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Festival de Lanaudière 2012, July 7-Aug 5

The 35th anniversary of the Festival de Lanaudière, one of the premier summer music festivals in Canada, opens tonight with a concert of the Requiem, op. 5 by Berlioz, conducted by Jean-Marie Zeitouni and featuring tenor Frédéric Antoun.

Among the highlights will be a number of Beethoven-themed concerts by The New Orford Quartet, pianist Stewart Goodyear and the Orchestre Métropolitain led by conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin. The Pittsburgh Symphony returns for two concerts, and the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal led by Maestro Kent Nagano performs a concert with pianist André Laplante as well as a concert of Russian works Pictures at an Exhibition and Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring).

They will also be screening several free films including the Oscar-winner The Artist. The films will, however, be presented in their French-only versions.

The festival continues to August 5 at the Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheatre and in the region's many churches.

2012 Festival de Lanaudière Schedule

Opening Concert – 35th anniversary
2012-07-07 - 20 h
To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the Festival presents a magnificent concert brimming with passion and nearly going overboard: Three hundred instrumentalists and singers on stage for a work by Berlioz.

Sunday in New Orleans
2012-07-08 - 14 h
Six musicians take us back to the early twentieth century beneath the warm Louisiana sun for a lively and festive Sunday afternoon.

Midori plays Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin
2012-07-09 - 20 h
2012-07-10 - 20 h
Midori, icon of the violin world, celebrates thirty years on the stage in 2012. For her Festival debut, she has chosen the six solo sonatas and partitas of Bach. Rediscover these monuments of music history in two intimate recitals by a musician of incomparable finesse.

Cinéma en plein air / August Rush
2012-07-10 - 20 h
In French Only – AUGUST RUSH – Prodige de la musique, le jeune August Rush exerce ses talents dans les rues de New York. Séparé de ses parents peu après sa naissance mais profondément convaincu qu’ils n’ont jamais voulu l’abandonner, il met tout en oeuvre pour les retrouver, et croit que ceux-ci sauront le reconnaître à travers la musique qu’il a composée pour eux.

Crossroads / Music Desjardins
2012-07-11 - 21 h
2012-07-18 - 21 h
2012-07-25 - 21 h
This year, the Festival is presenting a new series called Carrefours / Musique (Crossroads / Music), an unusual and modern mix of compositions that find themselves at the intersection of classical, jazz, pop and electro music. Read more

Marie-Nicole Lemieux sings Rossini
2012-07-13 - 20 h
Following the resounding success of her concert at last year’s Festival, which won her an Opus Prize nomination for “Concert of the Year,” Marie-Nicole Lemieux and Jean-Marie Zeitouni return to the Festival, this time in selections from the highly virtuosic Rossini operas.

Alain Lefèvre gives the wolrd premiere of Dompierre’s Preludes
2012-07-14 - 20 h
Following exciting explorations into the music of André Mathieu over the past few years, Alain Lefèvre, a formidable musician with unsurpassed charisma, now turns to promoting the music of other leading Quebec composers. This summer, it is François Dompierre. Alain Lefèvre’s recital will be devoted to the world premiere of his 24 Preludes.

Chorus call for all!
2012-07-15 - 14 h
A great choral feast! This summer, the Festival de Lanaudière extends to amateur singers an invitation to join the ranks of two Lanaudière choirs for rehearsals and a performance on the stage of the Fernand Lindsay Amphitheater.

Benedetto Lupo – Subtlety and elegance
2012-07-16 - 20 h
Benedetto Lupo is known as a Mozart specialist, renowned for his refined playing and elegant phrasing. Now we have the opportunity to hear his romantic side.

Alexander Melnikov, nobility and sensitivity
2012-07-17 - 20 h
He has performed them in Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Now Quebeckers have the unique opportunity to hear Shostakovich’s Preludes and Fugues in Alexander Melnikov’s stunning interpretation.

Cinéma en plein air / Les petits pieds du bonheur 2 (Happy Feet 2)
2012-07-17 - 20 h
In French Only – LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 – Film d’animation comprenant de nombreuses chansons et chorégraphies.

Nordic legends
2012-07-19 - 20 h
Following the performance of Rachmaninoff’s stirring Vespers at the historic church in Terrebonne in 2011, Michael Zaugg conducts, in this same church, a concert devoted to choral music of the Nordic countries.

Mozart’s Concerto for two pianos
2012-07-20 - 20 h
Beatrice Rana, winner of the 2011 Montreal International Musical Competition, shares the Amphitheater stage with her mentor and Mozart specialist Benedetto Lupo, with whom Bernard Labadie and Les Violons du Roy have developed strong musical bonds over the years.

The Pittsburgh Symphony returns by popular demand
2012-07-21 - 20 h
The Pittsburgh Symphony, an orchestra with a great sound and infused with exceptional energy, proved to be a revelation in 2010. It returns for two concerts that are certain to rank among the most notable events of the musical year.

The Pittsburgh Symphony returns by popular demand
2012-07-22 - 14 h
Like being in Vienna! Led by a specialist in this music, Viennese conductor Manfred Honeck, waltzes, polkas and mazurkas take on a special quality as heard in the rustic setting of the Amphitheater.

The New Orford Quartet through the ages
2012-07-23 - 20 h
2012-07-24 - 20 h
2012-07-26 - 20 h
This week at the Festival marks the beginning of a series of concerts devoted to music of Beethoven’s heroic period. With the three string quartets of Op. 59 serving as the connecting thread, the New Orford Quartet offers three programs of chamber music masterpieces spanning three centuries.

Cinéma en plein air / L’artiste (The Artist)
2012-07-24 - 20 h
In French Only – L’ARTISTE – Golden Globe du meilleur acteur dans une comédie, prix d’interprétation masculine à Cannes, César du meilleur réalisateur et du meilleur film et Oscar du meilleur film, du meilleur réalisateur et du meilleur acteur.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… Gershwin evening !
2012-07-27 - 20 h
Charles Richard-Hamelin, originally from Lanaudière, was winner of the 2011 Prix d’Europe and first prize in the Toronto Symphony competition. He performs the popular Rhapsody in Blue, a brilliantly entertaining work combining classical music and jazz.

Beethoven day with Yannick Nézet-Séguin
2012-07-28 - 15 h / 20 h
December 22, 1808 was one of the most remarkable dates in the entire history of music. On that day, an audience in Vienna heard for the first time a number of new works by the most famous living composer. Ludwig van Beethoven. Two centuries later, you can attend a recreation of this historic event on Beethoven Day with Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

Far-East percussion
2012-07-29 - 14 h
An unusual and exotic concert of percussion music! Discover an ancient and spectacular art form and the quasi-magical energy that emanates from the Japanese drums of Arashi Daiko. Then enter the scintillating world of gamelan music (the traditional music of Bali) with Giri Kedaton, the only Balinese ensemble known across Canada.

Stewart Goodyear in the great Beethoven tradition
2012-07-30 - 20 h
2012-07-31 - 20 h
Ever since his recording of the last five Beethoven piano sonatas was issued, Stewart Goodyear has seen his worldwide reputation zoom to the level of the greatest interpreters of this repertory.

Cinéma en plein air / Sur le rythme (On the Beat)
2012-07-31 - 20 h
In French Only – SUR LE RYTHME – La passion de Delphine pour la danse l’amène à délaisser ses études universitaires et confronter ses parents conservateurs. L’amour et le support de sa grand-mère et la rencontre d’un danseur rebelle l’encourageront à participer à des auditions prestigieuses à New York et à aller au bout de ses rêves. Read more

André Laplante and the OSM
2012-08-03 - 20 h
The final weekend of the Festival opens with a concert by Kent Nagano and the OSM. Pianist André Laplante, indisputably one of Canada’s greatest musicians, joins them for a Mozart concerto, after which we hear the intensely expressive First Symphony of Brahms.

Russian landscapes
2012-08-04 - 20 h
The OSM unleashes all its power in two showcase works from the Russian repertory, Pictures at an Exhibition in the Ravel orchestration and that spellbinding pillar of modernism, The Rite of Spring.

Afternoon in Argentina
2012-08-05 - 14 h
Pianist and conductor Victor Simon takes us down to sunny Buenos Aires for this concert. In the grand tradition of Argentine tango, musicians and dancers show us the combination of intensity, virtuosity and energy that go into this magnificent, moving and complex dance form.

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