriel Omania, Voice Over (Spain/USA)

Best Original Music
Budapest Symphony Orchestra-Peter Pejtsik, Grenouille d'Hiver (Winter Frog) (France)

Best Supporting Female Actor
Erico Taketa, Grenouille d'Hiver (Winter Frog) (France)

Best Supporting Male Actor
Tatsuhiro Ito, Deep Blue (Japan)

Special Mention Angel Award
Displacement (USA- Suisse)

Independent Spirit Award
Bushstrokes (USA)

The Humanitarian Angel Film Award
Kono Kishi No Koto (Japan)

Best Art Film
Kono Kishi No Koto (Japan)

Best Script
Andrew Martin, Gus (Australia)

The 2011 Short Documentary Film - Winning Categories

Best Short Documentary Cinematographer
Tamara Sumner Petersen, The Will to Win (USA)

Best Short Documentary Director
Alita Simpson, Breaking the Silence (UK)

Best Short Documentary Film
Breaking the Silence (UK)

Best Narration Short Film
Similar (UK)

THE 2011 Short Animation Film - Winning Categories

Best Short Animation Film
Gus (Australia)

Special Mention Animation Film Award
How to Boil a Frog (Canada)

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