Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 Festival des Films du Monde awards – winners


President: Dany Laferrière, writer (Canada)
Luis Urquiza, filmmaker (Mexico)
Gerardo Salcedo, festival programmer (Mexico)
Peter Rainer, writer & film critic (United States)
Ventura Pons, filmmaker, (Spain)
Tea Falco, actress (Italy)


Grand Prize of the Americas
Mad Love by Philippe Ramos (France)

Special Grand Jury Award
Misafir (The Visitor/La Visiteuse) by Mehmet Eryilmaz (Turkey)

Tie for Best director
2 nights til morning by Mikko Kuparinen (Finland / Luthania)
Dosieto Petrov (Petrov File / Le Dossier Petrov) by Georgi Balabanov (Bulgaria / Germany)

Best Actress
Malin Buska for The Girl King by Mika Kaurismäki (Canada / Finland /Germany / Sweden)

Best Actor
Wolfram Berger for Rider Jack by This Lüscher (Switzerland)

Best Screenplay
Letnie Przesilenie (Summer Solstice / Solstice d’été) by Michal Rogalski (Poland/ Germany)

Best Artistic contribution
Seven Days by Xing Jian (China)

Innovation Award
Un Instante En La Habana (Havana Moment) by Guillermo Ivàn Duenas (USA / Cuba / Mexico/ Colombia)

Short Films 

1st Prize
La Voce (La voix) by David Uloth (Canada)

Jury Award
Honeysuckle by Lucy Lumsden (United Kingdom)

Zenith awards for best first fiction feature

Jury members for First Fiction Films
Pierre Henri Deleau, Donald Ranvaud and Antoine Zeind

Golden Zenith for the Best First Fiction Feature Film
Chuyi (The Funeral / Les funérailles) by Qi Wang (China)

Silver Zenith for the First Fiction Feature Film
Para Minha Amada Morta (To My Beloved / À Ma Bien Aimée) by Ali Muritiba (Brazil))

Bronze Zenith for the First Fiction Feature Film
La Linea Delgada Amarilla (The Thin Yellow Line) by Celso Garcia (Mexico)

Special Mentions of the First Feature Film Jury
Asman Aldynda (Under Heaven) by Dalmira Tilepbergen (Kyrgyzstan)
Rosa Chumbe by Jonatan Relayze Chiang (Peru)

Public Awards

The Public was invited to vote for the most popular films presented during the 2015 Montreal World film festival

Public Award for the most popular film of the Festival
Chucks by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl, from the Cornelia Travnicek novel (Austria)

Public Award for the most popular Canadian film of the Festival
The Girl King by Mika Kaurismäki (Canada / Finland /Germany / Switzerland)

Glauber Rocha Award for the Best Latin American Film
La Delgada Linea Amarilla (The Thin Yellow Line) from Celso Garcia (Mexico)

Award for Best Documentary – TIE
Marzia, Ystäväni (Marzia My Friend / Marzia Mon Amie) by Kirsi Mattila (Finland)
Playing Lecuona by Pavel Giroud (Spain- Colombia)

Best Canadian Short Film
La Voce (The Voice / La Voix) by David Uloth (Canada)

FIPRESCI Prize (International Film Critics), World Competition
Misafir (The Visitor / La Visiteuse) by Mehmet Eryilmaz (Turkey)

FIPRESCI Prize (International Film Critics), First Feature Rosa Chumbe by Jonatan Relayze Chiang (Peru)

Ecumenical Jury Prize
L’orchestre de minuit by Jérôme Cohen Olivar (Morroco)

Ecumenical Jury Mentions
Un Instante En La Habana by Guillermo Ivàn Duenas (USA, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia)
Dorogo Na Berlin (On The Road To Berlin) by Sergei Popov (Russia)


A special grand prize of the Americas is awarded to producer Lord Puttnam for his exceptional contribution to the world of cinema.

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