Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toronto's Nuit Blanche 2010

"Nuit blanche" is a French term that literally means "white night" but is an idiom that means an all-nighter or "sleepless night." In the late 90s, several European cities started hosting events with this name for all-night arts events. They proves so popular that they've spread to many other cities including Toronto and Montreal, and for the first time this year New York. Whereas Montreal's festival takes place in February as a reprieve from the cold winter, Toronto's event always happens in early fall and is billed as a dusk 'til dawn event from 7pm to 7am.

Toronto has been hosting the Nuit Blanche since 2006. Each year it grows bigger, with last year's event attracting over 1 million people. As usual, the city is divided in to 3 zones, each one organized by a different curator: Zone A curated by Gerald McMaster, Zone B by Anthony Kiendl, and Zone C by Christof Migone. It's always a bit hit-or-miss, but it's fun trying to take in as much as you can handle. If you plan to catch a fair bit, it's best to have a bicycle. But the crowds can be very thick, so you have to zip around them. And many (most) of the venues do not stay open until 7am as they're supposed to, so don't leave any of your must-sees until the very end.

2010 Event

Discover more than 130 free and accessible contemporary art projects within 3 zones. Each zone features a mixture of Exhibition Projects and Independent Projects. Scan through all projects by zone, click through the zone maps, review the alphabetical index of all projects, or take a look at the artist index. It's a lot of ground to cover!
Take advantage of the My Night itinerary builder to help you plan your sleepless night and check back here in August for tips and more tools to help you organize your time.

Exhibition Projects

Under the direction of 4 curators, 40 temporary public art projects by local, national and international artists have been commissioned within 4 outdoor exhibitions. To encourage involvement by a wide range of Toronto artists - established and emerging - each exhibition includes projects selected by the curators through an Open Call process.
Some works encourage an intimate, evocative encounter with the art, while others will wow you with large-scale interactive spectacle.

Independent Projects

Toronto artists, cultural and educational institutions, museums, galleries, and neighbourhoods open their doors all night long for this one evening. Admission is free and many Independent Projects are unique collaborations that offer one-of-a-kind experiences.
Zone A Downtown North Zone B Downtown Central / East
Zone C Downtown South / West 5th Year Celebrations Celebrating an event milestone
Project Index A-Z list of all projects Artist Index A-Z list by artist name

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