Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival, June 2-3

The 4th annual Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival takes place this weekend. Today, three screenings will take place at Innis Town Hall in the University of Toronto, starting with Young at Heart at 4pm, followed by Our Zany Adventures at 5:30pm and A Different Perspective at 7:30pm.

On Sunday afternoon, an Awards Gala takes place at the Granite Brewery. This year's jury consists of Matthew Hogue (Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival), Kiva Reardon (inMovies) and Rich Williamson (Squire Entertainment). The online film critics panel consists of James McNally, Titania Plant, Courtney Small, Genevieve Walker and Addison Wylie.

Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave
Toronto, ON

2012 Festival Selection

Relive your childhood and revel in high energy entertainment that is loaded with bouncy fun. Plus it has cute kids and puppies.

The Smash Girls Adventure by Melodie Nguyen and Miranda MacAskill - Comedy
Melodie and her partner Mirandachu must explore game-land to find seven magical cookies. Because cookies are fun.

Feathered Bullets by David Fyfe - Documentary
Richard Fyfe's efforts 40 years ago kept the peregrine falcon from going extinct. His grandson, David, documents others who continues Richard's efforts.

I Wish For… by Dhenzel Obeny - Animation/Alternative
An experimental animation asks if we have forgotten the gifts that have made our society functional.

24 to Life by Daniel Whidden - Drama
A janitor at an orphanage helps a boy fulfill a few of his wishes.

Mask of Insecurities by Nicole Monticchio - Public Service Announcement
Do you dare take of your mask and show the world who you are?

In Bubble Trouble by Iain Lew Kee - Animation
A boy finds a way to escape detention.

Jordans or Justice by the U Shift Film Program - Documentary
A group of youth examine the intracacies of Jordan sneakers, how they come about and the meaning of wearing them.

Blind Luck by Diane Aarts - Animation
A seeing eye dog must choose between playing with his ball and guiding its owner.

Some Other Just Ones by Caroline O'Neill - Animation/Alternative
An experimental animation set to poetry about the unsung heroes of the world.

Our Best Friends by Aiden Jeans - Documentary
Pet-owners provide interviews and reenactments of when they lost a dear friend.

Life's an adventure and some are much more wacky than others. An exploration of the physical world and some of the more and eccentric characters within it.

Spectra by Kirsten Whiteley - Animation
Spectra is a happy little girl who wants to make a difference in her dark and depressing world.

Mile Zero by Roop Gill and Jean Francois Taylor - Documentary
Two friends travel across the country to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research.

Bang by Alex Kingsmill - Animation/Fiction
What's there to do on Mars?

The Hidden Land of Cano Palma by Julia Kim - Documentary
Documenting the biodiversity and conservation challenges of the Cano Palma Biological Station and the hope for success in the area.

Backwards Rider by Chris Barnard - Documentary
Lesley Slowley is a local artist and environmentalist with a backwards riding philosophy.

Raising Bigfoot by Aaron Robson - Comedy
Bigfoot is caught and a scientist tries to domesticate it in his home.

The Music Box by Nicole Bazuin - Drama
A music box provides inspiration to a girl as she dreams of her aspirations for when she grows up.

Open Invitation by Jae Woo Park - Comedy
A Korean man tries to avoid his mandatory military service.

Bad Movie by Trevor Chartrand - Documentary
Some people love guilty-pleasure cheesy movies and would flock to the cinemas to see them over and over again.

Loss Together by Earl Oliveros - Comedy
How do you express pain for the loss of someone you barely know?

A Slice of Life by Emily Powell - Documentary
Emily decides to test her luck and serve up something sweet.

A powerful and inspiring dramatic program with some films offering a different perspective of the world around you and others tugging at your heartstrings.

Vernal Equinox by Haiwei Hou - Animation
A warrior must fight the beast holding Spring hostage to end the torment of a forever winter.

Tainted by Ben Brommell - Documentary
Kyle Freeman became an accidental activist when Canadian Blood Services sued him for flaunting a controversial policy on who can donate blood.

Feathers and Roots by Andrew Bundas - Documentary
An artist reflects on his upbringing and reveals some of his inner pain.

Ostrichcized by Benjamin Brook - Animation
One member of a group is left out until a hidden talent is revealed.

The Beautiful Dead by Spencer Ryerson - Documentary
Joe Caputo, a forensics photographer for the Toronto Police, uses fine art photography as a hobby to cope with the job.

Amare by Katarina Antonic - Animation
A seductress threatens to break a couple up.

Prolepsis by Maikol Pinto - Drama
When a news signal seemingly from the future is aired, causing political factions and communities to be at odds with each other.

Dolime Dilemma: Water Proof? By Kristy Neville - Documentary
Guelph’s pure water source is threatened from the actions of a mining company and the various levels of government are at odds due to different interests.

Breaking Over Me by Luise Docherty - Drama
Isla never understood the concept of losing someone until she visits a funeral service one afternoon.

Heart of Perception by Fabiola Alliu - Drama
John is a homeless man visited frequently by his daughter Alice. Alice takes up photography as a way to make peace with the situation.


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