Thursday, December 20, 2012

THR's Composer Roundtable interview

The next roundtable by the trade publication The Hollywood Reporter is with film composers.

The gathered for the group discussion were Fernando Velazquez (The Impossible), Alexandre Desplat (Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Rise of the Guardians, Zero Dark Thirty), Marco Beltrami (The Sessions), Patrick Doyle (Brave), Mychael Danna (Life of Pi) and Danny Elfman (Frankenweenie, Hitchcock, Promised Land, Silver Linings Playbook).

Mychael Danna is a Canadian-born composer who I knew at the University of Toronto where we took a bunch of classes together. He got his start composing for Atom Egoyan and he's gone on to score all of his feature films.

Topics discussed in the roundtable include communicating with and understanding the director, working with the limitations of time and budget, dealing with temp music, and how they first got interested in scoring films.

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