Monday, March 31, 2014

University of Toronto Film Festival 2014, March 31

The University of Toronto Film Festival hosts its 13th annual edition of the student short film showcase tonight. Screenings will take place at Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, in the downtown campus of the University of Toronto.

All screenings are free and open to the public.

Loop installations will be ongoing in the North Dining Room, South Dining Room and Board room. Screenings in the Music Room begin at 6pm, with a reception to take place at 7pm. Screening of the main portion will begin at 8pm (includes an intermission) followed by an awards presentation at 10:30pm.

The majority of films are made by University of Toronto students and alumni, and/or members of the Hart House Film Board.

University of Toronto Film Festival 2014 Schedule

Loop Installations (ongoing)

Reset (23:00)
by Sarah Clavadetscher

Dissolution (1:07) and Am I Not (1:15)
by Haley Park, U of T Student

Sublime In The City (5:00)
by Haley Park, U of T Student

6pm Screening

Location: Music Room

Toronto Sounds (26:13)
by Victor C.H. Fan, U of T Alumni

Vision and Sound: Action Painting Underground (21:48)
by David Swartz, U of T Alumni

7pm Reception

Bar and refreshments

8pm Screening

The Invitation (3:04)
by Shaq Hosein, Mubashir Baweja, Mahmoud Sarouji, U of T Students

Tales of the Bizarre: Surf’s Up, Death Island, Part 1 (6:00)
by David Simkins and Carlo Schefter, U of T Alumni

Kimon and Lucy (10:00)
by Effie Bountris, U of T Student

I’m So Glad (13:00)
by Curt Jaimungal, U of T Alumni

Court (5:28)
by Madeline Russo, U of T Alumni

Cell Ache (3:42)
by Kun Guo, U of T Student

Hitman: The Loop (4:46)
by Stefano Martelli, Humberview Secondary School

Let’s Rap (15:12)
by Nabil Badine


The Archives (12:00)
by Vanessa Guillen and Michael Sargent, U of T Alumni

Patient Process (3:06)
by Philip Bergeron, U of T Alumni

My Life (7:07)
by Joseph Lam, U of T Alumni

At the Kid’s Table (6:00)
by Nicole Bazuin, Hart House Member

Three’s a Crowd (7:09)
by Cat Hostick, U of T Alumni

Black Dog (18:50)
by Carlo Schefter, U of T Alumni

Walk (3:48)
by Anton Novoselov and Seb Benson, U of T Students

10:30pm AWARDS

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