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Hong Kong Film Awards 2013 – nominations

The 32nd 香港電影金像獎 (Hong Kong Film Awards) announced its list of 19 nominations in Hong Kong today.

Two films shared the lead with twelve nominations apiece. They were 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes) by 羅志良 (Lo Chi Leung) and 寒戰 (Cold War) by 梁樂民 (Longman Leung) and 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching). Both films snagged mentions for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor for 劉青雲 (Lau Ching Wan) and 梁家輝 (Tony Leung Ka Fai) respectively.

Also nominated for Best Film were 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria) by 低俗喜剧 (Ho-Cheung Pang); 車手 (Motorway) by 鄭保瑞 (Soi Cheang); and 逆戰 (The Viral Factor) by 林超賢 (Dante Lam Chiu Yin). Each was also nominated for Best Director except for 低俗喜剧 (Ho-Cheung Pang) who was passed over in favour of 彭浩翔 (Pang Ho Cheung) for 春嬌與志明 (Love In The Buff).

周迅 (Zhou Xun) competes against herself in the Best Actress category for the films b>大魔術師 (The Great Magician) and 聽風者 (The Silent War).

The ceremony for the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards will take place on April 13.

Complete list of nominations for the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Film
低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria); Produced by Pang Ho Cheung, Subi Liang
車手 (Motorway); Produced by Johnnie To Kei Fung
消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes); Produced by Derek Yee Tung Sing, Mandy Law Hiu Man
逆戰 (The Viral Factor); Produced by Candy Leung Fung Ying, Albert Lee, Solon So Che Hung, Wang Zhonglei
寒戰 (Cold War); Produced by Bill Kong, Matthew Tang Hon Keung, Ivy Ho, Catherine Kwan

Best Director
鄭保瑞 (Soi Cheang), 車手 (Motorway)
彭浩翔 (Pang Ho Cheung), 春嬌與志明 (Love In The Buff)
羅志良 (Lo Chi Leung), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
林超賢 (Dante Lam Chiu Yin), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
梁樂民 (Longman Leung), 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Screenplay
彭浩翔 (Pang Ho Cheung), 林超榮 (Lam Chiu Wing), 陸以心 (Luk Yee Sum), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
彭浩翔 (Pang Ho Cheung), 陸以心 (Luk Yee Sum), 春嬌與志明 (Love In The Buff)
羅志良 (Lo Chi Leung), 楊倩玲 (Yeung Sin Ling), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
梁樂民 (Longman Leung), 陸劍青 (Sunny Luk Kim Ching), 寒戰 (Cold War)
麥兆輝 (Alan Mak Shiu Fai), 莊文強 (Felix Chong Man Keung), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Actor
張家輝 (Nick Cheung Ka Fai), 大追捕 (Nightfall)
杜汶澤 (Chapman To), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
劉青雲 (Lau Ching Wan), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
梁家輝 (Tony Leung Ka Fai), 寒戰 (Cold War)
梁朝偉 (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Actress
周迅 (Zhou Xun), 大魔術師 (The Great Magician)
楊千嬅 (Miriam Yeung), 春嬌與志明 (Love In The Buff)
鄭秀文 (Sammi Cheng), 高海拔之戀II (Romancing In Thin Air)
江若琳 (Elanne Kwong), 高舉‧愛 (Love Lifting)
周迅 (Zhou Xun), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Supporting Actor
鄭中基 (Ronald Cheng Chung Kei), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
廖啟智 (Liu Kai Chi), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
林家棟 (Lam Ka Tung), 寒戰 (Cold War)
杜汶澤 (Chapman To), 華麗之後 (Diva)
萬梓良 (Alex Man), 懸紅 (The Bounty)

Best Supporting Actress
邵音音 (Susan Shaw), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
陳靜 (Dada Chan), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
江一燕 (Jiang Yiyan), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
金燕玲 (Elaine Jin), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
范曉萱 (Fan Hsiao Shuan), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best New Performer
張藍心 (Zhang Lanxin), 十二生肖 (CZ12)
馮文娟 (Joyce Feng), 大上海 (The Last Tycoon)
袁曉超 (Jayden Yuan), 太極 (Tai Chi)
徐家傑 (Alex Tsui), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Cinematography
劉偉強 (Andrew Lau Wai Keung), 關智耀 (Jason Kwan), 大上海 (The Last Tycoon)
陳志英 (Chan Chi Ying), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
謝忠道 (Kenny Tse), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
關智耀 (Jason Kwan), 謝忠道 (Kenny Tse), 寒戰 (Cold War)
潘耀明 (Anthony Pun Yiu Ming), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Film Editing
邱志偉 (Yau Chi Wai), 十二生肖 (CZ12)
David Richardson, 梁展綸 (Allen Leung Chin Lun), 車手 (Motorway)
鄺志良 (Kong Chi Leung), 陳忠明 (Ron Chan), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
鍾煒釗 (Chung Wai Chiu), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
鄺志良 (Kong Chi Leung), 黃海 (Wong Hoi), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Art Direction
奚仲文 (Yee Chung Man), 林子僑 (Eric Lam Che Kiu), 大上海 (The Last Tycoon)
葉錦添 (Yip Kam Tim), 太極 (Tai Chi)
劉世運 (Lau Sai Wan), 血滴子 (The Guillotines)
張世宏 (Silver Cheung), 李健威 (Lee Kin Wai), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
文念中 (Man Lim Chung), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Costume & Make Up Design
奚仲文 (Yee Chung Man), 戴美玲 (Jessie Dai Mei Ling), 大魔術師 (The Great Magician)
葉錦添 (Yip Kam Tim), 太極 (Tai Chi)
吳里璐 (Dora Ng Li Lo), 血滴子 (The Guillotines)
張世傑 (Stanley Cheung), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
文念中 (Man Lim Chung), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Action Choreography
成龍 (Jackie Chan), 何鈞 (He Jun), 十二生肖 (CZ12)
洪金寶 (Sammo Hung), 太極 (Tai Chi)
錢嘉樂 (Chin Ka Lok), 黃偉輝 (Wong Wai Fai), 吳海堂 (Ng Hoi Tong), 車手 (Motorway)
林超賢 (Dante Lam Chiu Yin), 錢嘉樂 (Chin Ka Lok), 黃偉輝 (Wong Wai Fai), 吳海堂 (Ng Hoi Tong), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
錢嘉樂 (Chin Ka Lok), 黃偉輝 (Wong Wai Fai), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Original Film Score
陳光榮 (Chan Kwong Wing), 陳致逸 (Yu Peng), 大上海 (The Last Tycoon)
泰迪羅賓 9Teddy Robin), 韋啟良 (Tomy Wai Kai Leung), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
金培達 (Peter Kam Pui Tat), 寒戰 (Cold War)
林二汶 (Eman Lam), 李端嫻 (Veronica Lee Duen Han), 華麗之後 (Diva)
陳光榮 (Chan Kwong Wing), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Original Film Song
定風波 – 大上海 (The Last Tycoon); Composer: 高世章 (Leon Ko); Lyric: 岑偉宗 (Chris Shum); Sung by: 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
刀鋒偏冷 – 血滴子 (The Guillotines); Composer: 周杰倫 (Jay Chou); Lyric: 方文山 (Vincent Fang Wen Shan); Sung by: 李宇春 (Li Yuchun)
DoReMi – 高海拔之戀II (Romancing In Thin Air); Composer: 羅大佑 (Lo Tayu); Lyric: 林夕 (Lin Xi); Sung by: 鄭秀文 (Sammi Cheng)
戀無可戀 – 喜愛夜蒲2 (Lan Kwai Fong 2); Composer: 方皓玟 (Charmaine Fong); Lyric: 林夕 (Lin Xi); Sung by: 古巨基 (Leo Ku)
追風箏的風箏 – 華麗之後 (Diva); Composer: Davy Chan & C.Y. Kong; Lyric 林夕 (Lin Xi); Sung by: 容祖兒 (Joey Yung), and 林欣彤 (Mag Lam)

Best Sound Design
曾景祥 (Kinson Tsang), 血滴子 (The Guillotines)
朱致夏 (Benny Chu), Steve Miller, 車手 (Motorway)
鄭穎園 (Phyllis Cheng), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
曾景祥 (Kinson Tsang), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)
曾景祥 (Kinson Tsang), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best Visual Effects
Han Young Woo, 黃宏達 (Victor Wong), 崔百全 (Patrick Chui), Seong Ho Jang, 十二生肖 (CZ12)
鄒志盛 (Chas Chau Chi Sing), 何培堅 (Kim Ho Pui Kin), 吳炫輝 (Ng Yuen Fai), 老A (A Law), 太極 (Tai Chi)
黃宏達 (Victor Wong), 血滴子 (The Guillotines)
羅偉豪 (Law Wai Ho), 張展榮 (Hellowing Cheung), 車手 (Motorway)
鄭文政 (Cecil Cheng), 寒戰 (Cold War)

Best New Director
周顯揚 (Chow Hin Yeung), 大追捕 (Nightfall)
謝立文 (Brian Tse), 麥兜噹噹伴我心 (The Pork Of Music)
馮志強 (Fung Chih Chiang), 懸紅 (The Bounty)

Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
一九四二 (Back To 1942)
女朋友。男朋友 (Gf‧Bf)
失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
畫皮II (The Resurrection Painted Skin)
愛Love (Love)

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