Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time Magazine's Top 10 Films of 2010

TIME Magazine has released its annual list of top ten films and heading the list is the animated hit Toy Story 3. Critic Richard Corliss wrote, "Why are Pixar films so often at or near the top of annual best-picture lists? Because, we say with some exasperation, nobody these days makes better movies. With each iteration, John Lasseter and his gang of divinely arrested preadolescents find new solutions to the eternal artistic challenges of storytelling, to the mixture of comedy and angst."

Director Lee Unkrich responded on his twitter account @leeunkrich today with, "Wow. Time Magazine's Richard Corliss just named Toy Story 3 the best film of 2010. I'm speechless."

Personally, I enjoyed Toy Story 3 very much but did not find it as deeply moving as many others apparently did. Perhaps it was because I had heard too much that men would cry before I saw it and was a little underwhelmed. Perhaps it was because I didn't have enough toys to play with as a kid. Who knows.

The remaining top 10 films according to Corliss are 2) Inside Job, 3) Never Let Me Go, 4) Life During Wartime, 5) The Social Network, 6) Rabbit Hole, 7) Wild Grass, 8) Green Zone, 9) Waiting for 'Superman' and 10) Four Lions.

Corliss also named his top 10 Movie performances of the year, singling out Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

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  1. I appreciate that Never Let Me Go made this list. It seems like it's been ignored in Oscar speculation (and by movie goers), but I think it's a quality film. Despite the raves, I can't bring myself to see Toy Story 3. (I did appreciate this year's Despicable Me, so I'm not against animated films.) Glad that Noomi Rapace was recognized. Her work in all three 'Girl' films deserves something.
    - canmark