Monday, March 28, 2011

Yeşilçam Ödülleri’nin - 4th annual Yeşilçam Awards for Turkish film - winners

The Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audiovisual Culture (TÜRSAK) held its 4th Annual Yeşilçam Ödülleri’nin (Yeşilçam Awards) ceremony tonight at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center.

Çoğunluk (The Majority) was named the Best Film. It also won Best Screenplay and Best First Film for Seren Yüce, while Esme Madra won for Best Young Talent. The film had led with eleven nominations.

Yüce didn't win the Director category, however. That instead went to Reha Erdem for Kosmos, which also won for Editing.

Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season) matched Çoğunluk in its total number of awards with four. It won for Cinematography and three acting awards: Best Actor (Cem Yılmaz), Best Supporting Actress (Melisa Sözen), and Best Supporting Actor (Okan Yalabık). Yalabık defeated his co-star Çetin Tekindor to win the award.

Writer-director-producer Türker İnanoğlu received an Honourary Award for his distinguished career.

Complete list of winners for the 2011 Yeşilçam Ödülleri’nin

Best Film

Çoğunluk (The Majority)

Best Director

Reha Erdem, Kosmos

Best Actor

Cem Yılmaz, Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season)

Best Actress

Demet Akbağ, Eyyvah Eyvah

Best Supporting Actress
Melisa Sözen, Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season)

Best Supporting Actor

Okan Yalabık, Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season)

Best Screenplay
Çoğunluk (The Majority); Seren Yüce

Best Music

Selim Demirdelen, Kavşak (The Crossing)

Best Editing

Kosmos; Reha Erdem

Best Cinematography

Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season); Uğur İçbak

Best Art Direction

Yahşi Batı (The Ottoman Cowboys); Hakan Yarkın

Best Young Talent

Esme Madra, Çoğunluk (The Majority)

Best First Film

Çoğunluk (The Majority), Seren Yüce

Honourary Award

Türker İnanoğlu

Culture and Arts Service Awards

Nebahat Çehre, İzzet Günay, Göksel Arsoy

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