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14th annual Subtle Technologies Festival, June 2-5

After some pre-festival events the last few days, tonight is the beginning of the main part of the 14th annual Subtle Technologies Festival.

Subtle Technologies is a gathering of artists, scientists, technologists, engineers and the general public. The festival brings people together to share cross-disciplinary ideas, explore new technologies, showcase creativity and incubate the next generation of practitioners at the intersection of art, science and technology.

It features film, performance and exhibitions. There will also be a symposium with panels and discussions.

The 14th Subtle Technologies Festival runs from June 2 to 5 at Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto ON M5S 1J5, and at various locations around Toronto.


Subtle Technologies Festival 2011

Film Screening : PHENOMENA: A Journey Around Audiovisual Art-Science

Date and time

The screening is included if you purchase a Festival pass, or you can purchase separate tickets for the screening here.

Subtle Technologies Presents:

PHENOMENA: A Journey Around Audiovisual Art-Science

This evening includes the two programs “Hidden Worlds” and “Quando L’Occhio Trema” curated by Marco Mancuso and Claudia D’Alonzo. This evening of film is organized by Roberta Buiani, and made possible with sponsorship from the Italian Cultural Institute and the help of L’altra Italia. Join us for a reception at 7 pm followed by the screening of the two programs at 8 pm. A short Q&A with the curators follows the screening.
Hidden Worlds
Screening curated by Marco Mancuso  – Digicult

The screening Hidden Worlds is a critical reflection upon the existing connection between audiovisual art, energy and science at the intersection with cinema, video and the digital.
The Hidden Worlds exhibition celebrates one of the most fascinating yet obscure territories of artistic audiovisual contemporary research: the relation between art and science. The video screening encourage a critical reflection on the existing relation between audiovisual contemporary artistic research (in relation to cinema, video and digital experiences) and applied sciences.  More about Hidden Worlds …

The Screening of the Hidden Worlds program below is approximately 30 minutes long

- Semiconductor Black Rain (2009, GB)

col., sound, 3’02”, HD Format: 16:9 widescreen

Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) is a duo of audiovisual artists who use digital synthesis for the creation of works where the strong synchrony of sounds and images reveals natural and energy phenomena in constant evolution. Black Rain has been obtained after having collected a series of images from the satellites of the STEREO solar mission.  More about Black Rain

- Evelina Domnitch & Dmitri Gelfand Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory (2006 – Rus, Bel)
col., sound, 8’57”

Camera Lucida, an installation project by Evelina Domnitch & Dmitri Gelfand developed in collaboration with scientific laboratories in Japan, Germany, Russia and Belgium, is a three-dimensional sonic observatory capable of directly turning sound into light through the physical phenomenon known as “sonoluminescence”:  More about Sonochemical Observatory

-Thorsten Fleisch Energie! (2007, Ger)

col., sound, 5’18”

Thorsten Fleisch is artistically born at the Stadelschule experimental school of cinema in Frankfurt, with Peter Kubelka as teacher. In his movies the artist used both digital and analog techniques, working several times on 16 mm films with natural material, such as crystal, fire, electricity and tissue. More about Energie!

- John N. Campbell Li: The Patterns of Nature (2007 – Usa)

col., sound 9’06”, original format: 16mm

Through time shifts, animations and techniques for microscopic observation, Li: The Patterns of Nature explores the meaning of “Li”, a Chinese word that refers to the underlying intelligence and order of nature as reflected in its organic forms and patterns. More about Li: The Patterns of Nature

- Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand 10000 Peackcock Feathers in Foaming Acid (2009 – Rus, Bel)
col., sound, 2’52”

A vacuum or a semi-vacuum contains within gravity and temperature sensitive elastic skin: the background of an early universe, a soap bubble and later, that of a biological membrane. In 10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid, Domnitch and Gelfand use laser lights to analyze the surfaces of the soap bubble clusters that nucleate and then dissipate. More about 10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid

- Alva Noto Spray (2006, Ger)

col., sound, 8′

Spray was bound to be an audiovisual installation, based on a 8 minute in loop video showing the accumulation process of a particular visual (audiovisual) element, the pixel. Carsten Nicolai plays with this key aspect by recreating veritable fields of order and developing precise Moirè’s patterns and models, up to the deconstruction of the graphical element created by accumulation in small pieces, particles, and dissolved substances.More about Spray

- Thorsten Fleisch Gestalt (2003, Ger)

col., sound, 5’20”

Awarded with an honorary mention at the 2003 Festival Ars Electronica, Gestalt is Thorsten Fleisch’s sole work created through the use of digital technologies.

In Gestalt, the so-called “four dimensional quaternions” (discovered in 1843 by Irish mathematician William Roman Hamilton, who was searching for a way to extend complex number on a higher quantity of spatial dimensions), are visualized in a three-dimensional space. More about Gestalt

When the Eye Flickers (Quando l’occhio trema)
Screening curated by Claudia D’Alonzo – Digicult and Mario Gorni – Docva

Inspired by a 1989 film by Paolo Gioli with the same name, this screening reconstructs the historical and methodological path of the use of the Flickering technique, using a selection of works from the DOCVA and INVIDEO archives, as well as from works of a number of authors connected to the Digicult international network.
More about When the Eye Flickers

The Screening of the “When the Eye Flickers” program below is approximately 40 minutes long

- Claudio Ambrosini – Light solfeggio

Italia 1977
2’17”, b/w
Courtesy Archivio DOCVA

- Paolo Gioli – Quando l’occhio trema

Italia 1989
12′, b/w
Courtesy Paolo Gioli

- Kurt Hentschläger/Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis) – Form

Austria 2000
3′, col.
Courtesy Granular Synthesis

- Thorsten Fleisch – Superbitmapping

Germania 2000
2′ 3”, col.
Courtesy Thorsten Fleisch

- Graw & Bockler – Because_

Germania 2002
3’47″, col.
Courtesy Archivio DOCVA

- Scott Arford – Untitled for television

USA 2003
5′ 57”, col.
Courtesy Scott Arford

- Alessandrà Arnò – Stars

Italia 2003
4′, b/n
Courtesy Archivio DOCVA

- Otolab – Vagina cosmica

talia 2009
video: xo00
audio: _dies
4′ 50”, col.

Marco Macuso Bio.
Claudio D’Alonzo Bio.

Information On Digicult
Information On DOCVA

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