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12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards - nominations

The Canadian Comedy Foundation for Excellence has announced the nominations for the 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, also known as "The Beavers." The Beavers are given in recognition of comedic excellence in the categories of Live Shows, Film, Television, Radio and Internet categories.

The nominees in film are led by Seth W. Owen's Peepers with 5 nominations. It's nominations were for Best Film, Director, Actor (Jacob Medjuck), Actress (Janine Theriault) and Writer (Seth W. Owen, Mark Slutsky, Daniel Perlmutter).

It was followed by four nominations each for Jacob Tierney's Good Neighbours and Jacob Medjuck's Summerhood including Best Film. The other Best Film nominees were Gravy Train and Don't Walk Out That Door.

The television section was led by Call Me Fitz and Less Than Kind, with each receiving three nominations. CBC’s The Debaters received two nominations for television and another two for radio.

Winners for the awards are determined by registered voters and industry members from the guilds - the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC), the Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) and the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). The five categories open to public voting are best TV show, film, Web clip, radio program and “Comedy Person of the Year.”

The 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards & Festival will take place from October 13th to 17th in Toronto.


Complete list of 2011 Canadian Comedy Award nominees

Male Standup

Steve Patterson
Mark Forward
Darrin Rose
Tim Steeves
Jeremy Hotz

Female Standup

Heidi Foss
Laurie Elliott
Nikki Payne
DeAnne Smith
Debra DiGiovanni

Standup Newcomer

Rhiannon Archer
Eric Andrews
Matt Carter
Dylan Gott
D.J. Demers

Comedic Play

Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes...
Phillips & Crown
My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding
Dr. Whom
Pick of the Fringe!

One Person Show

Cancer Can't Dance Like This
ONEymoon (A Honeymoon for One)
Beer League
NormVsCancer: A Terminally Funny One Man Show

Sketch Troupe

The Second City
Women Fully Clothed
Falcon Powder
Hot Thespian Action

Improv Troupe

Rapid Fire Theatre
Die-Nasty The Live Improvised Soap Opera
The Sunday Service
The National Theatre of the World's Impromptu Splendor
Urban Improv

Male Improviser

Mark Meer
Jeff Gladstone
Taz VanRassel
Ron Pederson
Ryan Beil

Female Improviser

Ashley Botting
Inessa Frantowski
Caitlin Howden
Sarah Hillier
Mandy Sellers

TV Show

Living In Your Car
This Movie Sucks!
Call Me Fitz
Less Than Kind

Taped Live Performance

Nikki Payne - Ha!ifax Comedy Fest 2010
Chuck Byrn - Ha!ifax Comedy Fest 2010
Tim Steeves - CCA's 10 Year Anniversary Special
Nick Beaton - Comedy Now
Ron Josol - Ethnical Difficulties

Direction - TV

Sebastian Cluer - Kenny vs Spenny Christmas Special
Henry Sarwer-Foner - Rick Mercer Report
Adam Brodie & Dave Derewlany - Scare Tactics
Brian K. Roberts - The Debaters
James Dunnison - Less Than Kind

Writing - TV Program or Series

Paul Mather - Men with Brooms, Wedding Knells
Tim Mcauliffe, Mark Critch, Cathy Jones, Gavin Crawford, Kyle Tingley, Albert Howell, Dean Jenkinson, Mike Allison, David Kerr, Bob Kerr - 22 Minutes, Episode 5
Ken Finkleman - Good Dog
Sheri Elwood - Call Me Fitz - Episode 101
Graham Clark, Gary Jones, Richard Side, John Wing, Nathan Macintosh, Dave Hemstad, Debra DiGiovanni - 'The Debaters'

Performance by a Male - TV

Howie Miller - CAUTION: May Contain Nuts
Mark O'Brien - Republic of Doyle
Ennis Esmer - The Listener
Jason Priestley - Call Me Fitz, Episode 106

Performance by a Female - Television

Aimee Beaudoin - CAUTION: May Contain Nuts
Nancy Robertson - Hiccups
Angela Asher - 18 TO LIFE Season 2, 'Overcooked'
Sitara Hewitt - Little Mosque on the Prairie
Brooke Palsson - Less Than Kind

Best Performance by an Ensemble - Television

Dana Andersen, Matt Alden, Aimée Beaudoin, Sheldon Elter, Jeff Halaby, James Higuchi, Howie Miller, Mark Meer, Ryan Parker - CAUTION: May Contain Nuts
Brendan Gall, Siobhan Murphy, William C. Vaughan, Anand Rajaram, Joel S. Keller, Aliyah O'Brien, Glenda Braganza, Paul Gross - Men with Brooms
James Hartnett, Hannah Hogan, Alana Johnston, Kayla Lorette, Joey Lucius, Alex Spencer, AJ Vaage - That's So Weird
Fred Ewanuick, Mary Ashton, Paul Bates, Benjamin Ayres, David Ferry - Dan for Mayor, Episode 110
Stacey Farber, Alain Goulem, Angela Asher, Jesse Rath, Kaniehtiio Horn, Ellen David, Arielle Shiri, Peter Keleghan, Michael Seater, Erin Agostino - 18 TO LIFE Season 2 (Episode 1: 'Family Portrait')

Best Film

Good Neighbours
Don't Walk Out That Door

Performance by a Male - Film

Jay Baruchel - Good Neighbours
Tim Doiron - GravyTrain
Jacob Medjuck - Summerhood
Joe Cobden - Peepers
Craig Brown - Don't Walk Out That Door

Best Performance by a Female - Film

Sandi Ross - Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf
Angela Asher - A Touch of Grey
Maria Del Mar - A Touch of Grey
Janine Theriault - Peepers
Inessa Frantowski - Don't Walk Out That Door

Direction - Film
Jacob Tierney - Good Neighbours
Jeremy LaLonde - The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard
Jesse Shamata - Break A Leg
Jacob Medjuck - Summerhood
Seth W. Owen - Peepers

Writing - Film

Jacob Medjuck - Summerhood
Jacob Tierney - Good Neighbours
Seth W. Owen, Mark Slutsky, Daniel Perlmutter - Peepers
Simon Fraser, Brian G. Smith - Improvisaton Nation
Tim Doiron - GravyTrain

Radio Program or Clip

The Debaters - Pete Zedlacher & Kristeen Von Hagen: Zombies vs. Vampires
The Irrelevant Show - Episode 1
Kamikaze Komedy
The Debaters - Sean Cullen & Alonzo Bodden: Summer vs Winter Olympics
This Is That

Web Clip

Fresh Talks I Luv All The Special Girl
I Am The Man
Phone Call to an Ex-girlfriend
That Thing That Happened

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