Wednesday, March 23, 2011

U of T Film Festival 2011, March 23

The University of Toronto has its own film festival and tonight is the 10th anniversary edition of the U of T Film Festival. It is a scaled-down version from previous years as they have focused primarily on films made by U of T students. The event is free.

Many were made through courses or contests organized by the Hart House Film Board, which is the film club for the campus. Past members of the Film Board include directors Atom Egoyan and Richie Mehta.

The program begins with a reception at 7pm and the screening starts at 8pm. Following the screening, there will be an awards presentation and another reception. 

Hart House is located at 7 Hart House Circle in the University of Toronto campus.

U of T Film Festival 2011 Program
March 23, 2011 – Hart House Music Room
(Note: running order subject to change)

7:00 pm – reception, food, cash bar

(featuring installation art by Christine Sherry and Blake Williams)

8:00 pm – Screening

Life is a Symphony
(2011) by Rudy Silva Mera (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board) – 4:40
A young street-musician in Mexico City dreams of becoming a successful pianist in the U.S. but faces the sociopolitical challenges of being talented yet no means to immigrate legally.

Shutting Up
(2011) by Benjamin Turnbull (Queen’s University) – 8:30
Comic-documentary where Ben, a talkative university student, decides to take a week-long vow of silence.

(2011) by Tanya Hoshi (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board, Cinema Studies) – 4:58
One girl’s experience with coming into disability and a Deaf identity raising questions of
medical intervention. Disability is never one way or another. (Made in 74 hours for the Hart House Film Challenge)

9/11 in the Academic Community
(Projected 2012) by Adnan Zuberi (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board) – 10:04
Preview of a documentary in works examining the nature and the dimensions of the taboo of critically examining the events of 9/11 within academia. Students, professors and university presidents are now coming forward to discuss their experiences with the subject.

(2010) by Inna Corcetti Klos (Etobicoke School of the Arts) – 1:00
Thirty distinct pairs of hands, starting from the oldest to the youngest, do something different, from opening a bottle of pills to handling a large piece of tuna. Those hands are working, and communicating a fresh story.

Seeds in the Wind
(2010) by Wendekar, produced by Frances Garrett (University of Toronto faculty) – 30:00
Beautiful portrait of life in a Tibetan village, especially local food production, special days like Tibetan Losar (New Years), Weddings, and the worship of their mountain Gods.

Night Moves (2010) by Peter Genoway (Hart House Film Board) – 9:00

A mysterious sound instigates a strange series of events.


Writer’s Block (2011) by Lexsi Reinhart and Rade Jenkins (OCAD) – 2:21
A young man on acid realizes that all matter is just energy condensed into a slow vibration. (Made in 74 hours for the Hart House Film Challenge)

(2010) by Ammar Keshodia and Gulzab Nawaz (University of Toronto) – 5:00
About a girl who’s racing to meet a deadline, but along the way she encounters distractions aplenty… (Made in 74 hours for the Hart House Film Challenge)

Once Upon a Day
(2011) by Daniel Kaell (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board, Cinema Studies) – 3:30
The story of May, A young scholar, But you might call her, Quite older quite rearranged, Because
much has changed.

Out on the Street
(2010) by Amy Siegal and Alex Abramovich (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board) – 10:53
This short explores LGBTQ youth homelessness in Toronto and the lack of support available. Several people’s lived experiences are shared.

29th by Pouya Alagheband (University of Toronto) – 7:20
After the 2009 Iranian elections and the unrest following that I traveled to Turkey to make a documentary about Iranian refugees (in progress). This experimental video shows a day of my life in Istanbul during that research trip.

The Survivor
(2011) by Rondel Babooram (University of Toronto) – 1:44
The survivor of a great infection tries to find his way to safety. Taking refuge in any building he can find, he tries to answer the question. Is he the only survivor? (Made in 74 hours for the Hart House Film Challenge)

Memory in IV Acts
(2010) by Arbnore Lumi (York University) – 6:44
A child’s longing for her mother is elegantly portrayed through poetically evocative images of the sublime and loving memories of a time and a world lost to her forever.

(2010) by Bryan Kowalsky (University of Toronto, Hart House Film Board, Cinema Studies) - 18:49
A struggling farm family deals with the aftermath of a drought.
10:25pm – Awards and Post-screening reception

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