Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Script Tease Project, May 24-29

The National Theatre of the World trio of Ron Pederson, Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram presents an entire week at the Theatre Passe Muraille in the vein of their Impromptu Splendor evenings.

Called The Script Tease Project, they've enlisted a number of playwrights to write the first two pages of a play. The three will read them onstage sight unseen and use as a jumping-off point to improvise an entire full-length play. They will also include some input from the audience at each show to include in the ad-libbed story.

The playwrights who agreed to participate is quite impressive: Judith Thompson, Linda Griffiths, Daniel MacIvor, Woody Harrelson, Hannah Moscovitch, Brad Fraser, Morris Panych, Mark McKinney, Norm Foster and John Patrick Shanley.

The Script Tease Project runs from now until May 29, with afternoon and evening shows on most days. Theatre Passe Muraille is located at 16 Ryerson Avenue, northeast of Bathurst Street and Queen St. West.


The Script Tease Project - Theatre Passe Muraille

The Script Tease Project
May 24th to May 29th 2011
Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

The award winning critically acclaimed National Theatre of the World’s Impromptu Splendor continues to push the boundaries of what theater and improvisation can be. Their new project is no exception.

For this unprecedented hybrid of theatre and improvisation, our notorious crowd pleasers Matt Baram, Ron Pederson and Naomi Snieckus ask renowned playwrights to pen the first two pages of a new play (just a tease) and seal them in an envelope. Each night the improvisers open one up, read it completely cold , set it down, and complete the rest in front of your very eyes!

Come see this two time Comedy Award winning cast finish plays written by geniuses such as: Daniel MacIvor, Judith Thompson, John Patrick Shanley, Woody Harrelson and more!


Tuesday, May 24th 8pm (Judith Thompson)
Wednesday, May 25th 2pm (Linda Griffiths)
Wednesday, May 25th 8pm (Daniel MacIvor)
Thursday, May 26th 8pm (Woody Harrelson)
Thursday, May 26th 9:30pm (Hannah Moscovitch)
Friday, May 27th 8pm (Brad Fraser)
Saturday, May 28th 2pm (Morris Panych)
Saturday, May 28th 8pm (Mark McKinney)
Sunday, May 29th 2pm (Norm Foster)
Sunday, May 29th 8pm (John Patrick Shanley)

Theatre Passe Muraille
16 Ryerson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario


General Admission – $20.00

there is a $2.50 service fee per ticket

Visit the Arts Box Office to purchase tickets

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