Friday, March 4, 2011

6th annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival, March 4-6

The 6th annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival kicks off today and continues to Sunday. The opening night gala screening will be Danishka Esterhazy's prize-winning film Black Field. This will be followed by a reception and silent auction.

The closing night screening will be Katrin Bowen's Amazon Falls. The festival will present a number of awards at the closing night screening.

In addition to a large number of screenings, they have a number of industry events such as a Digital Media Forum, a panel by Women in the Directors Chair, pitching sessions and a networking lunch.

All screenings take place at VanCity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St.

6th annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival Schedule

Friday, March 4th
7:00 pm |
Awards and Feature Film Black Field
9:00 pm |
Reception with Silent Auction

Black Field | Manitoba 2009 | Narrative | 80:00
Parental Guidance: coarse & sexual language; drug use

Directed by Danishka Esterhazy
Black_Field_small.jpg Black Field is a dark historical drama set in the wild Canadian prairies of the 19th century. Two sisters find their lives forever changed when a mysterious and charming man arrives at their isolated farm and refuses to leave.
Winner - Best Canadian Feature, Female Eye Film Festival 2010
Winner - Best Picture/Honorable Mention, New Hope Film Festival 2010

Saturday, March 5th
SHORT FILMS with TALKBACK | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

A series of short films from emerging, first time directors reveals a diversity of talent and subjects.
IRRADIATE | Narrative | British Columbia | 11:35
Directed by Julia Hutchings

Amidst the isolation of windswept fields, Loretta confronts the oscillating nature of grief and loss as she moves through the formalities of her mother's death.

 WMLE_Charlie_small.jpg WITH MY LITTLE EYE | Narrative | Australia | 15:00
Directed by Kylie Plunkett

Charlie's childhood has already been tough. On a weekend away, she must look inside herself to decide how she will face the unexpected.  Instead of losing hope, Charlie finds that sometimes you have to hit the bottom to make you realize which way is up.
Parental Guidance: Coarse Language
Touch TOUCH | Narrative | USA | 10:58
Directed by Jen McGowan

An ode to city life, TOUCH explores the universal themes of isolation and need for community when two strangers make the most important connection of their lives while waiting for a train.
Parental Guidance
 How_to_Rid_Your_Lover_of_a_Negative_Emo_high_res_small.jpg HOW TO RID YOUR LOVER OF A NEGATIVE EMOTION CAUSED BY YOU! | Narrative | Ontario | 15:39
Directed by Nadia Litz

Love can make us do weird things. Sadie does a weird thing. She does it to her boyfriend Dennis. Keep in mind she only wants what's best for both of them: a perfect relationship. It could be the perfect relationship, too, as long as nobody bleeds to death.
14 Accompaniment: Gory Scene
Bluebeard MADAME PERRAULT'S BLUEBEARD | Narrative | USA | 05:46
Directed by A.J. Bond

A fantasy re-envisioning of the classic fairytale "Bluebeard" by Charles Perrault, in which Perrault's young wife reads herself into his dark allegory on marital mistrust.
Therapy_FINAL_small.jpg THERAPY | Narrative | British Columbia | 14:00
Directed by Lisa Newell
On the verge of despair, a frightened Theresa enters into a new kind of intensive therapy. Seduced by Victor Suave, a silver-tongued ringleader of hope, she sells her rights for one last chance at freedom. Left alone in a room with a seemingly perfect version of herself, she realizes that this form of therapy doesn't involve the conventional sit down session; it's kill or be killed. Theresa must learn that she is ultimately stronger than she gives herself credit for, before her personified hatred gets the upper hand and all is lost forever. Parental Guidance: Coarse Language; Violence
 Rhonda_s_Party_2_small.jpg RHONDA'S PARTY | Narrative | Nova Scotia | 07:00
Directed by Ashley McKenzie

Inside a rundown nursing home, a fresh-faced nurse has helped a lonely resident plan a special 100th birthday party for her only friend. But a sudden death threatens to spoil the party.
 Stimulus_Package_pic.jpg STIMULUS PACKAGE | Narrative | British Columbia | 06:56
Directed by Mauri Bernstein

Nancy Norman, her husband, daughter, and cat are, like many average families, feeling the financial pressures of these difficult economic times. Until their plain, brown-wrap, government-issued, stimulus package arrives....

 Saturday, March 5th
REEL WOMENSHORT FILMS with TALKBACK | 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
A series of short narrative and documentary films that examine the real lives of women.
Merre_Terre_Taire_small.jpg  MÈRE TERRE, TAIRE | Narrative | Manitoba | 07:34
Directed by Colette Balcaen

Colette Balcaen set herself up in the middle of an ancestral field with her large red knitted art piece to contemplate the prairie and all the generations of women who have seen the changes over the years. The images mark the passing of time. The heavy, continuous rocking of the oil well pumps dominates the nature activated by the wind.
 Bushwhack_small.jpg BUSHWHACK | Narrative | British Columbia | 05:10
Directed by Heather Haley
Adapted from the provocative book and unique collaboration by visual artist Tina Schliessler and poet Heather Susan Haley, BUSHWHACK compels the viewer to see—and hear—the forest in an entirely new way. General
 Oriana ORIANA | Animation | BRITISH COLUMBIA | 04:00
Directed by Kara Miranda Lawrence

A whimsical 3D animated fairytale adapted from the iconic Portuguese novel “A Fada Oriana” by the late Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. A young fairy named Oriana is entrusted to take care of an Azorean forest and all its inhabitants. However, she becomes mesmerized by her reflection and the forest is destroyed due to her neglect. Will Oriana be able to redeem herself and save the forest in time?
Cedar_Bamboo_small.jpg CEDAR AND BAMBOO | Documentary | British Columbia | 22:00
Directed by Diana Leung and Kamala Todd

Recounting the life experiences of four descendants of mixed heritage, CEDAR AND BAMBOO explores the unique relationships shared by early Chinese immigrants and Indigenous people on Canada’s West Coast. Set in British Columbia, their stories reveal the difficult circumstances of Indigenous people and early Chinese immigrants.
 InscapePic_small.jpg INSCAPE | Documentary | British Columbia | 06:00
Directed by Natalie Robison

Performed by world renowned contortionist Jinny Jessica Jacinto, INSCAPE is a commentary on the ineffability of the human experience and an exploration of the limits of film, flesh and artistic representation. It is at once a reminder of our binding embodiment and an invitation to openly challenge the borders that confine us.
 The_Business_of_hope THE BUSINESS OF HOPE | Documentary | USA | 06:01
Directed by Rustin Thompson
In Latin America, pouring your heart and every penny back into your business is rarely enough to get ahead.  A modest loan can make all the difference.  THE BUSINESS OF HOPE introduces us to small businesswomen in Bolivia and Nicaragua whose lives have been transformed by microfinance. General
 Hand_to_toe_small.jpg HAND TO TOE, AN EXPLORATION IN THE ART OF GIVING | Documentary | Northwest Territories | 08:29
Directed by France Benoit

Every Wednesday, volunteers from the Salvation Army shelter in Yellowknife offer to wash the feet of men and women from the streets. The homeless experience warmth, water and tenderness. The volunteers explore the art of giving by invoking the grace and security of the womb.
Ghost GHOST NOISE | Documentary | Nunavut/Ontario | 23:00
Directed by Marcia Connolly

“I do not draw simply the surface of the landscape. I feel I am capturing the breath and soul of the earth.” An encounter with artist Shuvinai Ashoona in her natural habitat, Marcia Connolly's film adopts the Inuit woman's poetic artistry, which draws its inspiration from the mythological and mundane in equal parts. “Everything’s a ghost noise… It’s good to listen to them but it’s not good to learn it.”
 Belle_EmmaStill.jpg BELLE & EMMA | Documentary | British Columbia | 03:15
Directed by Rebecca Johanson

A short film that explores the special nature of the grandmother-granddaughter relationship. We can see not only what the old can teach the young, but what the younger generation has to share with their elders.

 Saturday, March 5th
FEATURE FILM with TALKBACK | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Narrative | USA/Canada/Iran | 108:00
Directed by Naghmeh Shirkhan

A story that weaves through the lives of five generations of mothers and daughters, THE NEIGHBOR takes its audience on an unexpected journey. Shirin (Azita Sahebjam), a middle-aged woman living in Vancouver has seemingly outlived most of her passions. As she yearns for something to give meaning to her monotonous days and nights, a chance encounter with her next door neighbor, Leila (Tara Nazemi), promises to unfold a new chapter in her life. Attempting to befriend Leila, Shirin's persistent curiosity soon uncovers there's more to the young woman than Leila is ready to reveal. Tangled in a budding romance, and burdened by a heavy responsibility, Leila’s life has taken an alternate path. Unwilling to reach out to Shirin, Leila underestimates the power of her neighbor's unsolicited presence in her world, one inhabited by more than just unfulfilled dreams.As Shirin struggles to reconnect the fragments of her unsettled past, Leila's story presents a poignant reason for embracing the present and looking forward to the promises of the future. The women each come to a new understanding of life, bound with a mutual need for the other.

Saturday, March 5th
FEATURE FILM with TALKBACK | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Documentary | British Columbia | 88:00
Produced by Montana Berg
Directed by John Zaritsky

Parental Guidance: Coarse Language

Ninety minutes of songs about life and quips about death from the wheelchair of Carla Zilbersmith who vows to exit laughing. Once a nationally-known singer/comedienne, now fated by ALS, remarkable Carla leaves a teen-aged son, fans who adore her, and this 90-minute pre-mortem retrospective of a life lived fully but too fast.

Sunday, March 6th
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cave ?E?ANX THE CAVE | Narrative | British Columbia | 10:41
Directed by Helen Haig-Brown

Set in 1961 in the Chilcotin Territory of Western Canada, ?E?ANX (THE CAVE) recounts the story of a bear hunter who discovers a secret portal to the spirit world.
General: Nudity
IKW_1.jpg IKWÉ | Narrative | Manitoba | 04:45
Directed by Caroline Monnet

A film about a young Algonquin woman reconnected with her ancestral roots through language and dance.
 Button_Blanket BUTTON BLANKET | Documentary | British Columbia | 04:00
Directed by Zoe Leigh Hopkins

This impressionist documentary follows the creation of a Button Blanket by integrating the performance of a traditional dance with the art of the West Coast’s Heiltsuk people.
 winterswind.jpg WINTER'S WIND | Documentary | Québec | 06:13
Directed by Trisha Migwanas Hazelwood

A young woman discusses her fears about her early pregnancy and her relationship with her friends, her boyfriend and her doctor.
 Tashina_1.jpg TASHINA | Narrative | Manitoba | 04:40
Diriected by Caroline Monnet

A young Aboriginal girl's hopes and dreams are re-negotiated within the walls and tunnels of the institution of education.
 The_road_forward.jpg THE ROAD FORWARD | Narrative | British Columbia |10:00
Directed by Marie Clements
This musical live performance recaptures the Aboriginal political and social movements of British Columbia and envisions a road forward where no one will be left behind. General
CRY_ROCK-Clyde_Clarence_Beatrice_thumb.jpg CRY ROCK | British Columbia | 28:43
Directed by Banchi Hanuse

The wild beauty of the Bella Coola Valley blends with vivid watercolor animation illuminating the role of the Nuxalk oral tradition and the intersection of story, place and culture.

Sunday, March 6th
THE ONES WE LOVENARRATIVE SHORTS with TALKBACK | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pmA series of narrative films looking at relationships in love and in families.
IMMATURE_small.jpg IMMATURE | Narrative | Bitish Columbia | 04:30
Directed by Siobhan Devine

After moving apartments, Paula and Sue are hitting a rough patch in their relationship. Sue, ever the fixer, decides that the way to make Paula happy is to get hitched, but Paula finds her own (more suitable) resolution.
homesteadposter.png THE HOMESTEAD | Narrative | British Columbia | 08:50
Directed by Tracy D. Smith

A Gothic Western about a mail-order bride arriving at her new home to find a stranger with a gun pointed at her head and no husband in sight. With nowhere else to go, she finds herself defending not only her claim on the property but fighting for her life.
Parental Guidance: Coarse Language
FLAWED.jpg FLAWED | Animation | Nova Scotia | 12:29
Directed by Andrea Dorfman

A beautiful gift from Andrea Dorfman’s vivid imagination, a charming little film about very big ideas. In FLAWED she deftly traces her encounter with a potential romantic partner, questioning her attraction and the uneasy possibility of love. But, ultimately, FLAWED is less about whether girl can get along with boy than whether girl can accept herself, imperfections and all.
 Four_Sisters FOUR SISTERS | Narrative | Ontario | 21:32
Directed by Rob Gray
While four sisters wait for the doctor to arrive to pronounce their mother dead, they fight over her pharmaceuticals, wrestle, hurl insults at each other, reminisce and desperately try to hold on to the last vestiges of childhood. Parental Guidance: Coarse Language
 Grandmere_small.jpg GRANDMERE | Narrative | British Columbia | 08:30
Directed by Chick Snipper

Her essence whispers from these walls. Different time periods poetically collide; the character of grandmère sensing the future, her granddaughter remembering the past. Using dance and physical gesture, GRANDMERE is a sensual journey honouring daily ritual and feminine beauty.
TORA_1_small.jpg TORA | Narrative | British Columbia | 29:00
Directed by Wendy Ord and Glen Samuel

Starring David Suzuki in his first acting role, TORA follows a jaded city woman who inherits a property in BC's Interior and is haunted by a little ghost girl. Jenna discovers through dreams and flashbacks of her new neighbour (Suzuki) that her land was a Japanese Internment Camp during WWII.
Parental Guidance: Drug Use

Sunday, March 6th
NARRATIVE SHORTS with TALKBACK | 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

A series of narrative films looking at the journeys women take in life.
 nearsilence.jpg NEAR SILENCE | Narrative | British Columbia | 08:30
Directed by Ana de Lara

Roger, a former concert pianist debilitated by later stage Huntington's Disease, is cared for by his devastated but loving wife, Fay, who struggles to find meaning in their existence.
General: Violence 
 SIKAT_Stills4_small.jpg SIKAT |  Narrative |British Columbia | 09:45
Directed by Angelina Cantada

It's been many years since Sikat left the Philippines to come to Canada to care for other women’s children.  Now the day has finally arrived for her own son and husband to rejoin her.
 Sophie_Lavoie_small.jpg SOPHIE LAVOIE | Narrative |Québec | 08:42
Directed by Anne Emond

Sophie Lavoie has an appointment. Anxiety starts.
 Eunice_3_small.jpg HOW EUNICE GOT HER BABY | Narrative | Bristish Columbia | 15:55
Directed by Ana Valine

Florence, a small town cashier with big dreams, has every intention of getting out of town until Darryl Dean Chipman wanders into the store, holds her at gunpoint and steals her heart. Their unlikely love burns fast and hard, and leads to Flo’s sister, Eunice, inheriting the progeny of these star-crossed lovers.
Parental Guidance: Sexually Suggestive Scene; Violence; Coarse Language
 Her_Man_Plan HER MAN PLAN | Narrative | Yukon | 04:38
Directed by Lulu Keating

For Stephanie, the time has come to find a man. The choices in Dawson City, Yukon are slim. When she sets out to fetch the man she's chosen, she's ambushed by another.
Parental Guidance: Coarse Language
 Voodoo VOODOO | Narrative | British Columbia | 12:55
Directed by Mark Ratzlaff

Some marriages are cursed from the start - a fact Mr. Decker knows all too well. When his wife returns from her travels abroad and provokes yet another fight, the couple turn to an unusual solution. VOODOO is narrated by Colm Feore and stars David Nykl and Camille Sullivan. Set in 1944 and shot on black and white film, this dark and witty clash of the unhappily married Deckers captures a style and humor reminiscent of the very era it is set in.
Small_Currents_Tabitha_Emily_street.jpg SMALL CURRENTS | Narrative | British Columbia | 19:00
Directed by Carolyn Combs

Caught between her upbringing and a desire for intimacy with Hassan, Tabitha turns to the insights of her six year old daughter to help determine their future.
 The_Translator_16_small.jpg THE TRANSLATOR | Narrative | Ontario | 08:00
Directed by Sonya Di Rienzo

While riding the subway with her boyfriend a foreign film translator comes to an unexpected stop.
 Exposed EXPOSED | Narrative | British Columbia | 04:30
Directed by Mark Sawers

A photographer gets stuck in an elevator with an older woman. To pass the time he pulls out his camera and starts taking pictures...

Sunday, March 6th
FEATURE FILMS with TALKBACK | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Documentary | British Columbia | 22:00
Directed by Tara Hungerford and Eric Hogan
General: Coarse Language
The profile of 12 BC-based artists, among them writer William Gibson, designer/sculptor Martha Sturdy, photographer Fred Herzog and singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan. Visually bold and captivating, the film peers into the artists' inner world to uncover common truths about creativity, the artistic process and living and working as an artist in BC.
Documentary | British Columbia | 48:20         
Directed by Beth Freeman
Parental Guidance: Violence
SISTERS IN ARMS presents the untold stories of three remarkable women who have chosen the most difficult and dangerous military professions and are sent to fight in the war in Afghanistan.  For the first time in Canadian history, women are fighting in frontline combat.  Using video diaries filmed by the soldiers while on duty and intimate interviews at home, they share their deepest fears, darkest moments and unique perspectives, challenging stereotypes and shifting perceptions of what constitutes a soldier.

Sunday, March 6th
FEATURE FILM & CLOSING AWARDS | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
 amazonfalls.jpg AMAZON FALLS
Narrative | British Columbia | 80:00
Directed by Katrin Bowen
Parental Guidance: Coarse & Sexual Language; Drug Use
AMAZON FALLS tells the story of a faded B-movie actress, Jana, who refuses to give up her dream of being a star. But the clock is ticking.  She is on the cusp of forty and it's now or never. Despite her best efforts to live clean and expand her skills, Jana is ultimately overcome by the burden of a dream in a business that would seem to punish more for virtue than for vice.  Faced with perpetual futility and diminishing returns, when is it time to finally let the dream go?

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