Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mark Anthony wine tasting

by Allan Tong

Atop the TIFF Bell Lightbox on an unusually mild November evening this past Wednesday, Mark Anthony Fine Wines held its third annual portfolio tasting, showcasing nearly 40 brands.  Here are my picks (all prices as listed at the LCBO):

A fine suite of reds. Tenuta Sant'Antonio's Telos il Rosso Valpolicella Superiore (2nd from left, $24.95) was dryer than the Scaia Corvina (3rd, $14.95) which was noticeably sweeter and exceptionally smooth. Tenuta Sant'Antonio's lone white wine (on the far right), Bianco, was aromatic and strong, but not overpowering. Also under their Scaia label, it was savoury and spicy with a fine finish and, at $13.25, a value wine.

The Vivanco Crianza on the right offered delightful oak notes and was again sweet, yet smooth. Its cousin, the Reserva (left) presented an altogether more complex character and dryer.

One of the few organic wines was this Valpolicella Bio by Cantina di Negrar ($21.95) which boasted scintillating chocolate notes.

The lone port table boasted the superb Graham's Six Grapes Port ($22.95), featuring a dark, red appearance like wine and distinct chocolate notes. It was noticeably dryer than its 10- and 20-year-old counterparts. Overall enjoyable.

The lone non-wine table showcased single malt whisky by Dalmore, whose 12 Year Old ($89.95) was the best, informed by sherry notes. However, Dalmore is not for palates who like their Scotches smoky. I actually preferred this Scotch to their 15 Year Old ($130.25) which I found lighter and less complex.

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